My 15 year old cousin is a little

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I think is best if I start from the beginning

me and my cousin don't have any secrets from each other about a year and a half ago he found out I was a little he was okay with it he actually had a lot of questions he is extremely intelligent and mature for his age and I knew if I didn't answer his questions he would've ended up searching on the Internet which we all know how much of a bad idea that it is

There was a lot of things he used to be interested in him self but thought it was childish and immature I didn't want him to feel ashamed so I started being myself around him and not making a big deal out of it
He went through the denial stations for a while he then found out that his friend was a little he is now a little/ middle / carer I suppose it runs in the family to Dave into something headfirst :biggrin: he's started asking me for advice he says I'm the closest think he had to an expert which I don't mind

but as you can see this is a pretty odd situation and I would like your suggestions and opinions on it please because I feel a bit in over my head

( just in case is not absolutely clear it is not sexual for either one of those )
And he has very little interest in wearing padding at the moment which makes it less awkward

At the moment all he has is a pacifier and some plushes


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My auntie is also a little!

We have no secrets from each other either and she brought us both sippies as a joke because my nan complains that I knock everything over on to her carpet! (I do)

I told her and she loves it, we go to toys r us together and build a bear, she is more of a middle but she has fully embraced it, now me and my auntie are a bit different because we do discuss our sex lives too, we are both very open, she is more like a sister than an auntie, everyone mistakes her for me and all of my brothers sister anyway :D We are very close, we travel together and everything ^_^


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Hi Jumpy

it's really hard being a TB teen baby Little.

As all the ABDL communities are quite rightly are strictly 18 +.

All you can do is educate at this time and enjoy play with him and each other's company.

You can as you have been doing talk about yourself and how you feel.

If he come up with questions you are unsure about, you can always say I not sour, I need to think about that.

Then ask the community hear.

Hope that helpful.


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