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Hello everyone.
I know "you should put this in a blog. You naughty little boy" but no one reads blogs and if the rules were made to be broken what have you got some for. Hee, hee.

Ok so I went to see LittleBelle to day and we had a long chat. About how some people treat us Littles and it not always nice. People won't treat a child like this so why are they treating someone with a mind set of a child. I know we can be a hand full at times but that no excuse for someone that wants to take on the parent role.

Anyway we went to Build-A-Bear and I got two new freands they are toothless and Peter.
The both have beating hearts.

I won't to put picher up but I don't seem to be able to upload them.

And I am going to run with the Sleep over in October. I will be posting more very soon on this.

I have had a great time.

Something else I am not driving for a bit. I am to much of a Little at the moment for it to be safe. I seem to not to comming out of my head space much. But it ok I am making shore I am safe, and I am loving being a Little.

I have come home a have had a nap before I have some tea and go to see the Doctor.
I am going to still be in a little head space I know it.

Have any of you been ask your age. The lady at the tran station ask ii had a rail card. So I asked her about it. She thought I was under 25 and she right just not physically. But am I getting younger looking as well?

Ok it tea time and my big brother (to be.?) Will tell me offfor texting at the table.

I let you know more later.
Most people think that I am at least 10 years younger than I am. I think part of being little is that you present yourself as younger and that in turn makes you look younger, I dress in brighter colors baby pinks and blues a lot so I think that also has something to do with it. Also self acceptance makes you happy and happiness is definitely going to keep you younger. I hope the rest of your day is a happy one and that your doctors appointment goes well.
For me it varies based on the presence or lack thereof facial hair, long hair or short hair, etc. I've had guesses from people from 16-27. If my parents were more tolerable I'd be wearing overalls and a cartoonish t-shirt. My friends at college have some idea about this side of me. They're all accepting there.
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