My friends are DL's too!

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Haven't posted here in a while but I wanted to share a very interesting revelation that I have been experiencing over this past year. I'm a DL/DF and have been for over a year now. At a convention earlier this year, I was in a discussion about kinks with two of my good friends. They were both talking about their I decided to tell them mine. As it turns out, the both of them were also DLs! One of them even had a secret giant stash and the other is my room mate and he told me one of our other room mates was DL too. My other two room mates are not DLs but fellow furs (we'e a furry house :p) and they knew about them being DL so now I never have to worry about wearing around our house. :) Plus it has definitely strengthened our friendship as well. Later on, I even come to find that 3 of my other friends are into wearing as well! Just goes to show that if you open up to your friends, you may be pleasantly surprised!

Has anyone ever had a similar experience? ^v^
No, but man that sounds like an amazing life you will have now!
Wow, that's extremely lucky!! Would love if that were happen to me, but I seriously doubt it.
This does tend to happen when you meet your friends at fetish munches. ;-)
Cottontail said:
This does tend to happen when you meet your friends at fetish munches. ;-)

Yeah....this is what I was thinking. Regardless, good for you. You're a lucky guy.
so much win...
Cool. Sounds like you are free.
So many congratulations, GG. I have a friend whom I think may be a secretive furry... takes one to know one. that's as close as I get to this sphere.
That's awesome. I love it when things work out like that!
When I became the anime and game fans and friends in twitter, found the person that fetishism lovers among them.
They understand the DL, it becomes a fellow that it is possible to enjoy, now well to me conversation.

But unfortunately, they are like the only DL depiction drawn in illustration and novels, it is actually a thing that does not know or are interested to wear a diaper.:sweatdrop:
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