Moving from Real Life to RP

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  1. Carer
So, I'm sure some of you have seen my thread and my little's threads about our worries and experiences in our first few times of being AB and caretaker. But now that he's going off to college for the semester, I had suggested that maybe we try to RP some scenarios so that we can still indulge even being far apart. We both decided, however, that we need advice.

I have RP'd as a caretaker before, though not as myself (it was a Johnlock RP if anyone is familiar with BBC's Sherlock, and I was playing John). But this is a little out of my element. Besides not knowing how to start, I'm not sure about what sorts of things we should plan ahead or leave to spur of the moment imagination. And in general I think we'd both feel better if we had some advice and suggestions from anyone who has RP'd before. Everyone was really helpful when we were first starting our meetups so I figured I would ask for some more advice in this new venture. Can't wait to hear what everyone has to say :]
Not open for further replies.