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Any middles here wanting a thread? As I explore my AB/DL self I find I am much more comfortable and authentic even being a middle.
I'm Scout an eight year old allowed to wear pull ups and use baby things all my life from creative class parents (who also wear pull ups) but who does more complex school age and older things also as a gifted kid.

I know my Paddy would be happer joining our community if there was a thread for Middles.

He like to regress to a teenager about 14/15.

He doesn't like diapers but he does suck a pasifer when he is stressed.
And he love his toys.

So somewhere where he can chat to other Middles would be great.

Even though I might refer to myself as a little, my regression age can wobble from anywhere between pre school and pre teen.
I'm not a baby, I just have trouble with wetting espically at night time.
I can not wait for the new Nintendo to come out, play those old games without blowing on the old game before loading into the console
I regress as an teenager, 11-16 yo. Can't act like a kid or a baby. I just need sometimes to release the stress with my students life. I like just thinking about grades and girls like a normal teenager would do. I need someone handle stuff like bills and money rent and so on, just telling me what to do while she's on living room watching TV. I'm just an eternal teen ahaha! I think I can't call it regression, because it's just common.

I'm also interested in diapers I feel safe on them. But I would feel weird to be changed or treated like a baby.
I would suggest not worrying about the labels. Please.. continue to feel free to post about your experiences that you would call "Middle" experiences and you will find many people who relate and understand. This for all intents is the absolute place to post about such experiences, as many people who use these terms do understand what you are talking about. Many people here are fluid and do not stay static in their enjoyment of these actives.

Labels are useful of course. If they help you understand yourself and connect with others that feel similar to you, then that's a lovely thing.. but no label will be perfect. Even a label you find perfect one day might not fit you the next. Just be.. whoever you are. I'm gigglemuffinz. I'm going to be her.
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I replied earlier to a "littles" thread, but I also find myself sometimes wanting to be an older child (like 9-11) who wets his bed and wears diapers every night, but also who has a few daytime accidents and sometimes wears protection because of that. I like cartoons and playing childish games and like to dream about acting like a 9 or 10 year old--just being a goofy, immature child who has fun and likes his diapers. It's good to escape from adult stresses as needed. (I do wear protection at night because I am a bed wetter.)
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