My Inbox


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I'm just posting this so people will know about my inbox problem.

My problem with my inbox is nothing technical and nothing that's anyone's fault but my own. I have tons of messes to handle, and cleaning out my inbox is very far down the list. Many of the messes that come first involve actually putting my regular life in order, organizing the clutter in my house, and getting my bedroom to the point where it's safe to sleep in it. I'm sorry to cause such an inconvenience for people on here, but my ADISC inbox is not a good way to message me right now. If you want to message me, the only ways to do so is by Discord (preferably) or by visitor messages on my page. If you want to talk by phone, I can arrange that, as well. Sorry for coming off as rude, but I hope you can all understand. Thanks! :) <3