Microfiber boosters in disposables


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Edit: This is not my original idea. @Ellyn posted about this here.

I have been trying microfiber towels as boosters in my regular MegaMax diapers. I really like the MegaMaxes, but I find they don’t wick wetness as well as I would like. I become uncomfortable due to swelling or leakage before much of the diaper is wet. This seems to be a problem for many high capacity diapers.

I have found the microfibers towels have really helped with the wetness distribution. I fold them so they are 3-4 inches wide and make sure they are well inside the leak guards. More of the diaper is wet before I become uncomfortable.

I was concerned about feeling wet as I have never tried cloth diapers before. There is definitely a difference in feeling, but I do not find it unpleasant.

I tried using some towels I had already purchased for washing and waxing vehicles. I had several that were unused. I have them a going washing before trying them.

They have worked so well that I am now considering switching to cloth diapers (at least for nighttime and around home).

I also found some longer towels over the weekend. They reach almost front to back of my diaper.

I can’t believe I purchased diaper supplies from AutoZone (auto parts chain store in the US)!
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