My Diapers Have Arrived!

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My first ever adult diapers have finally arrived!!!

I'm rushed off of my feet right now so I haven't had chance to wear them, but I took them out the pack to have a look at them and oh my god they're adorable!! :biggrin: Really cannot wait to try them out :)

One funny thing is I didn't expect them to be the size that they are they look huge XDD probably because I've never seen an adult diaper this close before :laugh:

I'll be trying them out tonight just before I go to bed and I'll wear them tomorrow morning, who know what I'll do with them on inbetween those times :cool:
Bobert said:
Congrats! What kind did you get? There's nothing like the feeling of wearing your first adult diapers. It's a whole new experience. :)

Thank you! I got the Cuddlz front printed diapers :) I'm already loving them just by looking at them and I'll finally get to try them on I a few minutes :3
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