My Final Decision

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Make sure you'll be on of those trans that actualy look like girls. Because those trans that just look like men with long hair in lipstick... ew.
Umm thats pretty insulting and rude.... especially since I'm a LG and am pretty male. But I suppose I see where your coming from.....

I always sigh at people saying stuff about people being too young to know what they want... It's a stupid thing to say... I mean fair enough to make sure someone has a reality check... but to say that people don't know what they want when they're younger is silly...

The fact is for something like transitioning... There has to be some seriousness if you want to have SRS... especially after you've read about it and got a realistic idea of whats involved...
This is extremely true. I remember seeing something on TV about it and kids as young as 4 knew in there hearts that they were really girls. (too the point where the boy was going to chop of his genitals with scissors) It does happen God (or whoever runs the show) does get it wrong sometimes.

I say go for it, if that is what you truly feel :)
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