My first diapers: A true story


An account of the most exciting experience of my life - obtaining my first nappy! I hope you can feel the excitement I felt as I made my way to the store on that day to begin my adventure...

Saturday daytime:

Playing hockey for my local club, I got back home for about 6 o'clock. I was excited, because my parents were away overnight visiting family, so I had the house to myself until Sunday. Ever since I had first discovered my love for nappies when I was younger, I had told myself that one day I would actually go and buy a packet for myself without my parents knowing - and after about a decade of waiting, this was the perfect opportunity...

Saturday evening:

As soon as I got home, I got changed, grabbed a ten pound note from my bedroom and got the next bus into town. I wore a dark hoodie and gave myself a funny hairstyle, in the hope that I wouldn't be recognised should I encounter any friends or family at the supermarket checkout.

I arrived at the entrance to Sainsbury's and proceeded into the store. Having done a lot of research, I had seen that they were selling the new Pampers Baby Dry Size 8 - a nappy which might actually fit me (I have a very slender figure). I was so nervous but so excited at the same time and I just walked in circles around the baby aisle, convincing myself not to bottle it. What if I was seen carrying the package? Why would a teenage boy like me be buying a package of nappies? What if someone questioned me? There was a chance my secret could finally get out and I would have to explain my obsession to everyone... There was a lot at stake.

First of all, I grabbed a basket and walked to the newspaper aisle, where I picked up the cheapest newspaper I could for £1 - this was to cover up the package in the trolley until I got to the checkout. I saw my opportunity with the self-service checkout, which, rather conveniently, was situated next to the baby products aisle.

I scanned all the marvellous packets of nappies looking at all the different colours, brands and sizes and then - BOOM - there they were! 'Take a deep breath,' I told myself, while reaching for a package of them, containing 27 nappies in total. I grabbed them, chucked them in the basket and threw the newspaper over the top. I had done it! Now I just needed to purchase them...

As I speeded over to the self-service checkout, a young couple got there just before me, meaning that I would have to wait and queue - and soon, annoyingly, a small queue of shoppers lined up behind me. A young university student, clutching her own basket of groceries, peered into my basket and I'm pretty sure she saw the package sticking out. 'Oh no,' I thought. 'So this is how it all ends, then.' Just as suddenly as she had looked, she had looked away. It was at this moment that I realised that nobody actually cared, and that I was worrying for nothing!

It was my turn at the checkout, and I put down my empty rucksack in the baggage area, the top zipped open. With one swift glide of the nappies across the scanner, they were dropped into my bag. I finished off paying, grabbed my bag and hurried out of the store - onto the final stretch. I had gotten out of there so quickly that I realised soon after that I had left my £3 change in the dispenser... But that didn't annoy me. I had done it. I had accomplished the task I had been waiting most of my life for - I finally had a nappy! And 27 of them!

I hopped on the bus home, excitedly checking the contents of my rucksack every 2 minutes - I just couldn't help myself. I couldn't wait to get them out! I actually felt proud of myself for doing what I had done with such diligence and confidence. I would soon be rewarded. Greatly.

I burst through my front door, ditched my shoes and sprinted up the stairs to my bedroom. Despite knowing that I was home alone, because this was such a big secret, I still hid the nappies behind my wardrobe while I wasn't using them - "just in case".

Examining the package, I pulled down on the tab which ripped open the package and pulled it up to my face. The babyish scent of plastic and other materials, a smell new to me, filled the room as I gawped in wonder at the nappy sticking out of the pack. 'Go on, take it,' I offered to myself. 'You've earned it.' I gently pulled it away from the others and played around with it for about 5 minutes, just getting a feel for it. It was so big! This made me really excited - I just knew it would fit.

I ripped off my trousers and boxers, opening out the nappy and laying it on side of my bed. I had seen YouTube videos of people stretching the tabs prior to wearing it - so I did just that. The nappy was ready. This was literally the most exciting feeling I can ever recall feeling in my life. This was it. The moment I had been waiting what felt like my whole life for.

Without hesitation, I sat down on the nappy and pulled the back up my bottom. It was quite tricky trying to diaper myself for the first time but I got there eventually. Being a guy, it was, to say the least, a task in itself trying to get the front of my nappy over my crotch... Especially in the excitement of the moment... But we shan't go there. All I can say is that it took a few distracting YouTube videos and games before I had the chance to quickly pull the front of the nappy over my crotch and secure the tabs in place. The deed was done. And the best bit of all - it fit me.

I ran around the house into different rooms, waddling like a hyperactive little toddler wearing just a t-shirt and a nappy. I smiled as I passed mirrors and couldn't help but bending over and looking at it from different angles. It looked so cute on me! I couldn't believe this was happening. I couldn't believe that any of this had happened.

Saturday night:

After locking up the house, diapered of course, I plodded up to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and skirted into bed. I spent the night diapered. I fell asleep with a smile on my face and woke up with exactly the same smile. Last night wasn't a dream - it had totally, actually, literally happened!

Sunday to present:

I keep the nappies hidden in their package behind my wardrobe, a place where my parents never check. When they got home on Sunday, thankfully, they didn't suspect a thing, and they still don't know to this day. In fact, no one does. Except for you guys, of course!

Thank you for reading and I will keep you updated about any new advancements in my new diaper adventure :)


Diaper Lover
This is amazing !
Exactly how i did it at the start , you find yourself just pretending to look at other things circling the nappy isle 😁
I relate to 99 percent of this thanks for sharing.
I keep my packs in a backpack burried under my desk.


Diaper Lover, Sissy, Incontinent
Nice story but short. I also felt wonderful when I reallized at 49 I wanted to wear diapers. I did when my family were visiting Gary their uncle and my wife's brother. I had an accident in my darkroom and stuffed towels in my undies. Such wonderful warmth and wetness. The following afternoon I was having lunch and watching Jerry Springer show. One segment showed and adult babby - disgusting. Then he interviewed a Diaper Lover and I knew right there what I was! aafter two days wear a diaper I ewmwmber when I was 7 my dad returned me into diaper. 3 months!