Mikeru117's Guide to BabyFur!

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Mikeru117’s guide to “BabyFur”

The furry fandom, and the AB/TB/DL community; they are both known to the general public. Furries are MUCH more well-known than any AB/TB/DL, but the information is out there. Now, what happens when these two lifestyles, or fetishes for some, combine? Let’s take a look. This is my guide to babyfur!

Intro to AB/TB/DL

Adult Baby- An Adult Baby (AB) is someone who partakes in age-play on an either sexual or platonic level of things and is over the age of 20. This is a very blurry line, so saying that the ‘official’ age of ABism is 20 is a tad inaccurate to some people, but to others it’s not. It’s a matter of preference when you’re in the age range of 18 to 21.

Teen Baby- A Teen Baby (Or TB) is the same thing as an AB. They take part in harmless age-play, but are anywhere between the ages of 13 to 19. The end of the line here is also blurry, so do note that this is only an opinion on where the whole *B/DL age and title shift occurs. This is not to spite anyone, and is not the main focus of this guide.

Diaper Lover- A Diaper Lover (Or DL) is someone who is focused solely on the diaper aspect of age-play. They will more commonly act their actual age, but will wear and or use diapers. This side of things is more commonly sexual than the TB or AB side of things. The term has been thrown around that some people are “pure” AB or TBs, or “pure” DLs.

Combination- With all that being said, being an AB and a TB can certainly be sexual, and being a DL can certainly not be sexual. It’s almost common now to see a mixture of AB/TB and DL things. This causes a person to be titled, or associate themselves with the term AB/DL, or TB/DL. Props commonly used by a *B/DL (A term used to describe the entire community, bringing in all age groups. The asterisk is to represent all age factions [I.E Adult to Teen to everywhere before and after) are diapers, bottles, pacifiers, blankets, large baby furniture and/or toys, and so on and so forth.

What IS a furry?

A furry is someone who… well, there isn’t really a clear definition. The best thing to do is quote the Antrhocon (A VERY popular furry convention) page on “What is ‘Furry?’”

Today, Furry fandom is instead an artistic and literary genre that is practiced and enjoyed by tens of thousands worldwide. We count among our ranks professional sports mascots, animators, cartoonists, puppeteers, artists, illustrators, and writers, as well as those who simply think that it would be a wonderful thing if animals could walk or talk like we do. If you as an adult still occasionally like to flip to the old cartoons, or have a stuffed animal sitting on the dashboard of your car, or buy cereal because it has a cool tiger on the box, you may well enjoy what our fandom has to offer. We invite you to visit any one of our many gatherings worldwide to see for yourself what Furry fandom is really all about.
-Quote from Anthrocon.org

That about sums it up; just about anyone and anything can be a furry. Bugs bunny is a furry! So is daffy, and Mickey Mouse, tony the tiger… the list goes on. But getting a little more exact, we have to define what an anthropomorphic creature is!

“Anthropomorphic-” An Anthropomorphic creature is any animal who takes on human traits. Examples include walking on two feet instead of four paws, talking like a human, and enjoying human like activities.

The Fursona- Humans who partake in the furry fandom often have what’s called a “Fursona.” A “Fursona” is a fictional character that is an anthropomorphic animal that someone has created or associates with, and will often role-play as, get or do art for, or write stories about. This isn’t true for everybody who has a fursona, but it is the general consensus.

Feral and Anthro- Now, just like with *B/DLs, there are two different types of furries. One is anthropomorphic. These kinds of furries are what we just talked about. The other type is called “Feral.” A “Feral” furry is someone who has a fursona who is way more animalistic. This means walking on all fours, acting more like an animal than a human, ETC ETC.

What Furries Do- Some things that furries partake in are as follows. Conventions, artistic endeavors, literary endeavors, wearing fursuits, (A large suit made out to be an anthropomorphic animal, commonly the person in question’s fursona) wearing fake animal tails and/or ears, and much much more.


Now, you know what you need to know about furries and *B/DLs, right? Well, now let’s get to the good stuff! Babyfurs! A babyfur is someone who combines the acts of a furry and a *B/DL, to create a babyfur. The combination of these two lifestyles/fetishes has been going on for quite a while now! To understand “babyfur,” we must look at the history of the babyfur community!

History of the BabyFur community- Now, there’s a lot of history to cover here so I’ll try and spare you all a social studies lesson here. Basically, the first few furries to combine the furry fandom with *B/DLism made several chat rooms. Eventually after that, they made a mailing list. Yahoo deleted the mailing list, but it was later revived as “Babyfurs_Part2.” That was later deleted, and the group moved to Smartgroups. After Smartgroups closed down, the mailing list pretty much ended.

Notable BabyFurs (Not all are listed!)- The babyfur community also grew in notoriety due to two very special people; Marci McAdams and Karis. Marci is a popular babyfur artist, most famous for her “Marci Badges,” which are worn by babyfurs to conventions almost like name tags. She and her husband (According to the wiki fur page) Karis decided to make a comic called “Incontinent Student Bodies.” This comic is something that constantly causes debate in the babyfur community about whether it’s good, bad, or somewhere in between. It spawned the “image macro meme” “BAWWWWW!” and is even more well-known for its one day destruction of four-chan. The comic grew in popularity, and lasted for 4 issues before progress was halted. It has yet to be confirmed as to whether or not there is going to be another comic. It’s also mentionable that a popular babyfur known as “Fox Cub” created “The Cub Hub,” a room in most conventions where babyfurs commonly go to hang out and be themselves.

Acts of a BabyFur- Now, let’s go over what a babyfur commonly does. A babyfur will commonly roleplay their fursona. A babyfur’s fursona is usually a much younger age. (1 to 4 years, sometimes older) In real life role-play in which babyfurs will get on babyish clothing and use baby paraphernalia, the idea of “Babying out” is replaced by the term “Cubbing out.” The idea is a mixture of *B/DL things. A babyfur will get diapered, use pacifiers or other things, but also act like a furry.

Deviations of BabyFur- Now, of course, there are other sections of this little lifestyle/fetish. Babyfur is when an AB/TB is also a fur, and combines the two. There are also Diaper Furs, which are furries who are also DLs. Then there are little/kid furs, whom role-play as a child. (This may or may not involve baby paraphernalia.)

Knowing if you're a BabyFur- Now, how does one know if they are a babyfur? It’s common that people don’t know all that much about what a babyfur really is. You don’t necessarily have to have a fursona to be a babyfur. (Though these people are commonly reffered to as “Babyfur” or “Furry entusiests”) A lot of people in the babyfur community just like it for the cute art, and even the fun stories that go along with it. Absolutely anyone into both the furry fandom, and the *B/DL community can be a babyfur! But, that’s not to say that everyone who is a fur, and a*B/DL is a babyfur either. If someone keeps both of these lives separate, they might not consider themselves a babyfur.

Closing Statements- This ends the post, and this guide. Note also that I didn’t mention the entire history of the babyfur community, nor did I mention every single person in the babyfur community who is well known/popular. If you want to know more, you can visit the babyfur “Wikifur” page here.

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Nice guide! Didn't get a chance to read the whole thing, but looks really good! Will read in a mo.
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