molicare super plus and molicare soft super..

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i have been wearing molicare super plus for years and years now, i want to try something else, i decided against the molicare comfort super, because theres not enough absorbency for me so im wondering about molicare soft super, i like cloth backed diapers and the reusable tapes look nice. i was about to order some but thought i would look for opinions first before buying them, mainly worried about capacity and comfort..
I like the soft super. They aren't as absorbent as the super plus are but they are pretty decent. I do really like the Velcro tapes on them as you can refasten then as much as needed. Though I will warn you the side stretch a bit. I wear Garys active wear or compression shorts and that holds them tight to my body and they don't stretch at all. Only downside for me with them is I really like the feel of plastic backed diapers over cloth backed. IMO these are good for being discreet while out and about. Very easy to change in public restrooms without the worry about someone hearing you. Also easy to tape up since you can adjust after the first placement without worry.
If you live in some place where you can get your hands on tena slip ultima (European version) do it now! They're on the little more expensive side of diapers but boy these things work. They're clothbacked and despite multiple reattachments of tapes they still hold well (I have tendency to reapply tapes once in a while to assure the fit is good, it feels little loose with any diaper after a while). Capacity I've tested and never really got a leak despite wearing for 12-20h periods and drinking loads of cola (the advertised absorption was about 4000ml - haven't done any metering but it seems close).
I suggest to try at least the sample, you probably won't feel bad about it :)
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