Mommies Scents. A ongoing review.

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OK, I read just about every thread on every forum imaginable trying to find out if the "Mommies Scents" actually "do" impart the exact smell that old school pampers did back in the 1980's.

For many people the smell is irrelevant, for me it is actually one of the strongest initial draws I had to diapers. The smell of a freshly opened diaper package back in those days was strong, pulling out a diaper and smelling it only amplified that. It is a VERY hard scent to describe but many misconceptions abound.

1) The smell is absolutely "not" baby powder. Baby powder is another infant smell we all remember and it is nice in its own right, but it is nothing like the vintage smell diapers had.

2) The smell is not baby oil or baby lotions, again surely regressive scents that can take you back to the crib and a young age, but that is not the smell of vintage pampers at all.

3) Sadly finding Secret Powder Fresh smell here in Canada is impossible, I do have Secret Baby Powder spray, which I am starting to think might be the same thing and what we get in Canada as I cannot find a seller of the "Baby Powder" aerosol in the USA where they have the "Powder Fresh". If ANYONE has tried both of these aerosols and can tell me true if the "Powder Fresh" scent actually smells like an old school diaper and not just a pleasant baby powder scent (which is what the baby powder aerosol does indeed smell like) let me know.

People got the Mommies Scents, and some people said "They smell exactly like old school Pampers!". Well I got them, and I have smelled each one. Baby Powder absolutely smells like baby powder, you absolutely have cheaper ways to get that scent... Magic Fresh scent, from what I can gather this is Johnsons and Johnsons baby shampoo scent, which can be obtained way cheaper by buying the same actual product.

Then we come to Diaper Fresh, this is the one I was counting on. I was hoping it would recreate that old school smell I can actually faintly remember. It is sadly not it....

The problem is, old school pampers smelled the way they smelled partly because of the materials they were made with, and partly because of the faint scent that was used to make them smell "better". There was a scent added to diapers sometimes, it was VERY faint, and it was sweet, and it was possibly a lot like the Diaper Fresh scent from Mommies Scents, but it is absolutely not the whole of the way Pampers smelled. If most diapers from back then had no actually perfume added they would still have had that magical scent, because it was the scent of the actual diaper and the parts that it was made up of.

Part of that magical pamper smell was actually due to the plastic or latex, it was a byproduct of the petroleum nature of the manufacture of the outer shell. Diapers back in those days had a thin plastic that was very smooth and shiny and that plastic was a big part of what caused that scent they had. Latex and rubber often has a scent to it, and diaper backings did as well when Pampers had that certain "scent" to them. It was the main reason they smelled the way they did and it is the WHOLE scent that I was hoping to find in a bottle, unfortunately I did not. I might have found the slight scent they added to the pampers, but that alone does not create the actual scent a freshly opened box of diapers created at all.

There is also the chance that powders added into the diaper to help absorbency and help eliminate odors, as if they put a small amount of baking soda types of products into the padding area to help track liquids and mask scent.

I have a couple drops on a few diapers in a suitcase atm and I am going to let them stew in there for a week or so and see if as the scent mitigates it looses much of the alchohol scent and potentially interacts with the plastic in the diapers and might actually slightly create the scent I was hoping to smell.

But atm, on first smell, when I opened that bottle I was "not" suddenly zapped back to the past thinking "wholly smokes, that is exactly the smell I can remember!" I can still remember many aspects of it fairly well, and I know for a fact if I ever got to smell it again it would strike me how distinct it was.

Sure all of these scents smell "nice" but we who want a scent of the actual vintage pampers from the 70's and 80's, we need to keep looking sadly keep looking because this is not it. People often said "man, these smell great!", but "great" is not what I was looking for, I wanted the actual exact scent of old school pampers (NOT the smell of the scent they "added" to the diapers but that was overpowered and mingled with the stronger scent of the diapers themselves) and that $100 I spent trying this is now up in smoke.

I will answer a question or two if anyone has any and I will likely post a follow up next week to see if the thoughts are the same or if the attempt to let the diapers stew creates a miracle and I open the suitcase to the smell of old school diapers.

To people who say a small few diaper brands (baby and toddlers) actually smell like old diapers. Are you sure they have the odd plastic/latex smell they had with the very slight other scents just there in the distant background? Because old diapers has a STRONG scent and it was most definitely NOT a perfume or added after the fact, it was the scent of the actual materials the diapers were made of themselves, and in new production of adult diapers, (and it sounds like most baby diapers) that smell is gone as they advanced production and materials in a way that eliminated that scent.


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wait, which scent did you get? They had powder fresh, diaper fresh, and magic fresh.

I've got a few bottles of diaper fresh and good they go a long way.
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