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What music do you listen? and, What instruments do you play or want to learn?

I'm currently listening to, some U2 and classic rock.
For instruments, I play percussion, fife, and bagpipes.
I don't take music that seriously. I listen to dance when doing cleaning and tidying up (which means I don't listen to much dance....) I enjoy some classical, especially baroque music. Have a traditional love of jazz from the classic era (pre end of the Modern Jazz Quartet). Yo do have to be broad minded as sometimes even "pop" can be quite fun and interesting and even overlap with the more meaningful aspects of folk music.
I listen to a lot of differnt Things. Prog rock/metal, classic rock/metal, video game soundtracks (Looooooove the work of Nobuo Uematsu), Movie soundtracks, 80s pop. The list goes on. :p
Mostly rock and classic rock. Then of course there are all types of other genre mixed in. It really depends on the song. For example, I am not a big fan of rap, but it doesn't mean I don't like any music with rap. I also like some pop, techno, and dubstep music.

As for instruments I know how to play? I assume you mean can actually play a musical piece on the instrument in which case, piano. I do know how to play other instruments though, as in if you handed me a violin, a trumpet, flute, or whatever instrument and gave me about a week, I could at least play part of a musical piece by then. With little to no help or instruction.

I think learning to play instruments isn't all that hard. When it comes to music, the hard part is making your own compositions. I have been learning a bit on how to do that since I am currently making music for a video game I am working on.
I listen to a lot of music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, but my wife and I also listen to some more current groups. I love Fun and we also have his solo album.

As a classical musician I listen to all kinds of classical music. I went to a music conservatory and graduated with a performance major in organ, but now I spend a lot more time practicing and playing piano. I also was a rock musician, keyboard, for 15 years.
I grew up as a classical musician, but now I primarily listen to prog metal and most other metal genres. I can play guitar and bass, but I'm only really good at keyboards, drums, and singing.
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