My bladder has became so weak lately


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My urine volumes have been alarmingly low. I feel like a kid having to go potty really bad only to have this small amount come out. I've been wearing my Safari diapers with boosters a lot lately and am really used to wearing more often and that comes with consequences. Last night, I had a full on accident and wet my bed! I haven't done that in years and this CAN NOT happen when I'm away for work and have roommates that may or may not have big mouths. My question is has anyone experienced this and abstained from any diaper wearing for a period of time? I'm thinking of abstaining for a half week longer, but it's hard to when your diapers are so thick and gives you so much convenience at night. Is there a way of knowing how long your bladder takes to get back to normal?
It would probably be a good idea for you to see your doctor in case you have developed a urinary tract infection or other medical problem which is causing you to have to urinate so often and so urgently.
Do see a doctor just to rule out any infections.
Well good news: I actually went to see a Dr. today and gave a urine sample. Unrelated reason for visiting, but I still gave them one, so come Monday, I'll know.
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