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Hey everyone.
I want to know what you would all do with your babies on a date? I want to take my girl out shopping, like get her a new pair of undies, new nappies, a new nighty, a new paci and a lot more. But I don't really know what to buy without her. She lives about six to eight hour drive from me. She had to get rid of her car due to issues with it, so we have to save for a new one together. I want to take her out a date, like mummy and daugther time kinda.

I was thinking about taking her to macces but I know people here will judge the AB side of this, so I was thinking just a causal thing to do with her, so take her out for a meal together, then go out shopping for undies, nightys, pacis', etc. I give her money once a week to get nappies, but I want to send her new things from mummy.

But the same time I don't want to make her feel uncomfortable in herself. She always wears nappies, so that's fine. I just have to find a decent place for her nighty, paci and more.

I hope this isn't too much, I just want to make my girl feel good in herself once in her life.

Thank you,
Have you thought maybe of going to Walmart for your "mommy/baby" shopping date? The reason why I ask is that not once have I ever been looked at in any other way than "just another person doing there shopping errands". Being of male persuasion I was at first apprehensive about going into the lingerie/undie department to pick out pretty things for myself. But was not long before I realized that not only were the sales staff not concerned in the least, neither were lady shoppers that I would encounter doing their lingerie/undie shopping.

In short order I found the very same non-concerned attitude prevalent when I would be in the adult diaper/pullup/pads/incontinent section of Walmart. Not one person has ever been concerned with seeing me picking feminine items for my diaper and wetting enjoyment. And now just lately I am experiencing the very same lack of concern while shopping around in the baby section, looking and studying all the different kinds of diapers/pullups for future experimentation and use for my passion.

And when I finally go to the cashier to purchase my choices, including yesterdays's of baby powder and oil, not an eye is batted in other than "friendly" service.

I only make the "Walmart" suggestion because I think that you and your "baby" will feel very secure and comfy doing your shopping together in that setting. And if there is a MacDonald's attached to the Walmart of your choice like mine is, that same unconcerned attitude of "questioning" is there as well.

All in all, that would be my choice of an enjoyable shopping "date" with baby. :thumbsup:
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