My ABDL Tshirt design

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This is my last printed Tshirt I am getting before. So nobody came to Lil shopping meet so I went to wright rose with my suport worker and got this.
20170211_172129.jpg 2.jpg

I wounder weather the shop keeper will give me strange looks now:laugh:
I like the shirt it is in the wash and he has done a good job. I would have perfered blue but he says white so that the shirt can be transparent with the white.

Angello in this is a babyfur and you can see his lil tail at is a give away.
Crystal Fire is put in a girl diaper:laugh: That he is not too happy about
And Kitty62 is in her diaper as well they are all babyfurs.

I put it in the wash to be washed and inside out to streanthen the
print. I hope every diapered bottom enjoys it. :sweatdrop:
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