My girlfriend changed my nappy...

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So I've been incontinent all my life and only recently told my girlfriend about it. She was very considerate and has supported me since she found out. However, the other day I wet myself and she asked if she could change me, I was pretty embarrassed but ended up agreeing to let her. She did it all expertly and I kind of felt a strange amount of arousal during the whole process, I've never considered myself a nappy lover, they're more a practical thing for me, but I think I've kind of gotten the appeal now. I wonder if maybe I might end up developing a love of nappies this way? It'd certainly beat feeling ashamed and covering them up 24/7....
Had your girlfriend ever changed an adult nappy before? I've had many women change me, and I don't think any of them would have been 'expert' the first time unless they'd had previous adult carer experience. Changing a 'real' baby or playing with dolls just doesn't prepare them for the fact that everything is bigger.

That said, being changed is a strangely intimate act. It's comforting and appealing in a number of ways, and it can develop extraordinary closeness between two people that transcends almost every other type of involvement. There's a definite trust factor in allowing her to change you, and a real desire to care for you on her part.

Why do you suppose she asked to change you?
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I'm not really sure whether she had, she might have at some point. I did have to direct her on a few things if I remember, but she got it on properly and it stayed on, so I deem it a success XD not as quickly as I usually manage, she obviously hasn't been changing diapers as long as me... and she said she thought it'd make her feel closer to me somehow, I guess it's a part of my life and we're getting quite serious so perhaps she wanted to share the experience with me. She also probably felt sorry for me having to constantly rush off and change (even though it's long past the point where it phases me) and thought she'd be doing a nice thing by helping. If I'd soiled the nappy I doubt she'd have felt so generous XD
It sounds like you have a great girlfriend. It was a very loving and giving thing to do.
Sounds like you have a very nice girlfriend.

Mine has changed me a few times and she didn't have a clue of how to do it. She even ruined a diaper once in the process. :laugh:

Of course that ruined the illusion a bit, but I love her dearly for trying and agreeing to try. She's the best.
I am well used to having my diaper changed every day. When I was first in diapers I found incredibly embarasing but now I find it really a comfort. The worst part now is if I poop in my diaper and it's not my usual care worker I am still embarased. They use wet wipes to clean me up but I have to instruct them to clean right up my anus to make sure it's all gone or it will start to itch up there a lot.
When I was young and embarrassed I would not let my aide do it and I was paralyzed so my diapered me and then measured where the tapes should go and my aide would sit down with a case of attends tri tape and a ruler to pre set them so somebody could just slide them up me, it was pretty painfull to have a hot young blonde aide who was younger than I was and give me a woody just at the thought of one hot night no diapers if you get my drift.i am long over that now 20+ years into invon
Dang. Lucky guy. Hold on to that girl.
dogboy said:
It sounds like you have a great girlfriend. It was a very loving and giving thing to do.
I agree dog boy!
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