My Awesome Sunday

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I have read the stickies and I'm not really sure if I am putting this in the right place - so mods, feel free to correct me.

I hang out here a lot, read, learn; try to contribute when I can - but I'm not sure that I have (up until now) really identified as a Little.

With the stress of the Holidays finally behind us, I was excited for a day of total nothingness. Sunday was that day.

With no real plan in mind, I did manage to sleep a bit later that normal, wrapped of course in my Spiderman Footie PJ's. Nothing unusual, as I wear them or ones similar, quite often. Upon waking, I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and dress - but then (after brushing) decided that PJ's were in order for the day.

I did put on a disposable diaper and then a cloth velcro diaper over it and pull my Footie PJ's back on. No one in the house was awake (and I didn't figure that they would be for a while) so I prepared a huge bowl of Fruit Loops, then plopped down on the leather sofa and turned on the TV, for some Cartoon Network.

I snuggled up with a teddy bear, and in about an hour, realized that i needed to go potty - but figured, what the heck, I was diapered - and for the first time I managed to wet. Three hours later, I had still not moved - but found out that a diaper can't hold that much. I'm not sure how many times one can go and the diaper hold it - but not 4 hours for sure.

No matter, despite the slight mess I had to clean up - the overall feeling was AWESOME. I suppose I should look for some more absorbent diapers as I know I want to try that again soon.
Congratulations on your self realization. Sounds like a very enjoyable morning.
Lazy days in general can be pretty awesome, but those kinds are just the best!
Thanks, I just some Bellissimo's and some TotalDry Ultimate Boost Ups - Hard to believe this makes me feel so good.
I love lazy days like that but they don't come around often though. Good luck on finding better diapers.
Thanks - I got some. I posted a pic in my new thread, "I was a good boy". Not only do they not leak, but the wetter they get, the more they make me waddle.
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