My greatest father's day ever.

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Hi everyone,
I want to share my family holiday with my mommy and daddy.

two days ago is a very exciting day for me that my daddy took my mommy and me the way the family as a celebration of Father's Day, I know that we are celebrating is not right on the day, but my dad said that he only has a chance in the day.

So, do you know what makes me so excited
First, he took us to a waterpark, and I was allowed to play in the kids waterpark, i love playing in the children water slide and water guns, and I also love to play with other children in that pool.

After that we visited the city park and you know what, I'm playing in the children playground and I also played with other children,

other people do not feel strange to see me because my body is short and almost as tall as the other children, I also wear the children clothes and it makes people believe that I was a child, despite the fact that I reached eighteen years.

My mommy was very happy to see me play with other children as though he still has a small child. I also played swing and my mother helped push from behind, it was very exciting.

We stay at the hotel one night and return home at next day. I was with my mom and my dad playing the games at the hotel until the time dinner

it all is a very pleasant family holiday. although we do not celebrate it on the right day, but this day I will never forget

i love to becoming little child for my parents

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It's great that your parents would do that for you, my parents would disown me or something if I came out to them. I am terrorified of them knowing!
Wow, do they know you are AB/DL? Seems like they would have to to understand why that was so fun for you.

Hi Max.

That sounds like a great day out with your mummy and daddy.

You are a very luck boy.

A lot of teenbabys don't have that relationship with there Perents and they have to hide the fact that they are a Little. Which is very sad, I am so pleased for you that you can be your self.

The picher I sent you didn't send so i have attach it hear.


I might get a tshert made-up with this on.

You told us why you are a DL but not how you found out that you were a little, you are obviously very close to your mummy and Daddy, was this something that they found out about that made it all fit or was it something you found out about and if so how did you come out with your perents.

Sorry but your story will help other TBs like you also there mummys and daddy's that don't understand,

But only if you won't to tell the world, you don't have to.

I look forward to reading more about your little Adventures.

Hee, hee

Thanks for sharing

Yeah me too, also you should check out my YouTube channel some time, I may be posting videos of me playing with my toys and stuff, it's called "angelic 1998" and feel free to recommend my channel to your AB and little friends.
Thank you people, I knew that I could be a toddler for my parents forever, but I wanted to learn to live for myself and I also know that I can not live with them forever.

obviously I love them both already concerned about my life.

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