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  1. Sissy
I saw that the molicare super plus packages now say a logo on the left side of the bag saying" new ultra plus" are these the same as the older ones?
I'm not sure. It might be worth to get a sample if possible to try them out.
Mmm... I'm not sure about that either. Where are you ordering them from? Would it be possible to talk to customer service to see if they are the cloth or plastic backed?

Where do you live? I've heard rumors that the ones in America will stay plastic backed, and the ones in Europe will be changing to the cloth backed, but I haven't ordered in a few months, so I can't confirm this.
they are plastic backed if you go to northshore or bambinodiapers you will see the red logo on the bag of diapers in the corner.
I've been curious about that too. So far, I've yet to receive a pack confirming such.
Got a pack the other day, plastic backed. Don't seem to have changed at all, but these could always be an old stock?
Im in SA and the new package looked like the old one, but they had the feather that said premium soft super plus.
It has a feather on the package and says air soft.
I bought the cloth backed version yesterday and like them alot.
The tapes are refasten-able for many unchanges and they are way poofier then then the molicare premium soft, which i liked for ventilation of the skin.
Also they are all white with a purple double stripe and i prefer the color..
However if you like plastic backed you will be disappointed because they dont crinkle much and are discreet.
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