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Thank you everyone for all the appreciation. It really helps me justify taking time out of my day to write this when I hear that other people are enjoying it too. :D

@nray: I've only jumped ahead by 10 hours in the story between parts one and two.

E: Unless you mean the end of Michelle's journey back from her Aunt and Uncle's jumping to the speech meet. That's intentional, I'm doing it on a scene by scene basis with any plot-related happenings during that interstitial five days alluded to in the scene. As to where it's going and how the pieces fit together, you'll just have to wait for an update. :}P
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Don't worry, I haven't forgotten aboutch'all, but this one's pretty rough so expect some edits later. I can't knock out almost 20 pages in a day without a lot of drugs and even more errors. (those two phenomena may in fact be related :p)

Часть третья:

The Paczewski family pulled up to Gus and Meredith's house near as the sun was beginning its descent through the clouds. They all piled out of the car as Gus and Meredith came outside. After a round of hugs and greetings, Gus helped the family unload their luggage and Meredith showed everyone to their rooms. Paul and Laura would be sharing Peter's old room, while Arthur and Alice, who had not arrived yet, would be taking the guest bedroom.

“Michelle, you can put your suitcase in Peter's room,” Meredith explained to her niece, who was standing idly in the luggage-strewn entryway. “Since we don't have enough bedrooms for everyone, you kids are going to be sleeping in the living room. I'll let you and the rest of the kids decide who gets the couches and who has to sleep on the floor once they get here.”

“Speaking of which,” Laura had returned from the bedroom, “do you know how far out they are?”

“About an hour away. I was going to start supper late bit later so it's ready when they get here.”

“Would you like some help?”

“No, no, it's not anything fancy. I can handle it on my own,” Meredith assured.

“Well I'll be in the living room if you need me,” Laura said. Michelle, seeing that she would be left to her own devices until suppertime, retrieved her book from the table and sought out a private, comfortable place to read. She settled on the guest bedroom, as her dad was napping in her parents assigned room and it would be empty until her aunt, uncle and cousins arrived. Then she gathered some pillows into an agreeable arrangement under her and began to feel the cobblestones Upton Sinclair's Chicago under her feet. She was torn from Jurgis by the sound of a door slamming shut downstairs. The rest of the family must have arrived, she thought. Imagining it would be somewhat awkward to be found lying in the bed which her aunt and uncle were sleeping in, she committed the page number to memory and went downstairs. Arthur, Meredith and Laura's youngest brother was in the entryway with two of Michelle's cousins, fraternal twins and two years her junior. Katelyn, the older sibling by a pittance, was attempting to maneuver her matched luggage around Jake, who had clearly woken up just recently and had sat himself on top of his suitcase, to Katelyn's obvious annoyance.

“Get out of the way Jake,” Katelyn whined.

Jake stretched but stayed otherwise immobile, “Just go around.”

“I can't. Move it!” she snapped, “Mom and Jaz need to get in too.”

Then Arthur intervened by way of a query, “Meredith, where should Jake be moving his suitcase to right now?”

“You and Alice are in the guest bedroom this time. The kids can put their stuff in there for the moment.” She called back from the kitchen. “I'll be over to say hello in a jiffy!”

Michelle stood between the stairs and kitchen dividing wall, bemusedly observing the situation. Twins were supposed to be preternaturally close, but you would never know by observing Jake and Katelyn. Moments like this made her glad that her and her older brother got along so well, and she wished that he had came with for Thanksgiving instead of spending it with his girlfriend in Iowa. She saw her mom set down the novel she had been reading and make her way into the combined dining room/entryway area. Michelle was always a bit shy when meeting her younger cousins, despite being older than them. Due to the distances involved, she only saw them a couple times a year, and therefore rarely knew what to expect out of them. As they had grown, she had experienced both near sisterhood and abject hate from Katelyn, while her relationship with Jake was amicable but cooled in recent years due to a lack of shared interests. However, her mom's rise from the couch precipitated her to move past any awkwardness and start greeting people. As soon as she entered an approach vector, the door opened and shut again to reveal Alice and Jazmine, her aunt and youngest cousin.

Michelle received the crowd, “Hey everyone, I'm glad you could make it.”

Her mom followed up her greeting in short order, and soon hugs and pleasantries were being exchanged by every person in the house as Laura and Meredith gathered their husbands in to the dining room. The arriving family was given a short respite to take care of any pressing business before Meredith brought a steaming serving bowl of spaghetti from the kitchen and everyone took their seats at the dinner table. Grace was said and everyone dug into a meal of spaghetti and meatballs, garlic bread, Parmesan zucchini and a moderately priced bottle of merlot for those of age.

-dialogue maybe-

Soon the meal was finished and the family, with a couple exceptions, trickled in to the living room in order of age, with the adults sticking around at the table longer to finish conversation. Laura, Michelle and Meredith stayed behind to clean up the table as the two remaining adults' conversation drifted toward clothing stores.

“Target is one of my favorites. Their basics are total steals, and I got a really elegant dress there a couple of weeks ago. I'll send you a picture sometime, you won't believe its from a big-box store,” Laura effused, feeling somewhat gregarious from the wine. “We go there with Michelle pretty often, don't we Michelle?”

“Yeah but I prefer the mall,” she said while carrying a load of dishes back to the sink.

“Spoken like a true teenager,” Laura teased.

“You know Laura, there's a store around here called A&SC Company I went to recently that has some outfits perfect for Michelle,” Meredith said. Michelle struggled to keep herself from groaning; Meredith's fashion advice is the last thing she needed. “They even have a new store that just opened up back where you live. They have great prices.”

“Michelle and I will have to check it out sometime.” Laura replied. As Meredith turned to start loading this dishwasher Michelle shot her mom a grossed out look. Laura simply responded with a shrug.

“Oh look at the time,” Meredith began, and sighed as Laura and Michelle's eyes shot to the stove clock. “Eight thirty already. I can finish up with these.”

“Are you sure Merri?” She said, trying to locate the stemware she had used earlier before Meredith could put it in the wash.

“Oh yes, it'll only be a minute.”

Laura poured herself the last of the wine. “Then I am going to loosen up a bit more.” She gestured toward Meredith with the filled glass. Michelle rolled her eyes; her mom didn't drink often, but when she did she had a tendency to push it a little bit.

“But keep everyone in the living if you would Laura, I have a surprise for the kids when I'm done here.” They left Meredith in the kitchen and headed for the living room, joining the rest of family gathered around the television set. Michelle took a seat on the floor while Paul made space for Laura on the couch.

Jazmine was sitting next to Alice and ambled over to Michelle. “Shelley!” She said excitedly.

Michelle smiled and mimicked her enthusiasm, “What is it Jazzy?”

“I made this for you!” She held out her hand, revealing a bead and macrame bracelet that had M-I-C-H-E-L-L-E spelled out in mutlicolored square-cut plastic. She relaxed her grip as it fell into Michelle's palm. “It's a friendship bracelet.”

“Thank you Jazmine,” Michelle was dying of cuteness, “It's beautiful. I'd love to be your friend.”

“You're not my friend though...” Jazmine said, eliciting a gasp from Alice in the recliner behind her. Alice was about to stand when Jazmine started talking again. “You're my bestest friend in the whole wide world!” She exclaimed, hug-tackling Michelle, and switched immediately to a more somber tone while Alice relaxed back in to the recliner, “I missed you Shelley.”

“I missed you too Jazzy.” Michelle had overdosed on cute and couldn't stop smiling.

“Are you gonna wear it?” Jazmine asked.

“Of course I will munchkin,” Michelle gathered the strands of macrame together around her wrist and double-knotted them together.

Jazmine turned back to Alice and raised her arm up proudly, “Look Mommy we match!”

“I see that dear,” Alice said.

At that moment, Meredith appeared in the portal to the living room with several unmarked black clothing boxes. “Now I was originally going to wait to give you these for Thanksgiving, but since you're all here a day early, I might as well give hand them out now so you can put them to good use.”

“Yay presents!” Jazmine screeched as she bounced off Michelle and ran up to Meredith.

“Alright children, I want you to wait to open these up until everyone has one.” Meredith handed a box to Jazmine and then began to pass them out to every member of the younger generation, explaining as she went. “As I'm sure you all know, I've been doing a lot of sewing lately, and it's been a long time since I sewed any childrens' clothes since Peter's off at college. So I asked myself 'Why not make something for my nieces and nephews?'” A box was given to Michelle, and Meredith eventually finished making her rounds.

“You can open them now!”

Michelle lifted the black cover off the box and examined what lie inside. It seemed to be a pair of blue fleece Hello Kitty-print pajamas. Noticing that there was no zipper bisecting the front, like there was on most of her pjs, she reasoned it was a pullover shirt-and-pants combo. She also loved Hello Kitty and thought these were much better than what everyone was pulling from their boxes-- black and white swirl pjs similar to the ones she had received a two weeks ago. Then she heard Meredith announce that she wanted a family picture in which the were kids wearing the pjs she had made for them. Soon the children were whisked away into various rooms of the house to change; Michelle was carrying her box back to her parents' room, really Peter's room, musing on Meredith's sudden change in how she treated her. As she entered the room, she wondered how Peter's absence affected Meredith, if maybe Meredith was just 'mom'-ing her because she misses her own son. She had seen how difficult it had been on her own mother when her older brother had gone off to college, even though her mom had tried to hide it. She experienced how it could sometimes result in putting maternal instinct on overdrive, so had been happily surprised when Meredith had told her mom that she did not need to pack goodnites this Thanksgiving. She set the black box on the bed and removed her new pajamas. As she lifted, she watched what she believed to the pajama shirt transform in to a one-piece sleeper, complete with non-slip attached feet. Though she was disappointed that she didn't get to wear adult-style pjs, she had nothing against footie pajamas and reminded herself that she still didn't have to wear a goodnite. Unlike her other pajamas, however, this pair had a zipper that started at the waist and ran up the back, terminating in fabric button-tab upon reaching across the ribbed collar. Michelle assumed this was to avoid disrupting the pattern on the front of the garment and stripped down to her underwear. The button-hole in the fabric flap over the zipper was just barely big enough to fit the button through, and Michelle struggled somewhat trying to get it undone. Finally, she got it unzipped and stepped in to it. She felt immediately blanketed by warm, soft fleece, and once she got her arms through she reached behind herself to zip up, but she could only get the zipper up between her shoulder blades. This was going to be annoying; she called for her mom.

“Having some trouble zipping up I see,” Laura said, only vaguely trying to conceal her amusement at her daughter's predicament.

“Yeah I can't reach it,” Michelle replied, reaching back once more for emphasis, “can you help me?”

“Of course honey, turn around for me.”

Michelle presented her back to Laura and felt the pajamas grow tighter as her mom brought the zipper up her back. Then she felt some tugging at the back of her neck as her mom buttoned the tab over her zipper. “You're all set,” Laura announced, “I think everyone is waiting for you downstairs.”

They walked together down the stairs and got back to the living room, where everyone was indeed waiting. Paul and Gus were gathered around the computer while Alice and Meredith sat around the coffee table talking about sewing. Arthur was nearby helping Jake with his laptop, who was wearing black pajama pants with white swirls. In fact, Michelle noticed that she was the only kid here not wearing swirl patterned pajamas; Jazmine wore a nightgown made from the fabric while Katelyn had a button-up top with matching pj shorts. When Meredith noticed Michelle was back downstairs, she exclaimed, “Oh honey you look adorable!” It had the effect of turning every eye in the room on to her, but she was especially conscious of her cousins' reactions. Jake simply glanced up from his laptop quizatically before returning his gaze to the screen. Katelyn on the other hand was stifling giggles, pretending to look at her phone. After a survey of Michelle's sleepwear, Alice piped up, sounding surprised, “Meredith, did you sew those pajamas?”

Meredith chuckled and replied, “Oh no no no, I bought them from a local store, I made some pj bottoms for Michelle but they ended up not fitting her so well.” At the last word she winked to Alice, who caught on. Michelle hoped everyone else was too distracted to notice that wordless exchange. “Okay kids,” she said, “Let's all line up to get a picture for Auntie Meredith's sewing blog.” The camera clicked and the kids dispersed through the room as Michelle found a comfy spot on the couch and dove back into her book. About an hour had passed by when she saw her mom approach from the corner of her eye.

“Time to get ready for bed sweetie,”

Michelle set her book down and stretched. “Alright,” she yawned.

“Do you need to use the bathroom before bed?” Laura inquired, looking concerned. Michelle's annoyance perked up at this comment, but she let it go. Her mom might baby her a little still, but at least she didn't have to wear goodnites.


“Alright, come to my room and grab your stuff. I'll help you with the zipper once you get to the bathroom.”

“Mooommm... I can handle it myself,” she groaned.

“Nonsense.” Michelle just rolled her eyes, knowing better than to press the issue.

Once in her parent's room Michelle grabbed her toiletries bag and started to meander towards the bathroom, however Laura piped up before she could leave the room.

“Michelle, aren't you forgetting something?”

“Hmm...?” She turned around and Laura pushed a white bundle into her hands, crinkling loudly as she adjusted her hold on it. Michelle was speechless.

“Put it on once you're done in the bathroom and let me know when you're done so I can check the tapes and zip you up.”

“But you said I didn't have to bring Goodnites!” Michelle blurted out.

A look of disapproval crossed her mother's face, “Hush, Alice is already in bed.”

“Sorry...” Michelle said, but she didn't feel sorry. She felt mad, all the progress she thought she had made snapped back like a rubber band.

Laura cut in, “You didn't have to bring Goodnites because Meredith still has diapers here from two weeks ago when you leaked on her couch. You didn't really think that we'd let you go without protection this weekend did you? You still had to wear them when you were at home, and even then you managed to soak your pjs on Monday.”

Michelle's face flushed red with rage. “I thought you cutting me a break for once, because you understood how treating me like this made me feel, because I felt like I had made progress and it felt great, but now all of a sudden it slingshots back because now you're making me wear baby diapers to bed.”

At that, Laura's hard expression softened, she sat on the bed and sighed. “I'm sorry hun, I should have been more clear. After the last time you were here Meredith told us that goodnites might be okay for you at our house, but not here. So we had her save the diapers she picked up last time. It's been so hectic with work and the holidays that we forgot to tell you.”

“You couldn't just tell her no?” Michelle held up the diaper, “These are so thick that it feels like I'm sitting on a pillow. Even Jazmyne wears thinner ones.”

“Oh we argued with her, both your father and I, but she does have a point. It's her house, her furniture that's at risk and I will admit those goodnites usually do a good job, but you've had a fair share of leaks too, especially as you've gotten older. I should have told you but there's nothing we can do about it tonight. I'll have a talk with Meredith about it in the morning, but it's getting past your bedtime. If you go get ready right now I'll let you read for half an hour before lights out.”

Michelle was still angry, but she took the concession and marched to the bathroom in silence. As she crossed the threshold, she felt her mom grab the button tab and fumble around with it for a while, but soon she had unzipped the garment far enough for Michelle to reach it. Michelle closed the door.

“Just knock when you're ready for me to come in.” Michelle used the toilet, and then unfolded the diaper and sat down on it and taped it on. Then she pulled on her arms back through the pjs and knocked once on the door. Laura walked in and checked the tapes on Michelle's diaper. Michelle gave her a look.

“Sorry 'Elle, it's ok for tonight, but you really ought to have these tighter. You'll spring a leak if they're too loose.”

“Okay Mom,” Michelle stated, ready for this to be over. She felt the zipper rise up her back and the tab was pressed in to place. “You know Mom, you don't have to button the tab every time...?”

“Habit. Plus I think it looks nicer. Anyway, I'm going to bed. Your father be will round to say goodnight once he, uncle Gus and uncle Arthur are done with their poker game. Goodnight Ellie!” She left the bathroom.

Michelle observed her reflection as she brushed her teeth. The diapers were just as bulky as she remembered them. These new pajamas weren't as tight around the waist as her normal ones, but that didn't really help matters any. There wasn't a distinct outline with these pjs and from the front the added mass of the diaper wasn't immediately noticeable, though she doubted it would fool anymore who did more than glance, but from the side, or even worse, from behind, the rounded presence of the diaper was unmistakable. And then there was the noise, the distinct rustling that accompanied her every step, thankfully muffled by the thick fleece of her pajamas. She hoped none of her cousins were still awake-- the last thing she wanted was to see Katelyn's reaction to seeing her older cousin like this.

As she finished putting her toiletries back, Michelle got an idea. She raided the closet nearest the bathroom, pulled out a blanket, draped it over her shoulders and pulled it across her chest. Not the best solution, since one hand was dedicated to keeping the blanket in place, but workable. Thus arranged she struck out bravely into the kitchen with her book, turned on the lights and started reading, forgetting about her conundrum in the dreamscapes found within it's pages. However, it was not to last, as her father walked into the kitchen and fetched a glass of water.

“Poker game's isn't going well,” he said, pulling Michelle out of her trance, “you wouldn't happen to have a couple aces lying around would you Ellie?”

Michelle dutifully checked the sleeves of her pajamas. “Nope.”

“Darn, if I don't find something soon Art's going to driving our minivan back and we're going to have to ask your grandpa for the buggy and a couple horses.”

“Fine by me, just don't lose the house Dad.”

Paul chuckled, “No promises, but it's bedtime for you.”

“Okay,” She closed the book, “goodnight.”

“Sleep tight 'Elle.” Paul went back into the garage.

Michelle walked across the kitchen and surveyed the living room from the doorway. Jazmyne was sleeping soundly on the loveseat while Katelyn snored loudly on the couch. Two air mattresses were arrayed on the floor and Jake had taken the far one, so at least she wouldn't have to step around anyone. However, the next morning was a different story entirely. She would have to make she kept herself covered with a blanket in case she wasn't the first one up, and then would have to stay covered until she had a private place to change clothes. She resolved to be the first one up, trying to set her biological alarm for 7AM and stepped carefully to her mattress, trying in vain to minimize crinkling, but almost as soon as her head hit the pillow she drifted off to sleep.

She awoke the next morning and groggily wondered what strangely large soft object she was laying on top of. Then she remembered the diaper and rocketed to fully awake and taking stock of her surroundings. The blanket was still pretty much on her, check. She also felt dry, so that was good. Jake was still sleeping, but Jazmyne and Katelyn were both gone. She opened her ears to the house and could tell that Jazmyne, Katelyn, Meredith and her uncles were all the in dining room, which was less than ideal, as she had to go past the dining room to get to the bathroom and her parents' room. However, she was fairly confident she could slip past them without any mishaps by feigning sleepiness and heading straight for the bathroom, where she could finally be free of this massive diaper. Just as she had the night before, she gathered the blanket around her shoulders and waist, took a deep breath, and stepped in to the dining room.

Arthur took one look at her, “'morning Michelle, you look like you could use some coffee.”

Michelle made a face, “I need a shower first,” she said, doing her best impersonation of sleepiness. To top it off, she half-yawned for punctuation.
“Alice is in there right now, but you're welcome to it afterwords.”

“Thanks, have you seen my parents?”

“Laura is out running, but Paul... Gus, have you seen Paul?”

Gus grunted something that was equally affirmative and negative. “Garage probably,” he said.

Michelle ambled in towards' her parents room, hearing Meredith shout after her, “Michelle dear! Don't take too long in the shower, breakfast will be ready in twenty five minutes!”

She finally made it into her parents room, shut the door behind her, leaned up against it, let the blanket drop to the floor and let out a long sigh of relief. She made it. She could get this stupid diaper off and it wasn't a moment too soon, as she could feel some pressure building in her bladder. She reached back to the zipper tab at the base of her neck and gave it a good tug. Nothing. Undeterred, she groped around until she found the button hold the tab on and tried to thread it through the hole, but every time she got close it would slide right back out, leaving her back at square one, increasingly frustrated and desperate. She heard Alice call through the door that she was done in the shower.

“Okay, one minute,” Michelle replied, but mentally she was starting to despair. She went through all this work just to wet herself, proving Meredith right about her, at the last minute, when she was literally 10 seconds walk from an open bathroom. She went back to tugging on it, harder this time, but to no avail. She tried to stick her pinky finger under the flap to inch down the zipper, but it wouldn't budge, the tab held it in place somehow. She was just about to resign herself to another wet diaper when she heard the door open behind her. Her heart skipped a beat and she whipped around to see who it was.

“Hey kiddo, looks like you need some help with that zipper,” Paul stated matter-of-factly.

“Yes, quick,” Michelle felt the zipper tab seperate from the button and the zipper come down, cool air rushing on to her back. There wasn't any time to lose, so she grabbed her clothes and ran into the bathroom.

“Whew, close one huh?” She heard her dad say as she darted out, but as soon as the door was closed she ripped the diaper off and sat down the toilet. Crisis averted. After her shower, she dressed and ate breakfast, resolving not to wear those pajamas nor those diapers for the rest of the weekend.


Michelle was clunking plates into the dishwasher, helping her mom, Alice and Meredith clean up after Thanksgiving dinner when she solidified her plan. It was simple enough; she was the oldest out of her cousins and therefore entitled to the latest bedtime. When it got close to bedtime, she'd spill water on the pajamas Meredith bought her to keep her from insisting that she wear them tonight, which would leave her free to pick out her own. Then she would insist on waiting to put her diaper on until she was just about to go to bed. Once everyone was asleep or winding down, which wouldn't take too long after Thanksgiving dinner, she'd walk to the bathroom using the blanket trick she developed the night before, take off her diaper and hide it in her luggage, then go back to bed with the blanket as cover with nobody the wiser. Tomorrow morning she'd go immediately to the shower just as she had today, stopping in her parents' room to retrieve the diaper of course, and get ready for the day, keeping the unused diaper in clutch to present to her parents if they inquired whether she stayed dry. That was the gamble, of course, whether she could indeed stay dry, but it was one she was willing to make to keep Meredith from ruining her Thanksgiving by making her wear such thick, loud and infantile clothing. Michelle had only wet once this week anyway, and the week before only twice, so by carefully controlling her fluid intake throughout the night she reasoned that she stood a pretty good chance of getting away with it. She was torn from her plans by Jake's voice.

“Hey Michelle, you want to play Yahtzee with me, Kate and Jaz once you're done?”

“Sure,” she replied, carefully positioning a gravy boat into the already overloaded dishwasher, “Need me to help with anything else once I'm done here Mom?”

Laura looked around while dishing a vat of candied yams into a tupperware container the size of a spent artillery shell, “Actually go ahead and play. Mere, Alice and I can take it from here. Thank you for your help though.”

Meredith chimed in, “Yahtzee is on the shelf in the den, Gus can help you find it if you have trouble.”

“It's OK, we've already got it all set up,” Jake responded.

“Oh, well have fun kids,” said Meredith, “There will be plenty of leftovers if y'all are hungry later.”

Michelle and Laura both cringed when she heard Meredith say 'y'all,' she only lived in Oklahoma for two years when she married her first husband, but she felt that it made her a Southerner and wouldn't let anyone in Minnesota forget it.

“Thanks Aunt Meredith, but I've eaten too much already,” Jake said, always the polite one.

“Then you'll be bringing it home,” Meredith retorted as Michelle followed Jake into the den.

A momentary silence descended on the kitchen as the women of the family worked, but it only lasted until they were sure the kids were out of earshot.

“I wish Katelyn was as helpful as Michelle,” Alice started, “I can't get her to help me with anything around the house. How do you get her to do it Laura?”

“I wish I could tell you the secret, but she's always been that way. When she was young, she even used to get mad at me if I didn't let her help cook. I thought she was going to grow up to be a chef.”

“Peter was always like that with Gus and his carpentry, but now he's going to school for Economics.” Meredith added, “Go figure.”

“Michelle's pretty set on becoming an author right now, from what her teachers are telling me she's definitely got a way with words. Her English instructor this year said she's one of the best writers he's ever taught, including juniors,” Laura said, “Not that I'd know, she never lets me come close to any of her writing.”

“By the way, how is Michelle liking those pjs?”

“Well you certainly did right getting her a footed sleeper, she hasn't worn anything else in years, since she started having trouble staying dry at night. She also looooves Hello Kitty, so that's a plus. Where did you get them? I've never seen them with a zipper in back before.”

“I picked them up when I got her diapers at that A&SC Company place I was telling you about. They're made for bedwetters, so the zipper is in the back to make sure their diapers stay on at night, which I thought you might like.”

“We've never really had a problem with her taking off her Goodnites, but I've been meaning to ask you. Do you really think Michelle needs to be wearing those diapers? She's thinks that they're embarrassing.”

“Look, Laura, I know you think Goodnites are good enough to use at your house, but trust me, in all my years of working at a daycare there is no diaper more prone to leaks and I won't stand by and watch her leak on my stuff because she's too embarrassed to wear the real diapers that, honestly, she should be wearing every night.”

It was Alice's turn to talk, “I'm afraid I have to agree with Meredith, Jazmine's been going through the same issues as Michelle has recently and she will wet through Goodnites some nights even though she's two thirds of Michelle's size. I think for Michelle's problem you need something that can stand up to heavier wetting.”

Laura sighed and set down the plate she was working on, “I agree that Goodnites are getting less and less practical as Michelle gets older, but there's got to be some middle ground between them and what she's wearing now. They're so big and noisy that it's a miracle none of her cousins have said anything to her about them.”

Alice felt a twinge of offense, “My kids know that Michelle has trouble staying dry at night and they know better than to say anything to her about it.”

Before Laura could respond, Meredith jumped in, saying, “I don't agree with you Laura, but I see your point. I won't make her wear these diapers next time she stays over here, but I still don't want her wearing Goodnites or pull-ups or anything of that nature while she's here. If you can find her a real, less conspicuous diaper that won't leak for her to wear, I won't say anything.”

Laura smiled, “I was thinking that we might need to upgrade soon too, but I appreciate that you can see it from my point of view Meredith. Now let's finish cutting up this turkey so we can get to the vino!”

“Amen to that!” exclaimed Alice.


The kids were just packing up the Yahtzee materials when Alice stepped into the den, “Jazmine, it's almost eight o'clock, you know what that means...”

“Eight o'clock already?” Jazmine pouted.

“Yup, the bath's all ready for you.”

“Can I stay up late with Michelle? Pleaasee?”

“Not tonight honey, you'll have time to play with her in the morning,” she turned to the twins, “You two should be getting ready for bed soon too.”

“We have half an hour Mom,” Katelyn retorted, arms crossed.

“I know, I'm just making sure you're aware. Michelle's going to need to get in the bathroom too you know.”

“I have until 9:30, it's alright,” Michelle replied.

“Okay, but I expect both of you to be ready by 8:30 sharp,” said Alice, exiting the room.

Once she was gone, Katelyn turned to Michelle, said, “I'm surprised your bedtime isn't earlier,” and left. Michelle thought that was a little strange, as she was two years old than Katelyn, but didn't think much of it as she got embroiled in a game of Super Smash Brothers with Jake on Gus's super old school N64.

Jake went to get ready for bed after narrowly edging out a victory over Michelle in the fifth game, giving him a 3-2 score and bragging rights. Michelle was a little disappointed because she always used to beat him handily, but then again she hadn't really been playing video games as much as she did when she was younger.

She flipped the TV over to a random channel, muted it, and started writing in her journal. She had hashed out about a page when her father appeared in the doorway.

“Hey Ellie, your mom's going to be going to bed pretty soon here, so can you grab what you need out of our room real quick?”

“Sure, uh... what about the uh...”

Paul picked up on what Michelle was saying before she found a way to say it, “Meredith has one for you, but you don't need to worry about it until bedtime.”

Michelle smiled, “Thanks dad.”

She grabbed a glass of water from the kitchen and then went over to her parents room and changed into her pajamas for the night: a black footed sleeper with white skulls and crossbones. She had first seen it in the boys' section at Target, but thought it was too cool to pass up just because it was in the boys' section and bugged her mom until she bought it. Then she found the Hello Kitty pajamas Meredith had bought for her, put them on the floor away from her other clothes and poured about half the glass of water on them.

“Take that Auntie,” she said under her breath, and gulped down the rest of the glass triumphantly.

She swung the bedroom door open and stood outside the bathroom with her toiletries bag in hand, waiting. The door finally opened and Jake stepped out, wearing gym shorts and blank T-shirt. Clearly he didn't like Aunt Meredith's choices in pajamas very much either.
“Want to try to reclaim your crown once you're done?” he asked Michelle, grinning cockily.

“Try? I'll be wearing it. No items, final destination,” she shot back.

He chuckled, “you're on! I'll get it set up,” and walked away.

Michelle finished up her nightly routine, opened the door, seeing Meredith in the laundry room across the hall. She must have heard the door open because she looked up at Michelle.

“No Hello Kitty jammies tonight?” she asked, looking more than a little disappointed, “I hope you like them, I felt so bad after the ones I sewed for you didn't fit.”

“No Auntie I love them!” she exclaimed, and for the most part it was true, but that zipper flap was going to get in the way of her plans tonight. “I was going to wear them tonight but I was getting a drink of water when I was changing and accidentally spilled it on them so I wore these,” she lied.

“Oh, well if it's only water go and grab them. I'll put them in the dryer, they'll probably be dry enough to wear by the time you go to bed,” Meredith offered.


“Oh no Auntie you don't have to,” Michelle replied.

“It's no trouble dearie, these towels need to go in for another cycle yet anyway.”

Michelle was stuck, so she reluctantly grabbed the wet pajamas out of her parents' bedroom and brought them to Meredith.

“Thank you,” Meredith said as she took the pajamas from Michelle, “I'll have your jammies all ready for you when you come get your diaper from me.”

Michelle had to think fast, Meredith had thrown a serious wrench in her plans. Before she got to the den she had one. It was crazy, sure, but it just might work. She quietly snuck into the garage, making sure nobody was around, opened Gus's minifridge, grabbed a can of Mountain Dew and chugged it. It made a crash when she tossed into the recycling bin, but nobody came to investigate.


Jake was in the recliner, absentmindedly playing with his phone as Michelle walked into the den.

“You ready?” she challenged.

“I was born ready,” he gestured at the second player controller, “Pick how you want to lose.”

“No items?”

“Only hammers.”

Michelle made a face at him. Laura popped her head in, “Goodnight kids.” Michelle bid her mom goodnight and looked back at Jake skeptically.

“Goodnight Aunt Laura,” Jake said, then turned to Michelle, resuming the conversation, “I'm kidding, no items, stock 5. Hurry up, I'm gonna have to go to bed soon too.”

Michelle thought for a minute, picked Kirby, and ended the first game with two lives left.

“Told you so,” she stuck her tongue out at her cousin.

“Yeah, yeah, I let you win so you wouldn't feel bad when I wreck you in the next two games.”

“We'll see about that,” and was waiting for Jake to pick a new character when Katelyn stepped in to the room. She was the only one of the kids wearing the pjs Meredith had made for them. Her top was the same white swirls on a black background button-up number Michelle had seen earlier, but the pants that looked identical to the ones Michelle had received two weeks ago. That's odd, Michelle thought, Meredith must have made Katelyn a three piece set.

When she saw Michelle, her face morphed into a look of disbelief.

“Jeez Michelle, don't you ever wear anything besides footie pajamas?”

“Not in the winter, they're comfy and they keep me warm,” Michelle said defensively, neglecting to mention that her summer pajamas were pretty much the same as her winter pajamas. She tried to change the subject, “I thought Meredith made you pajama shorts. Where did those pants come from?”

“They used to be yours, but Auntie Meredith gave them to me because they don't fit over your diapers,” Katelyn said matter-of-factly.

“What the hell?” Michelle was shocked, “I don't wear diapers. Who told you that?” How did Katelyn find out?

“Kate...” Jake butted in, but Katelyn paid no attention.

“Yes you do, my Mom said so,” Katelyn retorted, “She said you wear diapers because you wet the bed at night. And no swearing.”

Aunt Alice, what the hell? Why?

“First of all, hell isn't a swear word,” Michelle tried to keep her cool, “Second, does it look like I'm wearing diapers right now?”

Katelyn scanned her up and down for a minute, “I can't tell.”

“Well I'm not,” Michelle said with finality, but Katelyn wasn't done.

“...But you were wearing diapers last night,” she said, obviously relishing saying it, “I could hear them crinkling when you moved around in your sleep.”

“Kate, cut it out,” Jake interjected.
“Butt out Jake,” Katelyn spat back.

“I was not wearing diapers,” Michelle lied, “you must have been hearing the air mattress.”

Just then Arthur's voice rang through the halls, telling the twins it was their bedtime.

“Nice Katelyn, you screwed up our game. I hope you're happy,” Jake scowled at her, then turned to Michelle, “Finish this up tomorrow?”

Katelyn cut in, “I am thank you,” then she also turned to Michelle, said, “Hope you don't mess your diaper tonight, liar.” and left.

Michelle was not about to let her get away without a response, so she poked her head out of the room, saying, “You're the liar.” Then she turned back to Jake, “Sorry, but yeah we can pick it up tomorrow.”

“I'm the one who should be apologizing, my sister can be a brat sometimes,” he said, “but I've got to go to bed, goodnight.”

Michelle wished him goodnight, changed the TV to adult swim and tried to calm down. Katelyn was definitely going to try to prove herself right tonight, and Michelle could not let that happen.


It was about 9:10 when Meredith came in to tell her that her pajamas were dry.

“Thanks Aunt Meredith,” Michelle replied tiredly.

“Come on, let's go get them on,” she prodded.


“I know it's not your bedtime yet,” she replied patiently, “but the boys are outside drinking and I don't know when they're going to be back in, so it's my job to get you ready for bed before I go to there myself.”

Michelle sighed, getting ready a little early would make her plan a little easier to pull off anyway, might as well. She followed Meredith to the bathroom, where she handed Michelle her Hello Kitty sleeper followed by the massive diaper.

“Are you sure you can get that diaper on tight all by yourself?” Meredith asked.

“Yes Aunt Meredith,” Michelle was beginning to lose her patience.

“Okay, just asking. Come outside when you're done and I'll help you with that zipper.”

Michelle shut the door. She took off her skull sleeper, took a drink and then filled a glass of warm water from the sink. Thinking here goes nothing, she poured it on the diaper and let it soak in. Then she put taped the thick diaper on as loosely as she could without it falling off. It was already pretty heavy, and the all the water it absorbed made it bulk up even more, but she made it work. Realizing that Meredith might notice something was up, after she got the Hello Kitty sleeper on she spent a little bit of time trying to get the zipper as far as she could up her back. After she double checked her handiwork in the bathroom mirror, she grabbed her pajamas and stepped out of the bathroom.

“My gosh, you're cute as a button!” Meredith exclaimed, causing Michelle to blush, “now come here so Auntie can finish zipping you up.”

Michelle obeyed, heard the zipper close, and waited until Meredith finished struggling the zipper tab over the button.

“Goodnight sweetheart, I'll be in my room if you need anything.”

“Goodnight Aunt Meredith,” Michelle chimed back, as sweetly as she could.

She made her way back to the den, seeing her father on the way.

“I see Meredith got you ready for bed already,” he commented.

“Yeah, she just went to bed,” she pouted, “she said you'd be out late.”

Paul went over to her and ruffled her hair, Michelle made a face. “That doesn't mean I won't come back in to say goodnight to my favorite daughter.”

“I'm your only daughter,” Michelle replied.


“Okay Dad, I'm going to watch TV.”

“Alright Ellie, goodnight. Don't stay up too late.”

“Goodnight, I won't,” she said. Back in the den, she watched anime and sat biding her time. It felt kind of strange to just lounge around in a wet diaper. Not super good, but not too bad either. Normally if she was wet she would change immediately just from the gross-factor, but normally she didn't purposely add water to her protection or wear bona-fide diapers. Once her show hit the last commercial break she stood up and walked over to the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. Time to let the Mountain Dew do its job, she thought, and tried to wet. It was harder to do than she expected, but eventually she felt the diaper become warm, and then thicker, heavier. She checked herself for leaks in the mirror and found a couple small dark patches at the top of her thighs, but nothing dramatic. Despite how much she detested the diaper, she couldn't help but be amazed at how much fluid it could hold. Undeterred, she filled a glass with warm water and soaked those areas in it until the wet spots were unmistakable in the mirror even when she was standing straight. Michelle took a deep breath and pulled the door handle. No going back now.

Luckily, Meredith's room was the bedroom closest to the bathroom so Michelle didn't have far to walk. The thickness of the diaper bowed her legs slightly, and made her feel like she was walking funny. The door was slightly ajar and it looked like a lamp was on inside, so she knocked and mustered her most timid voice.

“Aunt Meredith?”

“Michelle? Come in, what is it?”

Michelle stepped into the bedroom gingerly, she saw Meredith lying on the bed reading a Kindle. “I... uh... had a little accident,” she stammered out. Her nervousness was no longer manufactured as grabbed her stronger than ever as Meredith turned to look at her.

“Oh my! I'd say you did,” she exclaimed, “Stay here and don't sit on anything, I'll be right back with fresh pajamas and a diaper.”

Soon she was back with Michelle's skull and crossbones sleeper in one arm and a towel and diaper in the other.

“Sorry Meredith...” Michelle said, feeling ashamed both for the situation and for taking advantage of Meredith like this.

“Don't worry about it hun, that's what the diaper is there for,” she consoled and started working on unbuttoning Michelle's zipper tab, “I'll get these wet pajamas off of you while you tell me what happened.”

“Well I was watching tv and realize I had to use the bathroom really badly. I went to the bathroom and tried unzipping my pjs but I couldn't unbutton the zipper flap,” as she said felt Meredith finally work the button free, “I was going to come ask you for help, but by the time I left the bathroom it was too late.” Michelle felt the zipper being drawn down her back.

“Wow, you really soaked this thing, you might need some diaper stuffers,” Meredith said, inspecting her diaper with a slight degree of awe. She pushed back her pajamas to look at the tapes, “Oh no wonder it leaked Michelle, the tapes are barely on.” She clucked disapprovingly. “I'm going to put your pjs in the wash while you get changed now, but let me check once you're done to see if you did it right.”

“Okay,” said Michelle, annoyed at Meredith's newfound skepticality at her ability to put a diaper on herself and her failure to predict it. She shrugged off her pjs, tore off her diaper and dropped in an empty grocery bag her aunt had appropriated for that purpose. Then she put the new diaper on, taped it more tightly than before, and stepped into the feet of her sleeper prior to zipping it up. She had thought her diaper was obvious in the Hello Kitty sleeper, but these pajamas were tighter and had to stretch around her diaper, creating a an bulbous outline that was unmistakable as anything else but padding. Good thing I won't be wearing these for long, she thought, and looked at herself in the mirror a little longer. She had a little bit of a start when she heard Meredith knock at the door.

“Come in,” she said. Meredith did so, and much to Michelle's chagrin she started unzipping Michelle's sleeper without so much as a word to her as she took a knee to inspect her handiwork.

“Well, it's better than last time,” she commented, then ripped off the tapes and snugged up the diaper some more, surprising Michelle. “Sorry dear, a good rule of thumb is that you should just be able to fit your finger between you tummy and the diaper. I've done changed enough diapers that I can eyeball it, but you'd do good to remember that,” she said while zipping the sleeper back up. “All done,” she informed Michelle as she patted the back of her diaper, causing Michelle to grimace, “I'll see what I can do about finding you some stuffers tomorrow, but right now it's past your bedtime.”

Michelle swallowed her pride, “Thanks Aunt Meredith,” she said sweetly, “Can you not tell my parents about this?”

Meredith shook her head, “Too late now, I told your mom when I went to grab you clean pajamas. Besides, I wouldn't do that even if you had before I told her, it's your parents' right to know.”

Drat, Michelle thought, she was probably going to hear about this in the morning.

“By the way,” Meredith continued, “I thought you only had problems staying dry when you're sleeping?”

Michelle resented the implication, but tried to play it off, “That's when it happens most of the time, but this time I just couldn't get my pjs off in time.”

“But if someone was in the bathroom you would have been in the same situation,” Meredith countered, “though some advice for next time, don't try to unzip yourself, just ask an adult.”

“Yes ma'am,” Michelle just wanted to be done.

Meredith wished her a goodnight and shut off the lamp, Michelle returned her wishes and, after a little bit of reconnaissance, went right back to the bathroom where she took off the diaper, rolled it in her towel and stashed it in her toiletries bag. She couldn't lie, it felt good to be in a fresh diaper after sitting in a wet one for a while, but it felt good not to wear one too, and it felt especially good that whatever means Katelyn would use to try to prove that she was wearing a diaper would certainly fail tonight. She climbed under the covers grinning. Michelle had gone through a lot today, but now she got to enjoy the payoff, and boy was it sweet.



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Uh Oh! this can't end well, absolutely adorable update, i'm super happy this is back.
It's quickly becoming one of my favorite stories, thank you for sharing. :)


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Thanks for continuing the story. I think it is believable and readable. Michelle is foolish but realistic, and I look forward to the consequences of her "cunning" plan.


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Wow, I've gotta say the last thing I expected when I started writing this story was for it to reach 50 pages and only have hit the halfway point. Equally unexpected was all the positive feedback I've received along the way. I started this way back because I had literally nothing to do at 3am but had enough amp pumping through my veins to keep me up until noon at the earliest. I had no real intention of continuing it, or at least until I checked back on a whim a couple months later and saw all the comments. I may have started writing this for myself, but now I'm writing for you guys as much as I am for me and that feels pretty good. =) Special thanks to PuppyDog and nray for sticking with it from the first and keeping me on point with your criticism, I may not comment on it but it's always duly noted.

Full disclosure: I'm chronically lazy 21-year-old fuck with a whirlwind of a life that's punctuated by Hunter S. Thompson-esque drug binges, so updates are going to be sporadic at best, but I won't forget about y'all. (Not for too long, at least :p)

Anyway, I'm putting the finishing touches on the end of the Thanksgiving arc, so that should be up tomorrow or at the latest Friday. Thanks for sticking with me for so long and all patience that goes with doing so. Hopefully you'll find it rewarded. :ninja:


Michelle was sitting on the bed on her parents' room as Laura stood with her arms crossed in front of her and Paul paced in the background.

“First you have an accident when you're awake last night and now this? What's gotten in to you Michelle!?” Laura demanded.

Paul quit pacing, “You know Meredith is only going to take this as further proof you should be wearing protection right? You've even managed to convince me.”

Michelle got defensive, “It's not my fault, last night I couldn't get my pajamas off in time,” she protested, “And Katelyn was making fun of me for wetting the bed.”

Paul's demeanor changed at that last statement, “Really?” He considered this for a minute while Michelle looked on pleadingly, “You're still not blameless in this Michelle, but I'm going to speak with Arthur. Can you handle this Laura?”

“Yes,” she replied. Paul exited the room. Laura shut the door behind him and took a seat next to Michelle on the bed.

“Look honey, it wasn't right of Katelyn to make fun you for something you can't control, but what you can control is your response to it,” she began, “By taking off your diaper last night, not only did you prove to her that she can get under your skin by doing that, but you also ended up causing Meredith a lot of extra laundry.”

“I didn't know I was going to wet, I thought I'd be safe because I emptied my bladder right before I went to bed.”

“That's my point Michelle. You can't tell ahead of time when you're going to wet, that's why you need to wear protection every night. I know doing that is embarrassing, but isn't it more embarrassing to wake up in a wet bed like you did this morning?”

“I suppose,” Michelle replied as she kicked absentmindedly at some clothes on the floor.

“I'm glad we understand each other. Your father and I have decided to make a few changes, but we can talk about those when we get home. Let's just try to enjoy the rest of the day, alright?”

“What about Katelyn?” Michelle inquired.

“If I know your father, Katelyn will be having a very similar talk with her parents very soon. Now I think you should see if Meredith needs any help with the laundry.”

“Okay...” Michelle got up off the bed and sulked out of the room.


After helping Meredith with the laundry, Michelle spent most of the day playing with Jazmine, who seemed to have already forgotten about the events of the morning, and avoiding Katelyn, who dutifully avoided her back. Around five thirty, her father came in to the den to announce that the adults were leaving for a comedy show, and that Meredith was having someone from her church come to watch the house while they were gone.

“I'll be back around ten, be good for Meredith's friend, alright?”

“Can I come with?” requested Michelle.

“Sorry kiddo, it's 21 plus. I promise you can come with us to the next all-ages comedy show you see though.”

“I'm holding you to that,” Michelle told him.

“I wouldn't expect anything less, now come say goodbye to your Mom,” he said.

That took a little longer than anyone expected because the friend Meredith had asked to watch the kids turned out to be a little over twenty minutes late. Finally, there was a knock at the door.

“Come in!” Meredith called out, and a young brunette woman in her early twenties walked through the door.

“I'm so sorry I'm late Meredith, I lost track of time, and then there was the black Friday traffic,” she gushed.

“It's perfectly all right, but we do have to rush out of here,” Meredith explained, then turned to the children of the family, who were arranged around the kitchen table engaged in various states of electronic entertainment. “This is Chantal, and she'll be your babysitter tonight, so be good for her,” she explained. Everyone at the table besides Jazmine cringed at that statement. Meredith remained oblivious to their expressions and turned back to Chantal, “I left a list of everything you need to know on the kitchen counter, if we're going to back later than 10 I'll call to let you know,” she explained, “There's money so you can order a pizza next to the notepad. Have fun kids!” With that, the adults left the house to Chantal and her charges.

“Hi, I'm Chantal,” she introduced herself in a voice that voice adults use to speak to young children, which Michelle found pretty condescending, “like Meredith said, I'll be babysitting you all today, what are your names?”

Jazmine happily introduced herself, and then the kids all went around the table giving their names in turn.

“Well, what do you guys think about some pizza?” she asked.

“Pizzzzzaaaa!” Jazmine shouted.

Chantal laughed, “I'll take that as a yes. What kind should we order.”

That question pulled Jake away from his laptop, “Pepperoni, Pineapple and Jalapeno, for sure,” he said, which had the effect of pulling Katelyn off her phone.

“Are you kidding me? Gross,” she stuck out her tongue, “Just cheese please.”

“Peppperrronnniii!” Jazmine was pretty wound up.

Eventually they decided on one cheese and one pepperoni pizza, to Jake's dismay. He looked over at Michelle, “Smash?”

“Sure,” she said. They went to the den to finish up their tournament. Soon they were joined by Jazmine, who provided color commentary, and then later by Katelyn, who sat on the couch on her phone. Through a series of very close matches, Michelle eventually was determined the victor.

Jake sighed, “GG,” he said, “you finally took your crown back.”

“Told you I would,” she bragged. The victory put her back in a good mood.

At that moment, the doorbell rang. Everyone knew what that meant, so they migrated to the dining room as Chantal laid the pizzas out on the table.

“Looks like we've got some hungry kids, dig in everyone!” she announced happily, passing paper plates out around the circumference of the table, “And, lucky for us, the pizza guy made a mistake, so we've also got two free two liters!” Chantal then hefted a plastic bag of soda on the table.

“You got Mountain Dew in there?” Jake inquired.

“Mountain Dew AND Sierra Mist,” she answered. Jake hefted the bottle out and poured himself a glass.

“Dewwwwd,” he punned, generated groans around the table. The group dug in to the pizza and Chantal and Jake bonded for a moment over their mutual love of hot sauce as a pizza topping.

“I wanna try,” Jazmine said.

“You can try some of mine, but take a small bite, it's really hot,” Chantal offered her a slice from her plate. Immediately after Jazmine took a bite her face turned beet red.

“Hot!” she exclaimed, “hot yucky hot.” She gave the slice back to Chantal, but Michelle's curiosity had been piqued. She asked Jake to pass her the hot sauce and poured some onto her own slice of pizza.

“Careful Ellie,” Jake cautioned, “That's a lot of hot sauce.”

“Psh, I can handle it,” assured Michelle. She bit into the pizza with supreme confidence. She didn't find it all that hot, and it blended well with the pepperoni, so she devoured it in under a minute.

Chantal looked impressed, “what did you think Michelle?”

“Good,” she replied, “it wasn't that hot at all.” But as those words left her mouth, the heat level in her mouth started to crescendo. “...Okay it's getting a little hotter,” she corrected. Jake and Katelyn looked on skeptically. Before she knew it Michelle had drained her first glass of Mountain Dew and was on to her second.

Everyone at the table had a little laugh, “Here's a glass of milk,” Chantal said as she pushed a glass Michelle's way, “it will help a lot more than soda.”

Once Michelle got a drink of the milk things finally started to cool down, and after finishing the glass she said that one slice of that was probably enough for now, which brought back laughs around the table. As everyone was cleaning up, Chantal started speaking.

“I rented some movies that I figured we can all watch after dinner,” she announced, “so Katelyn, Jake, would you two mind finishing cleaning up while Jazmine and Michelle go get their pjs on?”

“Sure,” Katelyn replied without enthusiasm.

“Not at all,” said Jake.

Chantal started to leave the dining room with Jazmine in tow, but Michelle was nonplussed.

“Pajamas?” she asked incredulously, “but it's only 6:30.”

Chantal was nonchalant, “Relax Michelle, I'm not saying you have to go to bed anytime soon. I just thought it would be a good idea to get the two of you in your pajamas before the movie starts.”

Michelle was not convinced, “but what about them?” She gestured towards Jake and Katelyn. “Why don't they have to put on their pajamas yet?”

Chantal stayed perfectly calm, “they will have to soon enough, but right now it's yours and Jazmine's turn. Come on now, I'm not going to argue with you about this.”

Michelle rolled her eyes and obeyed Chantal, walking sullenly behind her towards the bedrooms. Having to put her pjs on right now wasn't the end of the world, she supposed. Indeed, back at home it wasn't necessarily a rare occurrence for her to put her pajamas on around this time, but then it was always on her own volition. It irritated her that someone she barely knew was basically ordering her to put them on, and it irritated her even more that she was being made to do it before her younger cousins had to. Whatever, she wasn't going to make a bigger deal about it than it needed to be. She went into her parents' room and shut the door behind her as Chantal tried to say something, but Michelle missed whatever it was she had to say. Not the she really cared that much about it at the moment. She plucked her freshly laundered and folded skull and crossbones sleeper off the bed, undressed, and stepped in to it. As she pulled was pulling her arms through she hoped Chantal wasn't going to try anything like this once Jazmine's bedtime rolled around. That would not be cool. Pajamas are one thing, but you do not mess with my bedtime, she thought. Michelle zipped up her sleeper and opened the door to find Chantal waiting there with her arms crossed, looking quite annoyed.

“I was trying to give you your diaper, before you quite rudely shut the door on me,” she said crossly.

Michelle was confused, “Diaper? I thought you said it wasn't my bedtime yet, that I just had to get my pajamas on.”

“No, it's not your bedtime. I only mentioned pajamas because I didn't want to embarrass you by telling you it was time to put your diaper on in front of your cousins.”

“If it's not my bedtime then why do I need to put a diaper on?” Michelle started to get angry, but was also trying to keep her cool, be logical.

“Meredith told me about the problems you have staying dry before bedtime. She wanted me to make sure that nothing will get ruined if either you or Jazmine don't make it to the bathroom in time, which, from what I'm told, isn't exactly uncommon.”

“I'm not going to wet, okay? I'll put it on when I go to bed but not right now.”

“The problem is Michelle, you don't know that. I don't know why this is such a big problem for you, Jazmine didn't even make a fuss when she had to put her diapers on. I'd say she handled it more maturely than you are right now.”

At that last comment Michelle lost her cool, “Look, there is no way in hell I am putting on a diaper right now.”

“Look Michelle, you can either put it on by yourself right now and this conversation stay our little secret or I can call your parents, tell them about this conversation, and get their permission to put you in one myself. It's your choice.”

“Fine,” Michelle said, “I'll do it myself.”

“Good,” Chantal rummaged around the bag slung around her shoulder, took out one of the same diapers Michelle had worn every other night spent here and offered it to her, “the stuffer is already in there, so just put it like you normally would.”

Michelle took the diaper reluctantly.

“By the way,” Chantal added, “Meredith also said that you can't be trusted to keep your diapers on at night, so you're supposed to wear your sleeper with the zipper in the back tonight.”

“For real?” Michelle asked, she had no fight left in her.

“Yep. I'll be waiting outside for when you need to be zipped up.”

Michelle sighed, “Okay,” she said, and shut the door gently. Then she unzipped her pajamas, shrugged them off and they fell around her feet. She kicked them off and they hit the closet door before they floated gently to the floor. Then she unfolded the diaper, put it on the bed and took a seat on top of it. How much thickness the stuffer added became apparent as she started taping it around her waist, it reminded her of wearing the diaper she had poured all that water into, except this time it was totally dry. She stood up and tried to touch her knees together. It was possible, but only barely. In fact it was so thick that she was forced to walk a little bow-legged over to get her Hello Kitty sleeper. She sighed once more, unzipped it and stepped in to the footies. She didn't even bother to try zipping it up after she'd put it on, just opened the door and let Chantal turn her around.

Chantal bent over and inspected her diaper instead of zipping it up her pajamas, explaining as she went. “I was told to check your diaper first to make sure that you put it on correctly,” she pushed her pajamas back and checked the tapes on the other side, “...but it looks like you did. Good job! Now to get you zipped up.” Michelle felt the zipper rise up her back, enclosing her in the fleece of the pajamas. She silently prayed that Chantal wouldn't see the tab. “...and button up the tab here to make sure we're not allowing any naughty hands to reach their diaper with permission.” Michelle felt Chantal's hands tug on the zipper tab at the back of her neck.

“There, all done,” she patted Michelle's diapered butt gently. “That wasn't so bad was it?”

Michelle didn't respond, so Chantal repeated herself, “Was it?”

“No...” Michelle responded.

“Good, now let's go watch that movie.”

Michelle stared at the ground as she followed Chantal in to the living room, allowing her cousins to see her wearing diapers for the first time.

Jazmine, who was laying on the floor in a pink footed sleeper, was the first one to respond, “Shelley's wearing a diaper too!” she exclaimed ecstatically, running over to her and enveloping her in a hug, “we're diaper sisters!”

Soon she found the zipper tab to Michelle's pajamas and started playing with it, “Chantaaaaal?” she asked, “Why is Shelley's zip on the back?”

Chantal calmly responded, “So Michelle doesn't take off her diapers until she has permission.”

“Oh, like she did last night?” Jazmyne inquired innocently, though much to Michelle's chagrin.

“Exactly,” Chantal said, and then she got up and dropped the DVD into the player. Michelle waddled over to the couch and took a seat next to Katelyn, crinkling loudly as she sat. “I'm going to go make some popcorn for all of you during the previews,” Chantal announced as she left the room.

As Chantal left the room it became clear to Michelle a line had been drawn. Chantal was the adult and therefore the boss. The twins, Jake and Katelyn, were young adults and to be treated as such, as was apparent by the fact that they still didn't have to get ready for bed. Jazmyne and Michelle were the children and they were going to have to listen to their 'elders'' orders whether they liked it or not. Even though Michelle was technically the oldest bar Chantal, right now she felt closer in age to Jazmyne. When Katelyn got dressed for bed, whenever that would be, she'd wear a nice mature shirt-and-pants combo, but Michelle was already wearing footie pajamas and would be the rest of the night. Girls Michelle's age don't wear footie pajamas, girls Jazmyne's age do. That logic went into overdrive when she considered her diaper, which even Jazmyne was pushing the acceptable age to still be wearing. She started to feel a little more uncomfortable sitting there with the thickness of a diaper between her legs, and shifted her weight, generating another round of crinkling as she got settled.

“Hopefully I'll still be able to hear the movie with your diapers crinkling so loudly next to me,” Katelyn prodded.

Michelle was not in the mood, “shut up Katelyn,” she said as Chantal walked back into the room with a tub of popcorn.

“Michelle,” Chantal snapped sternly, “be nice to your cousin. Apologize.”

Michelle knew to pick her battles, “Sorry Katie,” she mumbled. Chantal grabbed the remote and hit play.

As the animated images danced across the screen Michelle considered her situation. Without someone to unzip her, she was stuck in these huge diapers until morning. It wasn't SO bad to have to sleep in them, as she was unconscious for most of that, but she also had to get through wearing them around the house for the next three and a half hours to her bedtime. She curled her toes, trying to catch the fabric of the pajama feet between them, deep in thought. There was an odd feeling growing near her stomach, but she pushed it to the back of her mind without examining it, she had to think of a way out of this ordeal. However, that feeling was not going to be ignored much longer. Her eyes darted around the room.

“Katelyn,” she whispered, “where's Chantal?”

“I dunno, why?”

“I kinda have to use the bathroom,” Michelle stated, more urgently this time.

She rolled her eyes. “Why don't you just use your diaper?” responding significantly less quietly than Michelle would have liked, “it's not like anybody here expects you not to.”

“Just tell me where she is, OK?”

“She's on the phone upstairs,” Jake interjected, without looking up from his laptop, apparently Frozen wasn't exactly his cup of tea. Michelle was surprised and a little embarrassed he had even heard them, but she was thankful too. She really didn't have time to be arguing with Katelyn right now.

She stepped over Jazmyne, who was totally absorbed in the movie and hadn't even noticed, waddled over to the steps and lunged up the stairs, or went up them as fast she could-- she hadn't really gotten the hang of navigating quickly with so much bulk around her waist so lunged may be somewhat of an overstatement. Anyway, she followed the sound of Chantal's voice to the hallway between the bathroom and her aunt and uncle's room. What providence!

“Chantal, I need this diaper off. Now.” Michelle didn't wait for a break in the conversation, not that she would've if she'd had time to spare anyway.

Chantal cast her a glance of mild annoyance, started a couple more sentences and soon ended them, saying 'one sec' as she put the receiver to her shoulder.

“I'm sorry Michelle but this is a very important phone call,” her tone was terse, “I'll get you a fresh diaper as soon as I'm done.” She raised the speaker back to her ear, “I'm sorry about that. Where were we?”

Way to totally miss the point thought Michelle. She spoke up again, but Chantal rolled her eyes and cut her off before she could get two words in, raising her voice several decibels.

“Look, if you really can't wait ten minutes for a change, the supplies are in your parents' room and I'll let Katelyn help you with your pjs, but if you interrupt me one more time you're going to sit in your wet diaper until bedtime.”

It was Michelle turn to roll her eyes. Whatever, she'd take what she can get, she really didn't have time to debate this topic anyway. She thundered back down the stairs and burst into the living room. Jake was nowhere to be seen, but Katelyn had sprawled out across the couch in her absence.

“Hey Kate, I need you to unzip me,” God, Michelle thought, she really felt little asking that of her younger cousin.

“Isn't Chantal the only person who's allowed-”

“I already got permission from her. Please, quickly.”

“I don't know...”


“Okay, but on one condition,” there was a devious glint in her eye.


“You have to wear one AND use of Jazmyne's old pacifiers for rest of the night.”

“No way. I'm not doing that.”

“Why? You know you'll like it, but if not... then it looks like you're out of luck,” Michelle's cousin could be a serious b-word sometimes.

“Fine, I'll do it. Just unzip me okay?”

“Good, now turn around,” Katelyn flashed an evil grin.

Katelyn got up and got to work unbuttoning the tab on Michelle's sleeper. It didn't come as easy as either of them hoped it would, and the task was further complicated by Michelle's fidgeting. Only after nearly five minutes of frustrated tugging and twisting did the button come free of it.

“Finally,” Katelyn announced triumphantly, “there ya go.”

“You're not done yet, get the zipper down,” Michelle demanded. She was running out of time.

“Jeez, do I need to do everything for you?” Katelyn quipped as she yanked the zipper halfway down her cousin's back.

Michelle didn't respond, because the second she felt the zipper stop moving she was bounding as well as she could manage toward the bathroom. She made it to the door just in time, but what she saw there made her heart sink. The door was closed. She knocked urgently.

“Occupado,” she heard Jake's voice emanate inside the bathroom, “Sorry, gonna have to go upstairs.”

But it was too late. Michelle leaned against the wall, sinking to the floor as she finished wetting her diaper. She sat there for a minute with her head in her hands, angry at Chantal and Katelyn but most of all herself. She pulled herself together, sighed, and plodded over to her parents room to get a fresh diaper.

She walked past Chantal on her way to the upstairs bathroom, who had evidently just finished her phone call.

“Great timing,” Chantal commented spritely, “I'll be waiting outside for you to check the tapes and zip you up.”

Michelle didn't respond, she simply walked into the bathroom, shut the door behind her and got to work changing. She dumped the wet diaper in the trash can and checked the bathroom clock. It was barely past seven thirty and she'd already wet. The night was not off to a good start, not at all. She got a drink of water, splashed her face and then held out her stupid Hello Kitty sleeper in front of her. At least it can't get much worse than this, Michelle told herself as she guided her feet into the sleeper's booties. The thickness of her diaper put her off balance when standing on one leg, but eventually she was dressed as much as she was able to on her own. She swung the door open. Chantal was leaning against a wall in the hallway, waiting.
“See Michelle? It wasn't such a bad idea to get your diaper on a little early after all huh?” Chantal quipped as she grabbed Michelle by the shoulder, spinning her around to check her tape-work and zip her up. When Michelle was finally secured into her pajamas, she decided to speak up.

“I wouldn't even have wet if you didn't make me wear these dumb pajamas. I made it to the bathroom but I just couldn't unzip myself,” she defiantly declared.

“Michelle, an adult knows well ahead of time when they are going to need to use to bathroom. If you have to ask for help getting your jammies off then it is your responsibility to ask ahead of time, before you have an accident. Saying that you had an accident because you couldn't get your jammies off to use a bathroom isn't an acceptable reason,” Chantal explained. “By the way, I'm getting a little tired of your attitude missy. I think you need an earlier bedtime.”

“What!?” Michelle interjected, “You can't do--”

“If I get anymore lip from you tonight it's going to get earlier,” Chantal interrupted back, “And I don't want to hear any more complaining about your diapers or your jammies either, even to your cousins. You've been warned.” And with that she turned around and went downstairs.

Michelle was stunned. She thought having to deal with Aunt Meredith was bad, but Chantal was fucking authoritarian. She trudged down to the foot of the stairs, where she saw Katelyn. Before she could react, Katelyn had pushed a large pink pacifier into her mouth and clipped it to the front of her pajamas.

“Whdd duh--” Michelle managed, trying her best to speak around the pacifier.

“Your part of the deal, remember?” Katelyn remarked innocently.

Michelle spat out the pacifier, although because it was tied to a ribbon attached to her pajamas so it simply bounced gently off her stomach.

Katelyn's hand moved back towards the soother but Michelle got to it first, “The deal's off Kate.”

“What? Why?” Katelyn looked genuinely confused and disappointed too.

“I didn't make it to the bathroom in time because you took too long helping with my pjs, so I'm not wearing, and I'm definitely not using, your pacifier.”

Katelyn pouted, “No fair, you're changing the deal. All I was supposed to do was unzip you, it's not my fault the button is hard.”

“Too bad, I'm not gonna use it. Not today, not ever.”

“Okay, well you don't have to use it... can you just wear it then?” Katelyn pleaded.

“Nope. Not happening.” Michelle stood firm and started detaching the clip from her sleeper.

“NOT FAIR!” Katelyn cried, “Ugh... fine. I just thought you'd like to have it since you obviously love wearing those pajamas so much.”

“Do you want to know how I feel about wearing these pajamas?” Michelle started to exclaim, but as the words escaped her mouth she noticed a quick change in Katelyn's demeanor. She realized that Katelyn wasn't looking at her, but behind her. She whipped around in time to see Chantal stop right behind her.

“What were you about to say Michelle?” Chantal inquired sternly, “Were you about to say that you love wearing your footed sleeper because it's warm and comfortable and because the back zipper keeps you out of trouble since you can't be trusted to wear your diapers like you're supposed to?”

Michelle choked, “er.. yes.”

“Good, then say it.” Katelyn suppressed a giggle.

“I love wearing my footed sleeper,” Michelle said halfheartedly, but Chantal shook her head.

“Nope, say the whole thing like you mean it or you're going to be going to bed the same time as Jazmine.”

Michelle injected as much faux enthusiasm into her voice as she could muster, “I love wearing my footed sleeper because it's warm and comfortable and because the back zipper keeps me out of trouble since I can't be trusted to wear my diapers like I'm supposed to.” She was really beginning to hate Chantal.

Katelyn's giggle suppression failed by the end of the sentence, but Chantal was less amused. She looked at Katelyn, “is this funny to you?”

“No,” Katelyn said between giggles.

“Would going to bed half an hour earlier be funny too?”

Katelyn sobered up pretty much instantly, “no,” she said, quite seriously this time.

“That's what I thought, now go watch the movie,” Katelyn nodded and exited the hallway posthaste. Chantal seemed to relax a bit after that. “I think that's where you should be headed too Michelle,” she intimated, and started towards the living room. However, once she got a few steps into her journey, she paused, swiveling her head back to Michelle, scrutinizing her.

Michelle tried to relax, but the jig was up.

“What's that you have behind your back?”

“Nothing,” Michelle stalled, feeling pathetic as that was all she could come up with.

“Really then? Let me see.”

Michelle slowly, reluctantly removed her hands from behind her back to display the pink pacifier to Chantal.

This time Chantal's demeanor changed instantly, voice warming a good eighty degrees as she exclaimed, “Oh how cute! Is that what Katelyn was giving you grief about?”

“...yeah,” Michelle was taken aback.

“I'll let you in on a little secret: I have a cousin who's around your age and she can't sleep without her paci either. She'd kill me if she knew I told you, but I figure since you're the same way it's okay,” Chantal smiled, for the first time actually talking to Michelle like they were approximate equals. She snatched the pacifier from Michelle's hand and plopped it right back into her mouth; Michelle was too shocked to offer any resistance. Chantal continued as she maneuvered the clip back on to the front of Michelle's sleeper, “You know, back when I was a teenager it wasn't even all that unusual for older kids to keep it a pacifier around, it was really nice to have when you're ro-- uh...” Chantal lost her words for a moment, and then quickly changed the subject, “Anyway, c'mon the movie's almost over.” She took Michelle by the hand.

“Buhhd ayhd dunn whanhha,” Michelle tried to explain her situation, but the pacifier made things difficult.

“Oh, you're afraid your cousins will make fun of you, aren't you?” Chantal's voice dripped with sympathy, “Don't worry, I'll make sure they don't. Just be brave, OK?”

Before Michelle had a chance to consider her options Chantal had pulled her into the living room, where all her cousins were still congregated, in varying levels of engagement, around the television. Jake didn't even notice her come in, he was too occupied on his laptop, but Katelyn sent her a quizzical glance.

“Just go over and have a seat on the couch, I'll be looking out for you,” Chantal whispered, sending her over with a pat on her diaper.

Michelle had to admit that she'd never felt more little than she did trekking across the living room now, wearing a footed sleeper, walking bow-legged from her thick diaper with a pacifier in her mouth, though on the other hand it felt really nice to have Chantal on her side for once, to have someone looking out for her interests, and that combined with fear of consequences kept her feet moving across the carpet until she found the couch. Plunking down with the crinkle she had come to expect with such an action, the world of Frozen absorbed her, giving her an escape from her current predicament. She absentmindedly tried sucking on the pacifier here and there and by the end of the movie was using it completely unconsciously. There on the couch under Chantal's strict gaze, her diaper was actually comforting, the fleece of her pajamas warm and snuggly and the pacifier in her mouth soothing.

However, once the credits rolled the spell was broken. Jake looked over at her, he raised an eyebrow, but spoke normally. “Finish up our smash tourney?” He asked.

“Chdur,” she replied, and then remembering the pacifier yanked it out of her mouth for the first time in half an hour, “Sure,” she corrected, cheeks turning bright red.

“Great, see you in the den,” he began packing up his laptop. If he was surprised by Michelle's behaviour, he didn't show it.

“Hey, if Shelley gets to wear a paci I want one too!” Jazmine exclaimed, finally noticing Michelle's accessory.

Chantal chuckled, “Okay, do you have one to use?”

“Yuppers! I'll go get it!” Jazmine jumped up off the floor and traipsed out of the room.

Meanwhile, Michelle let her own pacifier dangle from its ribbon, caroming gently off her chest to the rhythm of her steps as she made her way into the den. She'd have to lose it soon, now that Chantal was out of the room her approval didn't seem nearly as important and she felt altogether silly having a pacifier at her age. Deciding to ditch it after the game, she got Super Smash Brothers set up and waited patiently for Jake, who wasn't too long in coming.

“All ready?” He asked.

“Yup,” Michelle chirped, thankful for some entertainment that wasn't generally proscribed for a teenager.

“You didn't let me finish,” he grinned, “I was going to say, 'All ready to lose?'”

Michelle fired back, “No, you didn't let me finish. I was going to say, 'Yup, when pigs fly through a freezing hell.'”

Jake laughed, “Sounds like you're gonna need to donate some of your footie pjs to the devil then, because it's happening.”

“Fat chance, pick your character faster. It's already eight ten.”
Jake finally dropped his token on Link and the tournament began again. At the end of the first round, Michelle declared victory and noticed her pacifier was back in her mouth. Now it made some sense to her after all; she would always chew on something while deep in concentration: whether it be her pens while writing; her nails while lost in thought or her cheek when neither of those were available. Sucking on the pacifier sated that urge and actually increased her ability to concentrate. Though she'd still rather nibble on a pen cap, a pacifier was a pretty good substitute.

Soon after the second game ended Jazmine came bouncing into the den sucking contentedly on her own pacifier. She immediately cuddled up by Michelle on the couch, nesting next to her like a sleepy kitten. Since Michelle had won both games so far, Jake had to spend some time debating over which combatant would best face Michelle's Samus. In the intermission, Michelle took her pacifier out. Holding it in her hand, she asked Jazmine, “So you got one too?”

Jazmine nodded emphatically in response. They sat like that for the next game, where Jake managed to pull a victory out of his hat with a lucky falcon punch. Michelle felt obligated to choose a new character and while she was doing so Jazmine spat out her pacifier and tugged at the sleeve of Michelle's pajamas. Michelle looked over at her young cousin.

“Hey Shelley?”

“Yes Jazmine?”

“I'm sorry Katie is so mean to you because of your diapers.”

Michelle blushed, “Oh no, Jazmine it's not your fault.”

“She's mean to me sometimes because of my diapers too... but you make me feel okay about having to wear diapers sometimes and using my paci,” she continued sleepily.

Michelle blushed even harder. It never really occurred to her that she had that much of an impact on how her little cousin felt about herself. It stirred up a warm feeling in her stomach and she smiled a little despite herself. If at least one good thing came out of tonight, it would be Jazmine's slightly stronger self esteem. Michelle wiggled Jazmine's nose playfully.

“I'm glad I could help,” she said proudly. Jazmine just giggled.

Then Jake spoke up, “Hey, I know you two are having your own little moment over there, but Michelle you've got a token to drop if we're going to finish this before we both have to leave.”

“Oh right,” Michelle quickly sobered herself up and chose Fox, “sorry about that.”

“No apologies required,” he shrugged, “but Jazmine's mushiness was throwing off my killer instinct.”

And the third match was on at Castle Hyrule. where Michelle overestimated her skill with Fox and ended up dashing off the edge once and into more than a few cyclones, so the game went to Jake. The opponents found themselves again at the characters selection screen.

“So this one's for all the marbles,” Jake uttered with impressive gravity.

Michelle didn't want to ruin the atmosphere, so she decided a simple “indeed,” was appropriate. The dramatic moment was not to last, however, as Chantal popped into the den to collect Jazmine, who had fallen asleep against Michelle. She woke her gently and told her it was bedtime. As she led Jazmine out of the room, she made an announcement.

“Bedtime for the both of you in an hour by the way. While I'm here... Jazmine, Michelle, do you either of you need a change?”

This annoyed Michelle a little bit, as she was totally dry, so she shook her head instead of answering verbally and possibly risking Chantal's wrath. Jazmine, on the other hand, nodded.

“Okay, let's go get you into a clean diaper,” she said as she took Jazmine's hand, left, and shut the door behind her.

Once that interruption was out of the way, the epic final game of the tournament could continue in earnest. It was Kirby versus Link on Final Destination and each contestant gave it their all. Damage counts were zero with both of them on their last life and by the end of the game they reached well up into the hundreds. Michelle was behind for the entire last battle, but managed to drop a down+B on Jake right as he sword-spun back onto the platform, sending him off the map and ending the game. He dropped the controller in disbelief, but quickly composed himself.

“Good game,” he sighed.

“You too,” Michelle responded, “I thought you had me there for a while.”

“So did I,” he replied, “Oh well, here's your crown back.” He lifted the imaginary crown from his head and tossed over to Michelle, who caught it and put it on.

“Feels good to have it back,” she said jocularly.

“Feels good to have it off,” Jake stretched, “You have no idea how heavy that thing gets.”

“You only imagine it heavy,”

“Hey, gold is heavy.”

Michelle and Jake talked for a little while longer until he went to retrieve his laptop and set up some overnight downloads. Michelle watched TV for a few minutes, then made up her mind to read until bedtime. She left the den in search of her book, running into Katelyn in the living room.

“I knew you'd love the pacifier,” she teased as Michelle passed, “are you still dry or should I get the babysitter?”

“Yes I am thank you, and she's your babysitter too,” Michelle shot back. She purposely ignored the pacifier comment. There really wasn't much she could say with one dangling off of her.

“Yeah, but I don't go to her to get my diaper changed,” Katelyn countered.

Michelle rolled her eyes. “That was just once, and it was your fault anyway. Lay off.”

“C'mon Michelle, nobody here expects you to be able to stay dry anyway, that's why she had you put a diaper on so early. I don't know why Auntie Meredith doesn't make you wear them the entire time you're here, you should really be wearing them 24/7.”

Michelle's temper was starting to flare back up, “I only wet once while I was awake this weekend and that was your fault, okay? Just admit it, I don't wet before bedtime and even after bedtime its rare. Now buzz off, nobody here wants to hear what you say anyway.”

To Michelle's surprise, Katelyn looked offended at that last remark. She didn't care much though, Katelyn had been catty enough this weekend that telling her off felt more vindicating than mean-spirited. Sensing an opportune moment for an exit, she turned around and walked off to collect her book. When she returned to the den Katelyn was gone, which was a bit of a relief. The last thing Michelle wanted to deal with was whatever revenge-barbs Katelyn had cooked up. She hopped up on the couch, got into a comfortable reading position as she could without being able to touch her knees together due to the diaper and cracked open the book. Before she started reading, she cast a couple furtive glances around the room and stuck the pacifier into her mouth. She'd take the whole thing off before bedtime of course, but for now there was no-one around to see, so why not?

Several pages in her eyelids started to get heavy, the suckling of the pacifier hypnotic and she drifted off to sleep...


“Hey sleepyhead, it's 9:10. It's your last chance for a change before bedtime.” Chantal's voice.

Michelle's eyes fluttered open: Chantal was standing over her.

“Ndgh--,” she had forgot about the pacifier, tore it from her lips. “No I'm okay,” she said sleepily.

“Are you sure?” Chantal asked skeptically, arms crossed.

Michelle sat up on the couch and stretched. Doing so, it did seem her diaper was a little saggier and fuller than before. She wiped her eyes and took stock, noticing that her left hand was kindof wet too. Must've been from the paci, she thought. More pressing was the crescendo of realization that she had wet during her nap. Twice in one night? That was new for her. She felt a wave of shame wash over her. Her face turned beet red, was she really losing her ability to stay dry even for short periods of time? Was Katelyn right about her all along? An insistent cough from her babysitter brought her back into reality.

“Ummm...” she stalled, still trying to scheme up a way out. Nothing. “Sorry, but yeah I do need a change. I'm sorry.”

“No need to apologize,” Chantal stated, “I thought you might need another one before bed anyway. C'mon, I'll go get you a fresh diaper. You can brush your teeth at the same time.”

Michelle stared at the ground as she followed Chantal, who grabbed and stuffed a fresh diaper and then led her to the bathroom. The babysitter turned Michelle around without an ounce of resistance, unbuttoned and unzipped her pjs fully. Then she planted the new diaper in Michelle's hands as she went into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. For the third time today Michelle taped a new diaper on and stepped into her sleeper, mulling over her spectacular failure to stay dry. She didn't even touch the zipper once she was dressed; that was for Chantal to handle. In a series of actions that seemed all too routine, Chantal checked her tapes, zipped her up and manhandled the button tab into place, then she checked the wall clock.

“Nine fourteen...,” Chantal said to no-one in particular. “Wait here for a moment sweetie,” she said to Michelle.

Michelle rolled her eyes despite herself. Thankfully Chantal wasn't gone long. When she came back, she took one of Michelle's hands and raised it in front of her.

“I know it's not quite your bedtime yet, but it makes more sense for me to do this now since I'm already getting you changed,” she explained as she produced a blue fleece mitten from a shopping bag and started to fit it onto Michelle's hand. As it fully enclosed her hand, she noticed that the mittens were thumbless. She knew better than to try to resist Chantal, but she couldn't help asking.

“What are these for?” A decent hint of bitterness leeched in to her tone and Michelle mentally winced.

Luckily Chantal was too occupied with tying the ribbons that extended from the mitten around her wrist to notice. Only when the first mitten was snugly tied on did she answer, as she pulled the ribbed cuff of Michelle's sleeper so it covered where she had knotted the ribbon. “It's an insurance policy for your Aunt Meredith. She wasn't quite convinced that the sleeper would be enough to get you to keep your diaper on so she bought these and asked me to put them on you at bedtime. Now, I know that you couldn't take off these pjs even if you wanted to, but this is Meredith's rule not mine. That lady really cares about her furniture.”

By the end of her explanation Chantal was pulling the other cuff back over Michelle's wrist. Michelle didn't know what to say. What could she say? No? Where would that get her? Thank you? Fat chance. She flexed her hands in the mittens; she had almost a full degree of movement, though her thumbs were somewhat restricted.

Chantal brushed her hands together, inspecting her handiwork. “Alright, it looks like you have fifteen minutes before bedtime, she said. And upon seeing Michelle's expression, “Oh sorry, let me get that for you,” and pressed the pacifier back into Michelle's mouth. “There, all better,” and gave her a curt smile before rallying the twins to brush their teeth.

Once Chantal was out of sight she spat out the pacifier and tried to find something to do. She tried reading, but turning the pages with the mittens on was pretty much impossible. After a few minutes of concerted effort she finally managed to get the TV to a good station, but that didn't last long before Katelyn barged into the den.

“Babysitter says its bedtime,” she declared.

“Okay,” Michelle replied and started working on shutting off the TV, during which Katelyn noticed her mittens.

“Nice baby mittens,” she said sarcastically, “Are those your punishment for wetting again?”

“No,” Michelle responded defensively, “just shut up OK?” How did she know about the second accident anyway?

Katelyn marched over, snatched the remote from Michelle's grasp, an act made much easier by Michelle's mittens, and shut off the TV. They both went into the living room where Jazmine was already sleeping soundly and Jake was just getting into bed.

“Goodnight Michelle, 'night Kate,” he said.

Michelle bid him goodnight back.

“Sweet dreams Shelley,” Katelyn mocked, “I know it's hard but try to stay dry tonight.”

Michelle originally didn't even want to justify that jab with a response, but she loose 'stupid brat' under her breath while she crawled under the covers. After Chantal came in to say goodnight, Michelle made her move and tried to remove the clip securing her pacifier to her pjs. However, the mittens didn't allow her to get a grip on the small lever. Even if she tried it with two hands it still seemed impossible but she gave her best effort. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough, and the pacifier stayed right where it was. She thought about just saying 'screw it' and sleeping with it in anyway, but she wasn't about to let the pacifier win. It was going to be a pretty awkward thing to explain to her family, that's for sure, but she'd deal with that tomorrow. Right now, Michelle had a long day and she was tired and so she quickly drifted into the realm of sleep.

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Another amazing part. I really love those kind of stories but lately there haven't been many. I really hope you aren't finished yet. And when you come to an end you need to start writing something new!


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That was a great chapter, lots of depth and details. The mittens were a bit of a surprise so I am really hoping you can get another chapter out soon. The morning after with mittens and a pacifier could be all sorts of interesting and I'm really curious about promised changes and a possible shopping trip. Thanks for not leaving us hanging with an unfinished story.


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Poor Michelle!. I wonder how her parents will respond to the mittens?.
Did they know?. Great chapter btw, thank you for sharing. :)


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I don't normally comment twice on the same chapter, but this is my all time favorite story on the board so please find it in you to write some more.


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A delightful story. Your writing is technically excellent, your characters are engaging, and the situation as Michelle progressively loses authority over her situation progresses credibly and engagingly. I hope you plan to continue this story and write others.


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You know, I thought perhaps the story was complete, but I thought about it some more. There's all of that hot pepper sauce and pepperoni that Michelle ate. And now she's wearing those mittens, which should make it hard for her to turn doorknobs. Hmm. This could get good!