My friends found my paci!!

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And I'm so nervous!

3 of my friends randomly showed up at my door last night and I didn't have time to tidy up and completely forgot I left my paci on my desk right out in the open.

I swear I made it a million times worse too ahhhh. Because I noticed it on a certain position on my desk and tried to nonchalantly lead them away, but my friend's younger niece went in my room while I was distracted helping another friend (she had a very deep cut and I was helping her with first aid since I had a bunch of supplies left over from my surgery a year earlier). When I went back in I noticed my paci was gone.

Immediately I thought "oh my gosh did her niece take it? Is she planning on showing it to other people?" and nervously without thinking I asked if she took it unintentionally causing a small scene out of panic. What really happened was she picked it up, and put it down on a separate shelf that I didn't see. I felt like such a jerk for accusing her of stealing and heavily apologized.

They all saw it. Nervously and jokingly I said "I like to chew on it... Hey I don't ask what you guys do in your free time" but on the inside I was having a nervous breakdown. The friend I was helping said she didn't care but I'm so worried about the others who didn't say anything gahh! One especially is a bit of a blabber mouth. I am freaking out right now.

What should I do? I don't want to bring it up again and drag it out longer than it needs to but I feel so bad for accusing my friend's niece. Maybe buy her lunch or something as an apology?


First off breathe nice beap breaths in and out.

OK so now your freands know you suck a oasifer, and one of them might tell other people.

you're not doing anything wrong you have a pasifer to carm your self down and to help you concentrate on things.
So if any one asks that what to tell them if they ask which they might not.
It is up to you if you feel it right to tell your nice why you have a pacifier becouse she was obviously curious, she probably never seen an adult pasifer before.

The More nervous you are and at guilty the more people will think some is wrong.

Hope that is of help to you.

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Don't bring it up again, the fact that nobody ridiculed you for immediately (and one said they didn't care) is more than some people get.
Just let it go. Most people just do not care.heck it could have been from a kid you watched and they would not know.

Also love ur pic
Hehe they're your friends; if they mind they don't matter, if they matter they won't mind. I only used a paci when I took acid or mushrooms so I wouldn't gring my teeth. I'm done with psychedelics unless I make it to the southwest and find some peyote. My paci is still actually somewhere tucked under the floorboards of where I was living with highschool friends a few years ago.
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