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I was curious if anyone knew of a diaper similar to the molicare premiums but with a fuller coverage on the rear? Not sure if these are just to small or if the rear is not suppose to fully cover the butt cheeks. They really seem to fit perfect otherwise... Just not sure I can get use to the backside.

The molicare comforts have been surprisingly comfortable, but sometimes I prefer the cloth backing.

Having never tried Molicares I can only recommend from my experience that the Abena M4 is an excellent choice
It can be hard to find padding that cover as much of your rear as you are looking for. You'd have to see if you like the Abena M4 or the New DryCare 24/7, as those have a decent amount of padding in the rear.
comficare and their derivitives (crinklz, DC Amore, ABU Space) and also bambino all have a padding cut that quickly goes out into the wing after the crotch, covering the back "corners" of the diaper as I like to refer to it. They are symmetrical also, so the padding quickly branches out in the front as well.

Here's a shot showing how suddenly and widely the padding branches out in the back on a new kitten dc amore:

Seeing as this "corner" area is where diapers tend to leak, that's a very good thing. Although these diapers seem to have different compositions of padding in them, they're all good wickers. The DC Amore are of particular interest, they've done something to really soften the liner and that really enhances wicking. This diaper handles floods while sleeping on my back better than any other diaper I've tried.

I actually woke up this moring in a really wet kitten. (it was to within 3" of the back of the padding) It's a bit unnerving really, because usually when you feel wetness in that corner, you ARE leaking, so you get used to dreading feeling wetness there. But with these, nope, there's padding there, doing its job. I noticed this several times before I got out of bed this morning, and no, I didn't leak a drop. Kept my fleece footed jammies nice and dry :)
I do like the s4 and the s2 abena ... But sometimes I get annoyed by the tapes and the odor. Does anyone know if the padding is supposed to be that way or if its just a bad fit? I've read it referred to as a t-shape; so I assume it is by design.
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