My Daddy/Partner Started wearing my Diapers

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He has a bad bladder like me and sometimes he gets "pee constipated" which puts him in a lot of pain and leaves him on the toilet for literal hours, so he started to wear some of my diapers (which are a little big). He's usually not been very happy with diaper duty when I'm little (which is often) and I think this might help him understand the whole thing better as he's very new to it. Thoughts?
my, how the tables have turned! ;) you might have fun with that...
Hehe thats very true
Seems like making the best of a bad situation to me. I'm sorry to hear he's having troubles, but glad that it can add a little empathy in the process. Be kind and caring on your end, the way you'd want him to be to you.
Yeah, I feel sorry for him. It sounds like he may have to learn how to catheterize himself. I had to do that for several weeks after I had back surgery. It was no fun.
Urinary retention is usually a sign of a greater Medical issue and can have serious health ramifications, I urge you to have this checked out by a Urologist.

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