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My boyfriend wears

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I'm new here. My boyfriend wears and I've never been involved in this before. I'm just trying to get some information, because I don't want to push him too hard. He is very open with me and really great. I love him very much and I want to be as involved as he wants me to be.


Welcome to ADISC! Here you can find all the information you care to read about the AB/DL scene, and more. I hope you enjoy your stay, and it's super nice of you to try to help your boyfriend!
Yeh, ther shood be more people like you in this world! Good luk and look at it like this...he cood have weirder fetishes! I seem to remember there's one involving ants and asking-to-be-bitten-genitalia. Can't wait to hear more about you (infact the pair of you) tho of cors no preshure! bringmesunshine p.s you cood tell yor othR half about this site if he doesn't know - and that'd surprise me...that you've found us/this site and he hasn't (possibly).
Wecome! So glad to see you here. I am so glad to know people like you exist. We are here for you in anything you need.
Welcome, I hope you find all the information you seek.
:) my wife was the same way when me and her got together i hope you find the info you are looking for
Thanks for being so welcoming and for such good advice, everybody! I'm happy to be here. Thank you!
Hi you're welcome, and certainly you will find some good answers about every questions you'll ask here !
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