Molicare Super Plus vs. Abena M4: Experiences?

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Hi there! After a long period wearing the Molicare Super Plus, wich is definitely one of the best diapers i've ever worn i want to get a broader thinking about diapers. So the Abena M4 became interesting to me, which i've never worn before, but it has to be also an excellent diaper i think. So i wanted to know if somebody has compared both diapers where are the differences between them and what you think about them. I want to buy them in Medium size. I would be very happy about some answers and recommends of you! :)
I think the Abena M4's are a tad more absorbent, if you're happy with the molicares you won't be disappointed.
Molicare super plus is slimmer then the abena m4. Both are very good diapers. I wear both. I like wearing the m4 to bed and the molicare during the day. Though I'm not incontinent I do use them when I wear. My wife makes sure of it. You won't be upset with he m4s that I can guarantee.
I absolutely love both. Abenas are a bit better overall. I always find that when soaked the front padding on the Molicare always collapses.
Molicares wick so when you pee, it spreads but it can also get bunched up in the middle. Abena, the odor control is poor so it smells more when you're wet. But they don't bunch up nor does the pee spread through the diaper as much like the Molicare.
Are the new clothed backed molicare diapers still purple?
i really wanted to try the molicare super plus but missed out on the plastic backed.
none of the places i can order from have plastic backed.

from what I can tell they are white. and looks like the padding doesn't spread out around the front
nope the molicare cloth backed are white with a purple strip
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