Molicare SuperPlus Leaking?

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So a few nights ago I was sleeping in a molicare and I vaguely remember wetting ... at some time later in the night I woke up in a wet bed (definitly not something I wanted)! The thing that really sucked is that it looks like the diaper caught near nothing - it was only wet on the outside (real useful). I was on my stomach when I wet.
Did I get a bad one? Or is there something I should be doing to avoid catastrophic leaks in this situation?
Were you by chance 'pointing up'? It's not uncommon for the urine to shoot out the top of the diaper in this case. I'm also assuming it was a Molicare Super Plus which is plastic backed. Some of the new ones are cloth-like which get a bad batch once in a while which seeps through (generalization, not specifically Molicare).

Either way, fate sometimes just plays a bad hand and wet sheets are inevitable at some point. It's why mattress protectors are so important especially as a DL.
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