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Yes, I agree.... it is a "must read". I ran across that article a while ago and thought it was really insightful. The problem I have with it is that it's written in an academic style that would overwhelm most readers. However, if you drill down on some of her ideas, she makes some excellent points. Here are a few that everyone here should take to heart:

My comments in red.

NOTE: Written by Kathi Stringer and may be, printed, reproduced or mirrored on websites for personal use with credits attached.

1) "the individual believes they are isolated and alone with these regressive desires, and that no one else in the world is like them."

Which is why ADISC is so important, it relieves the sense of isolation.

2) "It appears to provide a sense of control for the child to revisit a period that is widely accepted in our culture as nurturing."

I think that perfectly describes why we do this.

3) "After all, they may think that children do grow up one day and they have failed miserably."

Part of the guilt is not living up to other's expectations.

4) "To bring infantile wishes in harmony with a higher level functioning, a comprise must be reached."

That's why we call it Adult/Baby. The adult must always be in charge.

5) "An acceptance of self is the most nurturing aspect of life."


6) "In essence, for the infantile individual with true infantilism, a diaper is not a fetish but rather a Transitional Object with it’s origins in early childhood."

I think it can be both.

7) "It appears to become problematic when situations place an emphasis for disclosure."

Most of our fears revolve around being discovered.

8) "As stated, there is no known cure, and treatment toward self-acceptance and individuality may ameliorate destructive wishes and behavior."

That's why we here on ADISC place such importance on self-acceptance.

9) "A healthy balance is to be encouraged to help an individual from completely giving in to regressive behaviors."

24/7 ?

10) "the therapist is there to help with self-acceptance and validation."

There aren't many enlightened therapists around that understand this.

11) "I am okay....I am a unique individual and it is okay to be me."

Say this to yourself daily.

12) "that inner child becomes loved."

Isn't that what we all wish for?
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