Minimalism and Diapers

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I've recently been on a big minimalism kick for a few months. Started to gather up all my diaper related paraphernalia and found that there is way too much. For a period of time, I was getting too into buying a lot of cases of diapers and related things. I'm trying to get my financial health in check and also trying to minimize more areas of my apartment. The non-diaper areas have begun to become so much less cluttered and I have more peace of mind for it. When I enter my diaper closet, I just feel so overwhelmed. A part of me wants to just donate all the unopened bags of diapers to goodwill and live more simply. I know the binge/purge game and I know that never really works and I would end up buying another case of diapers, spending even more money and cluttering things again. Is anyone else here into minimalism and if so, how do you manage it with having so much crinkly underwear? I think part of my problem is that I end up doing a lot of wearing 24/7 cycles. One thing that I want to see if I can do is just wear 24/7 to reduce down a lot of the stockpile, but I fear I may in a moment of non-mindfulness buy another case when I start to get down to half my supply again.
The best mantra for me has always been "A place for everything, and everything in its place." So I guess the smart move is to have a box, a drawer, a set of shelves or something that is allocated as AB space. Enough space for the diapers/paraphernalia you strictly need, and then everything else can be chucked/donated/used in a massive binge.

"Should I buy another pack of diapers?" -> "Is there space for a pack on my AB shelf?" -> "Yes then yes / No then no."
If you're both very curious and very picky like I am, it's easy to end up with A LOT of diapers! I get to wear diapers only a few times a week, so when I do, I tend to go with the stuff I like a lot. If I've bought a bag of disposables or a cloth diaper that didn't really live up to my hopes or expectations, it tends to just hang out and take up space. So, approximately once each year, I'll have a sort of "purge" where I just toss out the stuff that's gone unused for a while. It feels a little wasteful, but I've got to make way for new adventures. Tossing out cloth diapers felt wrong at first, but I had to get over it. I've never cared for the idea of selling or giving away used adult cloth diapers.
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