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First uploaded on fimfiction as JAMES E PERKINS-Rejected:thumbdown:
Uploaded to as Adagio Quietfoal-Accepted:hugs:
Edited by request by Quantum Flash:cuddle:

The sun was just starting to set on Canterlot as the evening came to a soft beginning, shading the sidewalk and the grass that Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy softly sat upon, cushioned by the grass that surrounded them warmly. The birds began to chirp quietly, saying their good nights to the ponies below them.

Rainbow dash yawned a little bit and stood up quietly, taking one last look at the park that was falling quieter by the moment before turning around and offering her hoof to Fluttershy, who blushed at the politeness. Once standing, they stretched a moment before they both began to trot on toward down the street, RD stood upright and was a little louder than Fluttershy of course, who trotted much quieter, careful not to awaken the sleeping birds from the trees that they passed;

Rainbow Dash smiled. "T-thanks for taking me up here Flutter. I kinda had a lot of fun but you know when it gets--" Fluttershy interjects "Don't worry about it silly. Besides, I got to spend my time with you, and that is very important to me."

"Aw Fluttershy! You’re sweet, but we know we both had a ton of fun! Like when I was playing with the sand castle! I was like BOOM!! There's a tower! And then in came the changelings! THEN THERE WAS LIKE BOOM!!!! AND SWISH!!!! And then I flew in and --"

Fluttershy suddenly ran to go comfort a little bird from all of the yelling and snuggled it in a little leaf to help it. "Dashie! Please, your manners! The night is beginning and the birds are trying to rest. Can you please stop all the yelling? Fluttershy turned around to notice that Dash had already continued down the road a bit.

"Ugh....! " Flutter shy ran down the road to go catch up with Rainbow, running in such a way as to let the cool wind swirl through her fur to create a stunning amount of stealth so that she couldn't be heard by the other animals so they could sleep. Once next to her she giggled and nuzzled Rainbow Dash happily only to, her great shock, notice Rainbow Dash's tears.

Immediately Fluttershy held back a flurry of emotions. "What did I do to disturb her? Is she okay? What have I done? Oh no...... no no no .... I’m a horrible friend for doing this.." The thoughts almost brought her to tears but she had never saw Rainbow cry before. Maybe she could help.... she had to keep her cool.

"U-um Rainbow?? D-did I say something wrong? Is there anything I can do to help you?"

Rainbow Dash shook her head and wiped a few tears away and sighed. "No Fluttershy, I think it will be best if I went ahead and just went home for the night and just.... tucked in.." Rainbow Dash began to trot a little slower and take in the cool air again, trying to relax, only not flying so he could be with Fluttershy on the way home.

"Um, okay. We will drop you off first so then you can go home and get under warm covers with a cool pillow.... you are just getting a little bit sleepy I'm sure. You'll be sleeping all cute and in ten seconds flat."

This only made Rainbow blush harder, imagining her friend that she knew since she was just a little filly softly holding her close and cooing at her a little for her to rest, who would gently tuck her in and pop her little pacifier inter her mouth and ---NO. No no no no ... She must not know about that... It’s her secret. Her secret alone.

Besides, she could just go home soon and sit back and relax away from all this confusion. Take just a moment to take a breath in and out and to let the smell of soft powders and sweet smelling milk to drift to her senses. Even in this thought, RD couldn't help but drift off a little bit... drift into almost a dream. A dream where she could rest and recharge, with no fear or shyness, knowing she was STILL the best pony around. The coolest pony. The fastest pony. The most adorable pony….

A small giggle fell naturally from her as she was brought back in time, even if it was for just one moment... she could almost feel herself sucking on an imaginary pacifier, soon to be replaced with a real one when she got home, and even, maybe if she could just find some old hoofed pajamas laying around and some cute diapers instead of the usual ones that usually helped with her bed-wetting... Besides, acting cute is just something she loved to do… although, rather embarrassing to do. Ponies wouldn't think that she was so awesome any more if they saw. But no need to worry about that now, because everything was going to be okay and---


"Um....Rainbow? Rainbow? Are you..... "

Snapped back into reality, Rainbow straightened up and shook off the thoughts the best she could. The thoughts alone were making her a little tired, imagining the peace that would probably always be nowhere except in her own mind.

"Y-Yeah.... let’s just go home Fluttershy-" Rainbow dash spun around and immediately hit her door, causing a little mark to appear between her nose and forehead, almost starting to cry again but shook it off and stood up, causing Fluttershy to wonder about this odd behavior.

"Okay Dashie... I’ll go home now and then we can both get--"

Rainbow blushed again and stopped her and looked into her gentle eyes. "Wait....."


"If you want to, um... you know, stay for a little bit overnight, it would save you an awfully long flight back home..."

"Aw thank you Rainbow, you’re so considerate."

Once inside Fluttershy sighed and flew over to the couch and lightly sat down as if the couch was made of glass as Rainbow came diving into the other chair, blowing some decorative pillows right off. Fluttershy giggled softly and Rainbow yawned very lightly and with a tenderness that made even Fluttershy lose her breath. Rainbow just looked so peaceful.

How could she have cried earlier? What was it that bothered her? Besides she had acted naturally before, and it wasn't until she called her Dashie and asked her to be quiet that she began acting weird.

But none of that mattered now. She would have to deal with that manner another time. Right now she just saw a tender, caring pony, who just maybe needed a little bit of caring attention herself. Recalling an old foal sitting book that she got from Twilight, she remembered that one tends to get a little bit fuzzy and clumsy when deprived of sleep. And thanks to her having taking care of the Cutie Mark Crusaders a while back, she knew she had it in her to help RD get her sleep.

Maybe a lullaby?
Too childish.
Hold her?
Didn't want to be made fun of.

Fluttershy grabbed a blanket and took a little stuffed toy out of her pack that she prepared earlier and sat with it a moment, not noticing Rainbow Dash eyeing it every so often nervously as she approached. Fluttershy looked up nervously but was not met with a harsh or demeaning glare like she expected. To her surprise, she was instead shown eyes full of thankfulness, and almost even desperation as Rainbow softly took it and squeezed it nervously.

The connection grew until Rainbow caught herself and set it down next to her nodding at Fluttershy who kept the least eye contact as she possibly could.

Rainbow leaned forward gently and carefully touched her hoof to Fluttershy's shoulder and pulled her in a little bit to kiss her head but she quickly broke free and nervously nodded and smiled, leaving to go to the kitchen to give her some peace and a little bit of time alone.

While Fluttershy was in the kitchen, RD stared at the stuffed animal. "It was so sweet ..." she thought "I--I just wanted to just come crashing and she is doing so much already without even knowing it.. She even calls me *gulp* Dashie...."

Upon returning from the kitchen with two glasses of milk, Fluttershy stopped cold. There lay Rainbow, snuggled up softly with her mouth hanging open a little bit, snuggling with her stuffed toy and lightly covered with a little blanket that almost didn't cover her all the way. It was clearly a small security blanket.

It looked like Rainbow Dash had a bit of a softer side besides the one she showed at all of the races and the competition on who is the cooler pony. Right under RD's mouth also lay a slightly damp Wonder Bolts pacifier. There was no denying what Rainbow was trying to achieve was a much more gentle, cuddly, soft state of mind, Fluttershy almost squeed at the cuteness that was in front of her. First she had to not wake the birds and now she can’t wake her friend.

Carefully trotting across the soft carpet, Fluttershy sat down next to Rainbow and carefully pulled her sleeping body onto her lap a little bit moving slowly and cautiously in order not to wake her. Once in her lap, Fluttershy smiled a little at RD and petted her back carefully and a little bit nervously....

The night comes to a peaceful close.
A small connection in a large world.
A little sleep.
Carefully, ever so gently,
"Sweet dreams Dashie....Everything will be okay..."

************************************************** ************************************************** *****

Everything seemed so dark.... and it did not take long for Rainbow Dash to snapopen her eyes, almost in a mode of panic, flapping her wings wildly and breathing hard.
Poor Rainbow was almost in tears, crying "W-what happened?? Where am I?"
Slowly, Rainbow's senses began to kick in as she looked around. Apparently she has beenknocked out for well over three hours now, with only a little bit of memory coming back to her;she saw the stuffed animal and reached for her pacifier and noticed she had been placed in a bed she didn't know... She looked up and spun around, accidentally hitting her head on some wooden bars.

Rainbow paused and spun around again and met the same bars staring back at her.
"I'm in JAIL?!?!?!"

Rainbow looked up when Fluttershy giggled softly, realizing that there was no top and that it wasn't ajail at all. A sudden realization came to her turning panic into shame as she realized was in a large crib, apparently created from an old foal's bed that Fluttershy had for younger guests at her house. Rainbow immediately flew up and over the bars and looked around angrily.


Fluttershy stopped, a little bit of tears beginning to flow, causing Rainbow Dash to pause, wondering.
"I'm s-sorry Rainbow.." Fluttershy began to sob "I-I thought you might l-like…."
"Like what? Being put in...."

And it hit her all at once. She was there. The moment that she had longed for over many years.
Around her lay a crudely built nursery, apparently built overnight... But it was not ONLY built overnight. It was built for a friend by a friend. A small wave of guilt flooded over Rainbow as she trots softly over to Fluttershy and wrapped her in a little hug, taking her by complete surprise.
Rainbow Dash was always too cool for hugs. She always was the cooler pony. The pony that would not give out hugs but only receive them... less than willingly. And now here she was, giving hugs, and allowing a new path of gentleness into her life...

Fluttershy stopped crying after a moment and realized that RD had completely switched emotions with her.
Now Rainbow was crying and she was astonished.

Rainbow dash smiled faintly through her tears at the sight that was around her. The crib was built out of a couple boards and the changing table was a desk with a thick blanket.... All so simply made and nowhere close to the actual thing, but the beauty of it was overwhelming. A friend just being there for another, doing their best to make her happy.

At just about that moment Rainbow began to feel a small instinct to giggle and tried holding back, happy that her greatest dream and biggest wish, even for a little moment, was right before her very eyes. All the bullying she had received from the other ponies at the Flight Academy...All the pain of discord, all those who made fun of her other friends… All the pain and suffering, was just disintegrating right before her eyes. No more pain, anger, embarrassment, or sadness. It drained from her as she hugged Fluttershy tenderly, hoping she could give her anything worthy in return. The two pegasi stood there for a moment, taking in the power of this event without a word, just letting the gentle white moonlight stream through the windows past the curtains. Soon, Fluttershy broke the silence and gave Rainbow her favorite blanket, the one she had held on the couch earlier.

Almost instantaneously, Rainbow clung to it, blushing a little, but accepting it as part of the moment. Fluttershy pet her friend on the back and smiled and braced her legs and swooped up Rainbow Dash into her arms happily and giggled, causing a slightly embarrassing gurgle to come from Rainbow as she covered up her face slightly with the blanket in order for Fluttershy not to hear it.

Fluttershy smiled and pulled back the blanket a little. "Aw... it’s okay need to be a shy wittle pony.... "

RD clung to Fluttershy and smiled lightly at this and could feel a little shiver go up her spine, a natural reaction for her to this new event as she fought back tears a little bit until Fluttershy slowly flapped to the other side of the room and opened an old fridge and hid something behind her back. Curious of course, RD tried peaking around but Fluttershy cradled up her head to prevent her from seeing before smiling down to her.

"I got something very special for a cute little filly like you!" Fluttershy giggled before pulling out a bottle from behind her back.

It was the official I love Wonderbolts baby bottle, something that Rainbow had dearly wanted when she was a young foal. Before even asking how she got it Rainbow almost flew out of her hands in excitement trying to grab it from her, but not before it was pulled just out of her reach.
Almost pouting, Rainbow calmed down and Fluttershy smiled. "Oh no, no, no. Little foals do not drink from bottles by themselves." RD lay back, fluffed up in shock, and tried acting innocent. "Um.. ha ha.... W-what do you m-mean by that?" But Fluttershy shushed her and looked carefully into Rainbows eyes. "Aw... Will you be a cute little filly and open up for m-mommy?"

They both stared at each other for a moment and Rainbow Dash assessed the situation before calmly opening her mouth for the bottle to be put inside, taking in each moment carefully. Everything seeming to go slow motion as the soft nipple of the bottle pressed through her lips and began dripping onto her tongue as she began to drink from it almost instinctively.

Rainbow could almost feel herself slipping back, falling backwards, letting everything fade except for her and her friend Fluttershy. Only they mattered in this moment, nothing else was going to matter… A beautiful and soft connection blossomed between them as the milk slowly dripped onto her tongue until she had enough to swallow. The warmth of it spread throughout her entire body, recharging her and bringing back new life..... Rainbow’s arms moved automatically, perfectly, into alignment over her chest, letting them settle naturally as she suckled a little more, slowly finishing the bottle and letting things get a little fuzzier.

It was not long until she fell fast asleep. Fluttershy carefully brought Rainbow up to her shoulder and burped her, smiling lightly, careful not to wake her.
She was soft and warm once more, tucked into bed as Fluttershy pulled up the covers lightly.

"Sweet dreams little one." Fluttershy cooed lightly.
But Rainbow was already asleep.... dreaming of soft imaginative worlds...
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Sorry to say this but your punctuation is wayyy off. You may wanna proof-read what you say next time before posting...overall nice story.


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you seemed to have caught this halfway through but fluttershy's name is one word also shortening Rainbow dash's name to RD seems a little unprofessional rainbow is almost as short and works just as well and you had some grammatical errors too. All that aside it was a ice change of pace not only did it have ponies (always a plus) but it was also pretty short and to the point without seeming rushed. Aside from grammar good job.


I will be reviewing and will take care of all said issues. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE KIND AND HONEST REVIEWS. I know there is a few errors,
but i truley worked hard and am glad that I can contribute to the community


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Oh sorry I didn't notice the changes you made, I don't think the forum shows up as updated if you edit something as opposed to posting something new or it might've gotten buried a bit that tends to happen.


Oh sorry I didn't notice the changes you made, I don't think the forum shows up as updated if you edit something as opposed to posting something new or it might've gotten buried a bit that tends to happen.

Thank you, I worked very hard to get it right this time.