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I have a diaper fetish, I'm a DL. My Fiance has known about it for the last two years and has been great. She has participated with me and we have even come up with some insensitive plans where I work out a certain amount each week and I'm rewarded with monthly diaper adventures. However lately she says she feels lonely in the sense that I have all these people on so many forums that I can talk to and she feels like she has nobody. She has asked me to create an account and ask you guys for help (and other forums as well). She is hoping to talk with someone in her position - another Significant other of a DL or ab/dl. I'm not sure what questions she will have but probably will be things like:
-when (how) did you learn,
- how often do they indulge themselves
- how often do you indulge with them
- how does it make you feel
- what have you done with them

There are probably other things and I am genuine in saying that I'm not looking for someone to con her into doing more with me or helping me achieve something I don't have.

She really just wants someone to talk with so if any of you have open significant others who wouldn't mind having a dialog please help.

We have create a number of accounts to ask for help and you may respond her or better yet send an email to this username at

I really appreciate any help.
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