Most Embarrassing Accident - What is Your Story?

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In another support group I am in, it was suggested that it might be cathartic to share the most embarrassing bedwetting and/or incontinence accident as a way to help deal with the "mind games" that living with incontinence can bring.

I figured it was good exercise and I'd share it here also. Anyone else have a particularly embarrassing experience they've never been able to talk about that they'd want to share?

Here's mine:

One of the most embarassing accidents I have ever experienced came right after the incontinence/bedwetting returned to my life. I was about 18 or 19 years old and had just started college. I was commuting in to campus on a bus since I lived a few miles away. Right around this time, I contracted an immune illness which left me constantly feeling exhausted. I could literally fall asleep anywhere (not a good problem to have when you are a sleep wetter). It was so bad, sometimes I would find myself dosing off when I was stopped at a red light in my car. It was terrible and almost unsafe at times.

Anyway... after a long day on campus.... walking around from class to class... I was exhausted. I got on the bus to head home. I was on the bus for a few minutes when I fell asleep. I woke up about an hour later having completely missed my stop and the whole front of my pants were wet. (This was before I admitted that I had a bladder problem.)

Fortunately, by that time, there was only 1 or 2 other people on the bus, so by the time I got off the bus I was able to do so without a bunch of people seeing me. But it was still embarrassing. This was a huge warning sign. Unfortunately I was still in a little bit of denial about my bladder problems, so I refused to wear diapers. I wished I would have just started then. Would have saved me a bunch of time and energy.

Anyone else have something funny/embarrassing for the group?
OK, I'll step up to the mic and go first, heh. My most embarrassing story happened when I was walking out of the subway on the way to meet my girlfriend for dinner, when I had an overwhelming urge to go. Fortunately I was wearing an M4, but I must've had it on wrong as it spilled over and went all down the front of my leg! It was dark and rainy out at the time, and I was wearing dark pants, so it wasn't immediately noticeable and I played it low key and fortunately no one noticed - or hopefully they didn't, haha.

Now, that was sure embarrassing, but that wasn't the MOST embarrassing. Slightly shaken up after that, I go to the bathroom when I get to the restaurant to change into a dry diaper and fiddle with the lock on the door until it feels reasonably secure, I just wanted to get changed fast and get back to our table. I took off the old M4, threw it out, and was about halfway through putting a new one on when someone busts in the door - and has this "OMG I'm so sorry" look on their face. Ughhh I was so mortified!
In the december of 2014, I contracted the norovirus. The strain I had resulted not only in nausea, but also in loss of bowel control for a month. It was thirty minutes until I had to go to school and I was on the couch in my house. That morning when I woke up, I had soiled my bed (3rd time that week). Anywho, my mom just came down stairs and was saying good morning when both of us heard a bubbly fart. Needless to say I had to run up stairs, throw those underwear and pants into the wash after rinsing them off, and shower. Ever since I have been left with or atleast signs of IBS-D.
This just happened today...but not to me.

I was in my CHEM class at the local CC today enjoying class as usual. The class room is rather wide but not deep; it has two separate projectors and whiteboards with the professors desk in between them, and the door is at one end of the wide classroom. I sit on the opposite end of the classroom from the door, towards the front, directly in front of one of the screens/boards. So, the very back of the room from the door.

I sit with two other older veterans and a few dedicated outgoing younger students. We get along very well and go over each others homework everyday and help each other out. There is another person in our group who is a bit different (not a bad thing!). She is young (still in or just out of HS) a bit quiet, maybe introverted, subdued, yet very sweet and cheerful and a wonderful addition to our group. She just had a bad day.

We had completed going over the homework amongst ourselves, with a few smiles, and had commenced with the lecture. It is relatively quiet with only the instructor speaking. This young lady got up at one point with her purse (she sits directly in front of me) and left the room. This means she has to cross in front of the class between both screens, the professor, and the rest of the class. A long walk to the door for sure if you're trying to be inconspicuous.

She was barely noticed, but when she returned it was hard for me not to notice that she had been gone for awhile and had missed an awful lot. Class continued without interruption and everyone was tuned into the lecture. She rummaged a bit in her bag and then got to catching up on notes as best she could. Not fifteen minutes later she grabbed her bag again and got up (a bit abruptly) and as she was pushing in her chair there was an audible very wet sounding fart.

Poor girl, it was a rather quiet time of the lecture too. I know that I and at least two others (both older female veterans) heard it as we kind of watched her leave, exchanged a glance of concern, but had to continue with the lecture. She did not return until just before the end of class. Man, I felt so sorry for her.

As class was letting out and everyone was hustling and bustling I asked her if she could read hand writing, showed her my notes and told her I would e-mail them to her. She looked very appreciative, but very very vulnerable. She thanked me with a reddening face and a wavering voice and said that she was going home and did not feel well.

Whether she had an accident or not, I could not tell you for certain. But what I heard, and knowing how far our classroom is from any facilities...she had a bad day. I don't know if I've ever had an accident like that as an adult. I can't even recall one that has been embarrassing over the last 15 years. The only time I can relate to this poor young lady is when I had a similar deal in a theater with my parents when I was a kid.

Something hit me and I didn't move fast enough. I pooped my pants on the way to the bathroom and had to toss my undies. I felt so dirty. When I got back I sat a seat over from where I was to put a seat between myself and my mom because I just felt I needed space, I wanted to be alone. I didn't know, but I must have smelled. My mom leaned over after some time had passed and asked if I had an accident, I was indignant and denied any such accusation. I could hear her whisper to my dad that she though the kid behind us had pooped his pants. I felt so ashamed.

When we were heading back to the car I was walking/jumping/skipping along ahead of my folks after enjoying the rest of the movie and my thoughts fleeting. Thats when my mom called me to her (and back to earth) and told me she knew I had an accident. That's when she pointed out that even though I had frantically tried to clean my undies, before giving up and trashing them, that I had managed to mess the back of my pants too.

I hadn't noticed. She was very nice and understanding, but I could read the disappointment on my dad's face. I had to wait for him to find a plastic bag for me to ride home on. I then had to hand wash my pants in the sink before putting them in the wash when we got back.

That's probably the most embarrassing accident I've had. I was 10 or 11 at the time.
Went for a walk to the 24-hour convenience store at about midnight one night. Felt a bit full but figured I'd last until I got home.

Thankfully I was diapered, as I started having a really heavy, painful need to mess. I occasionally have these so I figured I'd just stand there and wait it out, and it would subside completely, and I'd be fine when I got home.

It didn't subside. Thankfully I hadn't entered the convenience store yet, so I walked to the toilet/shower block across the road, intending to use the toilet there.

All the stalls, showers and toilets, have doors that have a really bad habit of sticking, badly, so you have to put your full weight on them and ram them several times to get them out of the door frame.

I obviously had to concentrate on doing that just hard enough so that I wouldn't fall face-first into a public toilet. I managed to ram it open after three tries but unfortunately, literally in the last moment of the third try, the diversion of concentration betrayed me and I had a #2 control failure. I ended up standing there like an idiot filling my diaper in front of a perfectly serviceable toilet.

This is survivable, you might say, but I went to shower (I don't know what the ethics of using public showers are considered to be but I know all kinds of crap regularly gets washed off in there and I made sure to leave no trace - I didn't fancy walking home in an extremely full diaper).

Turns out that the expansive carpark next to the toilet/shower block functions as a rent-free trailer park - the people who live there aren't disruptive so nobody bothers kicking them out. Anyway, I get down to just my Bambino and a man and woman walk in and start having a loud conversation right outside my shower stall, and THEN the dude tries to get into the stall (I had it locked and there's a visible ENGAGED marker so I don't know why he thought it was free).

I was like, "Uh, dude," and he was like, "Oh crap, sorry," BUT THEN HE DOESN'T LEAVE! They're literally just sitting there on the bench outside the shower stall, having a nice little chat, and I'm waiting for them to go because there is no subtle way to change a full diaper. God knows why they stayed there. I eventually just thought 'fuck it' and got changed, bagged my diaper, showered and padded back up quickly and loudly. They were gone by the time I came out, but Jesus Christ.
Kaliborio said:
I obviously had to concentrate on doing that just hard enough so that I wouldn't fall face-first into a public toilet. I managed to ram it open after three tries but unfortunately, literally in the last moment of the third try, the diversion of concentration betrayed me and I had a #2 control failure. I ended up standing there like an idiot filling my diaper in front of a perfectly serviceable toilet.


I was like, "Uh, dude," and he was like, "Oh crap, sorry," BUT THEN HE DOESN'T LEAVE! They're literally just sitting there on the bench outside the shower stall, having a nice little chat, and I'm waiting for them to go because there is no subtle way to change a full diaper. God knows why they stayed there. I eventually just thought 'fuck it' and got changed, bagged my diaper, showered and padded back up quickly and loudly. They were gone by the time I came out, but Jesus Christ.

Hahaha oh no, so close yet so far!!!

Also, I don't get people who don't let others have some potty-time privacy <_< I have had random person talk to me once when I was in a toilet stall?? weird.
Once a friend told me a story where she went to grab something from her apartment and she let a new acquaintance inside while she did. Then she herded them to the front door and said "I'll need to go to the toilet before we go, be right back!" and left that as a cue for them to go outside.. but she followed her to the toilet door and kept trying to hold an active conversation as she sat on the toilet and just answered with blunt "uh-huh"s :')
She got fed up with the situation and opened the faucet on to full to dull her one-sided conversation! Some people are just.. not well socialised.

But now! Onward to my story!

I have wet the bed exactly twice in my life after the age of being a baby, and had exactly one daytime accident.
The daytime accident was really weird and hilarious in hindsight.
I was 11 years old and having an argument with my mother, I remember calling her really angry to where she worked. I don't remember what it was about anymore, but it was summer vacation and I was alone in the house. I just hung up on her, really steaming mad and decided to go for a walk outside and stay out until the evening, not wanting to see her today at all.
I was still steaming mad when I was in the middle of a huge field, having walked at least three kilometers onward, away from the house when I realised I really had to pee. I quess I had been SO MAD I had not realised I needed to go. It was so bad I decided to walk to a nearby forest to pee. I didn't want to go in the middle of the field because I would have to expose myself to the cars going on a nearby road. There was also a farmhouse nearby enough where people could see me.
The field was freshly cut down, too.. Only stubble of wheat stems left on it.
So I started to make my way to the forest nearby, trying to walk briskly. But it became increasingly harder... I had to really fight to keep going. Every time I used my leg muscles, it took away from the concentration on my bladder muscles. Soon I was going to a fetal position every couple steps to take a break from the straining. But it did not help for long, I just lost the control of my bladder as I was walking forward to the forest which was still really far away.
Now I was just crushed and sad. I had been fighting with mom and pissed myself for the first (and so far last) time in my life, I limped back home and cried silently.
Then I called mom again asking what to do now that I had peed my pants (imagine getting a super angry call from your 11 year old kid, them hanging up on you and 20 minutes later them calling you crying they peed themselves!! lol!) and mom was just like... just throw the pants into the washing machine. I was amazed by how simple it was to deal with such a mess and was so relieved!
We said byebye and I hung up but then immediately called back to ask what to do with my peed-in shoes??? And she was like... sigh... wash by hand. Bye now. lol

It actually ended the fight we had and it was all nice and chipper by the time she got back. She handled the situation very well, she had nnnooo time getting angry at me or laughing at me. She was just... dealing with this kid :'D

Oh man. The life of a parent..
A couple of years ago I was giving a presentation in front of 25 Medicaid service coordinators when I peed and popped in my diaper. I didn't leak, but the smell was bad and I had to excuse my self and have my aide change me in the bathroom
I have have many accidents when I was a kid, but there is one messy accident that I had not very long ago.

I was out shopping wearing a diaper when my digestive system decided not to cooperate. I just couldn't hold it and filled my diaper with almost liquid poop. (sorry if too much information) :sweatdrop: Of course, there was no way I could change at the mall, so I had to ride my motorcycle home. (about a 15 minute drive, and riding a sports bike with a nearly overflowing diaper is not a very fun experience).

I don't know what I would have done if my parents were home at the time. I can tell that the cleanup was not very pleasant. :sweatdrop: It was the most embarrassing thing that's happened to me while wearing diapers, but it was also kinda exciting.
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For me it was when a bus driver told me to sit down on the bus even though I was more likely to leak (and turn their bus into a bio-hazard) when sitting down. When I got up to leave the driver actually yelled at me for ruining the seat on his bus in front of everyone. Since then I have been pressing civil charges for failing to reasonably accommodate my physical disadvantage. This started last year in May before I moved from Toledo, Ohio to Montana for my own safety when specific Capcon staff outed me to the public (including dangerous people from my past).
My most embarrassing moments are when I am changing my diaper in a stall of a public restroom and the minute my diaper comes off I do pee pee and it shoots up in the air like a water hose and gets everything soaked .
Been at a big meeting with my coworkers a whole day, had too much coffee I knew it would end in disaster and so it did, when I had to go after many hours I could feel my diaper was more than saturated, I just didn't know just how much - well when I stood up, I could feel my jeans was all wet in the back, the chair (thankfully a solid chair) was wet, in the most discreete way I used my trainer jacket to soap up pee from the chair and quickly left the meeting room......boy I was so soaked...and for weeks I was anxious about someone approaching me and asking me about my terrible wet jeans etc. however no one have ever mentioned anything.

This was one year ago - since then I have had leaks again, but not as this one.....and I alway wear darker clothes this helps hide the wet signs in the back.

Now I use a sort of lined plastic pants on top of my diaper and when I know I won't have the chance of changing, I use heavy diapers with boosters in it.
Once in highschool, I soiled my nappy in a very messy way and had to run to the bathroom stalls. Usually I was allowed to go to the disabled bathroom for privacy, but someone was using it,and I just wanted to get out of the soiled nappy as soon as possible so foolishly went to the normal one. Of course, this was highschool, so there were some people smoking in the bathroom, I ran past them (I think the heavy smell of tobacco must have stopped them from smelling!) and into a stall, where I started getting changed. I tried to be as quiet as possible, but I was loud enough to peak the others interest and ended up attracting them as they banged on the door laughing and asking what I was doing... I ignored them for as long as I could, desperately changing into my new diaper when suddenly I looked down to see one of them peering under the door laughing at me (why oh why do bathroom stalls have to have such wide gaps at the bottom?!) I started crying a little which didn't help my situation at all and quickly got out of there, throwing my soiled diaper into the bin. There were some rumors about me for a while but I got to the end of highschool with only my closest friends and those guys knowing for sure about my nappies (thank god...)

On the plus side to all this, while most of the guys in the bathroom were laughing hysterically at my expense, one of them was actually insanely considerate for a highschool boy and actually apologised later on, which gave me a little solace after my ordeal.
derek245 said:

Jeez.. people can be horrible <__<
Once I ran into a bathroom stall to cry in peace, and some peeps started peering in there and laughing at me. When a new person stood up to look at me, I stood on the toilet seat and looked them dead in the eye and intimidated them enough that they lost their balance and left the stall. Didn't say anything about it afterwards, either.

I'm glad one of them apologized!
It is the sad truth about people, typha. This is what happened to one of my old coworkers. We worked at a golf club as caddies and my coworker had an a**hole as his golfer. Halfway through the match he asks if he can go use the restroom and his golfer denies him that. He ends up soiling himself and the golfer makes fun of him. The golf club charged that golfer a huge fine which went to my coworker and that golfer was denied access to a caddie for several months. I was the first caddie after that ban. I was moving faster than him, but was still somewhat slow, so he yells at me "How are you even a caddie if you're this slow!?" I turned around, dropped his bag, marched up to his face, looked him square in the eye, and said "That's cold." Before he could respond another golf ran up and told him I was the son of the head of the golf committee leader.
Not incontinent here.

I was once sick in Mexico so on the way home I was still sick. I would get very bad gas pains and whenever I would fart I would poop and it was real painful. I had already had a messy accident and cleaned it up but when we were at the Denver airport and about to board, I got the sharp gas pain again and I pooped and I didn't get the chance to get up to rush to the restroom that was close to us and go. So there I was in my mess and I was in my last diaper and it was real runny and it was uncomfortable and it stunk. I had to fly home that way and wait until I got my suitcase from baggage claim to change in the restroom. I am sure people on the plane around me smelled it because my mom commented how I smelled like a stinky baby and I couldn't hide it from her so I told her I had an accident and had no way of cleaning it up. She got mad at me and then apologized when she saw how upset I was.
Skaterboy said:
My most embarrassing moments are when I am changing my diaper in a stall of a public restroom and the minute my diaper comes off I do pee pee and it shoots up in the air like a water hose and gets everything soaked .

I had the same experience. It's not fun.
The recent one happened over the weekend. I took a baby sitting job from close friend a of my parents and took my diapers alon with me. It wasn't going to be a problem because a 14 year old was still having bed wetting problem and my diapers were meant to fit girls her age. I left my bag of clothes and diapers by the door and went to order pizza. The four year old wanted to watch a movie and so did the 14 year old but she needed or get ready for bed as in put on a diaper. Her mom put them by the door and the four year old went poking around my bag and got a diaper for her. Mine were the my little pony style and her's were the normal style. She wondered why her mom got them for her so the four year old showed her my bag and my secret was blown. They confronted me so I pissed my self from embarrassment. They were pretty cool after the fact and we needed up having a great weekend.
I also thought of another story while I was away. When I was 12, I had a sleepover at my friend's house for a whole week. I brought enough stuff to last the entire week but I misplaced my stuff and had no clothes. At the same time, my friends sister (7 years old) was in the process of being potty trained. Since I had no clothes I stuck with my clothes for the 1st two days. On the third day, we were watching a horror movie and I got scared and peed all over their couch. We didn't know what to do so we got her mom to help us. My friend's stuff was a little to big for me so I was stuck in pull-ups for the rest of the night and the following morning. It was the most embarrassing night of my kid life but to this day, no one else was aware of what happened.
I had one this morning. For those who have ever had the norovirus, or the "flu season virus", you know that it does a number on your system. In 2014 I suffered a severe strain of it which caused some bowel incontinence issues, for which I still occasionally have in the form of something similar to IBS-D. Diarrhea is never a fun thing, but as for this morning, I had a little slip up. As embarrassing as it is, I sharted this morning while my roommate was semi-asleep. Now note, I've been hesitant in wearing diapers at night in college. So there I am, sitting in a mud pie I just made in my briefs, and my first reaction is this, don't let the pajama pants get ruined. So before my roommate could stir, I pull off my pajama pants, pulled down my night shirt (it goes to my knees), and snuck out the door. I luckily was able to clean up in the dorm's showers, but the briefs were unsalvageable. Guess it is a lesson for me, when you think you may truly have IBS-D, wearing extra protection.
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