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First story, maybe the last, written one sleepless night. Updates when I feel like it. Cba to proofread it, but y'all can go hard with criticism; I've got thick skin.


“Michelle, where's your suitcase?”

“I've got it!” Michelle shouted as he hefted her suitcase up the stairs.

Laura, Michelle's mom, was already in her room with several shirts laid out on the bed. “Good honey, now get packing, we're leaving at eleven so we can stop for lunch.” She said as Michelle passed the door.

“I've got it Mom,” Michelle groaned. Her mom was always the last one packed anyway. She rolled the suitcase into her room and zipped it open in front of the dresser, glancing down at her basketball shorts in the process. She looked out her bedroom window, watched the snowflakes brush against it and sighed. It's still November. She thought, what should I wear for the trip? She browsed through the dresser. A patch of red fabric logo caught her eye. Tripp pants. She smiled to herself; her mom wouldn't appreciate the irony. She grabbed a matching black T shirt reading: 'Rise Against' and went into the bathroom to brush her hair and change clothes. Double-checking her hair in the dresser mirror, she sets to work arranging two days worth of outfits. They go in her suitcase and she opens the top drawer, grabbing what looks like a pink zip-up sweatshirt. As she lifts it out it becomes unfolded and the attached feet drag on the floor as she lays the one piece footed pajamas on her bed. She looked at them for a minute, she normally tried to avoid wearing pink. Her gaze wandered to the pink camouflage bundle of fleece on top of her hamper. Pink camouflage looks way better, oh well. She stepped over to her dresser grabbed three small white bundles out and laid them on top of the sleeper. Then she folded the pajamas around them and placed the bundle in her suitcase. In the bathroom she grabbed her make-up bag, hair product and toothbrush and those went in the suitcase too. It was a long drive, so she collected a book and her sketchbook before she rolled her suitcase back downstairs. Paul, her dad, was loading a cooler with ice by the door.

“Hey princess, what page are you on?” He nodded towards the book.

“Sixty.” She replied.

“You know I bought that for you to read on the trip.” He teased, “If you're bored for the last hour I might have to practice my routine on you.”

“The horror.” Michelle stuck out her tongue. Paul laughed, an accountant, he had what he called a 'borderline healthy obsession' with stand-up comedy. “I brought my sketchbook.”

“Everybody's a critic. Maybe you should be taking notes instead of drawing.”

Michelle feigned offense, “Maybe you should be drawing instead of writing jokes.”

Paul laughed again, “Maybe I should, who isn't capable of modern art nowadays.”

“You.” Laura was dragging a suitcase down the steps.

Paul throws the bag of ice away and doesn't miss a beat, “What do you think of it honey, I call it-- Icebox!” The suitcase wheels clack down on the last step as Laura sees Michelle.

“No.” She looks Michelle over. “Are you trying to give your aunt a heart attack?”

“They're just Tripp pants mom.” Paul smiles to himself.

“Whatever, we don't have time for you to change. I'm taking your suitcase out to the car.” She stopped at the door, “Did you pack an extra goodnite like you're supposed to?”

Michelle's face flashed red. “Yes mom.”

“And spare pajamas, just in case?”

“Yes.” She lied. She had forgotten, but she wasn't about to let her send her back upstairs to get new pjs and probably make her change into something conformist. Besides, she probably wouldn't even need them.

“Ok, bring the cooler to the car.”

She picked up the cooler and went outside.


It was late when they arrived at Uncle Gus and Aunt Meredith's house. Michelle had been looking out the windows, it was too dark to read or draw, and she saw Uncle Gus through the window, working on a crossword by the looks of it. They pulled into the driveway and looked up from his paper and waved. Michelle waved back. They piled out of the car, picked up their suitcases and belongings and stepped inside while Gus held the door. They all exchanged hugs. “Where's Mere?” Paul inquired. “Asleep,” Gus responded, “She was up early this morning. You two can put your things in Peter's old room, Michelle you can have the guest bedroom.” Peter was Gus and Meredith's son, the same age as Michelle's older brother, off at college.

Laura yawned, “I think I going to follow Meredith's lead.”

“I think I'm going to stay up with Gus for a while. I can get the rest of your bags from the car.” Paul looked at Michelle. “I think its time for you to get ready for bed too, young lady”

Michelle made a face. “I wanted to stay up with you and uncle Gus. I drank a lot of Mountain Dew on the trip and I'm not even tired anyway.”

Paul looked at Gus, who shrugged. “Okay, go get ready for bed and I'll let you stay up for a little bit.”

Michelle hugged her dad. “Thanks!”

Paul grunted and ruffled her hair. “You remember where the guest bedroom is Michelle?” Gus asks.

“Yup!” Michelle affirms while extending the handle on her suitcase. She runs to the guest bedroom, suitcase wheeling behind.

“She's not gonna sneaking up on anyone with pants like those.” Gus says to Paul as she goes up the stairs. “Sounds like she's got the entire salvation army with their change collection in her pockets.”

Paul laughs. “They're called 'trip' pants”
“She calls them that or just in general”


“I guess.”

Laura is laying in bed, reading. She hears the stairs creak in quick succession and looks up as Michelle passes the doorframe on the way to the guest bedroom. She says goodnight and sweet dreams to Michelle, who bids her goodnight in return. Michelle opens the bedroom door and sets her suitcase by the bed. She looks around the room. A couple years ago Meredith had given the entire room a teddy bear theme, and there were at least ten stuffed bears in plain sight. There was even a big fluffy one sitting on the bed. Michelle made up her mind to sleep with it that night. She found it easier to fall asleep if she had something to cuddle, and while she was way beyond the age she would bring a stuffed animal with her, she wasn't above using what was provided. She unzipped her suitcase and got her makeup bag out. Then she washed her face in the bathroom and brushed her teeth. Back in the bedroom she undressed and took her pajama-bundle out, unfolded it on the bed and picked up a goodnite. Bending over, she stepped into it and slid it up her hips. Then she unzipped her footie pajamas, stepping in to them first then working her arms though the holes. To finish, she grabbed the zipper at her ankle and brought it up to her chin. She looked in the mirror and patted her butt absentmindedly. Her hand sunk into the goodnite, but that was really the only give-away as to what she was wearing under her pajamas. The thick pink fleece erased any added bulk that the goodnite added. She smiled and went into the living room.

“Hey Dad, Hey Uncle Gus.” She says, speaking over the TV.

Gus nodded, “All ready for bed sweetheart?” Paul asked.


“Good, your uncle and I were just watching Thunderball. It's an old James Bond movie. It just started if you're interested.”

“What's it about?”

“Haha, I don't even remember” Paul replies.

“James Bond is hunting nuclear weapons.” Gus fills in.

Michelle fills a glass of water from the kitchen and plops down next to her dad and cuddles up next to him. He pulls a blanket over and tucks her in for the movie. Michelle follows the movie for around twenty minutes, but the long day ended up catching up with her and she was sound asleep by the end of the movie.

“Michelle.” She hears a voice her name. “Michelle, time to go to bed.” It was her dad. Then she remembered, she had fallen asleep watching a movie. Looking around, she was at her Uncle Gus and Aunt Meredith's house and the tv was on, but something was different-- she realized she was soaking wet. “Is something wrong Michelle?” He asks.

“No nothing... just disoriented.” She faked a yawn. She needed a change, badly. She couldn't believe she was wet. Usually it didn't happen like this. Sure she would wake up soaked a couple times a week, but never after only an hour asleep. She didn't want her dad to know that she had wet right next to him either. “I'm going to bed,” she got up. “Goodnight Gus, Goodnight Dad.” She said quickly and started out of the room.

“Michelle, are you wet?” She heard her dad say from behind her.

“No just tired” She keeps walking.

“Michelle...” She picks up the pace slightly.

“Michelle!” Paul's hand reached around her arm and she stops. “I know you're wet.” He points behind me and she follows his finger to two half-moon shaped dark patches on her pajamas near the top of her thighs. “You're leaking. Come on, let's you get cleaned up and in some fresh pajamas.” He took her by the hand, leading her to her room. “You don't have to lie to me about when you're wet. I'm your dad, I won't think any less of you for it.” He explained on the way there. “If you would've gone to bed wearing that goodnite you probably would have soaked one of Uncle Gus and Aunt Meredith's mattresses.” He stopped at the door. “Now go get changed and hand me your dirty pjs once you're done so I can get started on washing them.”



“These are the only jammies I brought.”

“I thought you told your mom that you packed another pair.”

“I didn't...”

“Michelle! What's gotten in to you?”

“I'm sorry.”

Paul sighs, and to himself says “Laura only packed the nightgown, mere has to have something...”

“Look, go in there and get cleaned up and I'll see if I can find some pjs for you.”

He heads back to the living room to find Gus examining the couch. “Didn't reach the couch,” he said.

“That's good.” Paul pauses, “Gus, can ask you a favor? We kinda need some new pjs and I was wondering if Meredith had anything that would fit.”

Gus smirks, “You're in luck, Meredith had some she was going to give to her.”

“No shit?”

“Yep, she made pajama pants for me too, and Arthur's boys. She's been on a sewing kick lately, I'll just get 'em from the bedroom.”

Meredith rolled over and wiped the sleep from her eyes. “What is it?”

“Where did you put those pants you sewed for Michelle?”


“She fell asleep on the couch and had an accident.”

“So? Doesn't Laura keep her in diapers?”

“Pull-ups. And they leaked.”

“On the couch!?”

“The couch is fine, she just needs fresh pajamas.”

“Well of course she does, pull-ups always leak. I'll pick up something better for her tomorrow.”


“Under the bed, marked SEWING.”

He found the box and opened it up, extracting black cotton pajama pants with white swirls on them. He put the box back under the bed and started out the room when he heard Meredith.



“Have Paul make her wear two pull-ups tonight. I don't want to cleaning up after her tomorrow morning if I don't have to.”


Gus returned to Paul with the pajama pants in hand. “One caveat, Mere doesn't think those pull ups are going to stop leaking. Now her and Laura can discuss this tomorrow, but could you get Michelle to wear two pull-ups for tonight, just so Meredith can rest easy?”

“She only brought three with.”

“I can go pick up some more tomorrow. Help me out.”

“Fine.” Paul responded, and took the pajamas.

Michelle was sitting on the bed wearing just a goodnite and her misfits shirt when Paul knocked at the door.

“Pajamas for you sweetheart.” She opened the door and accepted them. “Put another goodnite on first.”

“Another one? On top of this one?” Michelle was confused.

“To keep it from leaking. Just for tonight until we figure out what to do about all these leaks.”


Michelle stepped into the second Goodnite, pulling it up her legs and stretching around the one she was already wearing. After shifting her two goodnites into a more comfortable position, she put on her new pajama pants. Michelle had never been one to obsess over pajamas; she let her mom pick out most of hers, but it was still felt somewhat strange, a little wrong even, to be wearing pants to bed. Most of the pajamas Michelle had owned were either nightgowns or footie pajamas. Despite that, when Michelle looked in the mirror she felt littler than when she was wearing footie pajamas. The second goodnight coupled with the tighter cut of the pajama pants served to give her a noticeable diaper bulge when she examined herself in the mirror. At least its better than no pajamas. She thought to herself as she shut off the lights and sat on the bed. Holding the big bear on the bed close, she climbs under the covers thinking I really really hope I wake up dry tomorrow.

“Wake up honey, its time for breakfast” Laura called into Michelle's room at 9:30 AM the next day.

“Breffast already?” Michelle groans.

“Yes dear, come on. Wake up and come downstairs.”

“Can I get dressed first?”

“Are you wet?” Michelle said nothing.“Breakfast's already at the table, you can get dressed afterwards.”

Michelle flips the covers off herself and looks down towards her goodnite. The tightness of the pajamas over her goodnites made it hard to tell whether she was wet or not. Her mom popped her head back in.

“Come on Michelle, the french toast is getting cold!” Yelled Gus from downstairs.

Michelle's uneasy expression broke out into smile, and Laura's face reflected it. Checking if she were wet would have to wait. She walked down the stairs with her mom, but her smile faded when she saw Aunt Meredith and Uncle Gus looking at her. It's so obvious. Michelle worried, especially the way Aunt Meredith was staring her pants. Her feet were cold on the tile floor; she wasn't used to that. She took her seat the table and noticed the extra bulk between her and the chair. “Those pjs are really cute on you Michelle,” Meredith said as she placed a slice of french toast on her plate. “I'd like to get a picture of you in them before you leave so I add it to my sewing folder.” Michelle grimaced internally and sat on her feet to warm them up. She started eating.

“Michelle?” Laura prompted.

“Ok Aunt Meredith.” Michelle said.

After breakfast, Meredith went out to do some shopping. Michelle was walking back to her room when she heard Gus say, “Are you getting dressed Michelle?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Could you wait one minute for me to grab the camera and get a picture of you for Aunt Meredith?'

Michelle shrunk down. “Gus can I just change?”

Gus paused, “Are the pull-ups the problem?”

“Goodnites” Michelle corrected.

“Goodnites. Are the goodnites the problem?” Michelle nodded. Gus scratched his chin, “I have an idea, I'll meet you in your room.”

Michelle went to her room and sat on the bed. A short time later, she heard a knock at the door. “Can I come in?”

“Yeah, let's get this over with” Michelle sighed.

Gus entered with a guitar in one hand and a camera in the other. “Now if you sit here...” Gesturing towards some teddy bears up against the wall. Michelle sat and he handed her the guitar. “And if you hold the guitar like this...” He said, moving Michelle's hand to the neck of the guitar. “There.” He stepped back and surveyed his work. “The guitar covers up your pull-ups perfectly.”

“They're goodnites.”

“I'm sorry, goodnites.” He took another two steps back and snapped a picture. “See, it wasn't that bad. Now go ahead and get dressed, Mere will be happy she has this. She keeps pictures of everything she sews.”


An electronic chime rang as Meredith stepped into the special needs store. A bald man in his thirties and a younger blonde woman with a clipboard were tending the front desk. “Can I help you?” He said as the door came to a soft thud against the frame.

“I'm looking for your diapers, something that is sure not to leak.” Meredith said matter of factly.

“Sure, for a boy or a girl?” He replied.

“Girl, roughly forty-five kilos.”

“I'll take you to our tweens and teens section, follow me.” He said, stepping out from behind the desk and walking down a hallway. “Daytime or night-time accidents?”

“Night-time.” They entered the tweens and teens section. A plaque above the door read 12-20 in large red letters.

“Nightwear is this way.” The bald man took a left, they walked down a couple aisles of clothing racks until they reached a set of shelves set up against the wall, a hanging sign designating this particular area as incontinence related. He pointed to a package of disposable diapers. “If you're worried about leaks, this is designed ground up for absorbency. They tape on in a similar to fashion to what you'd see on a baby's diaper for a superior fit, I would especially recommend them if you've had leaks with other briefs.”

“I think I'll look around a little bit, thanks.” Meredith said.

“I'll be up front if you need any more help.” He replied.

After comparing prices, she bought the smallest package of extra-absorbent diapers she could, containing six diapers. She walked slower on way back, the nightwear section had her thinking about how left out Michelle would feel when everyone else but her opens the pajamas she sewed on Thanksgiving. All because she wet the bed, Meredith felt sorry for her. In fact, some of the clothing on the racks in incontinence nightwear section resembled the pajamas that Michelle was wearing when she leaked on the couch last night. There were three circular racks in particular that jogged her memory. She lift a hanger off one of the racks and traced her finger half-way down the zipper's soft fleece covering. These are definitely the same kind of pajamas that Michelle was wearing, Meredith thought, down to the attached feet, and she really did look uncomfortable in the pajamas pants. These can't be that expensive. She read the sign on the rack:

Princess series sleepers – 21.99
In footed and footless varieties

You can rest easy knowing your girls will be warm and toasty in Princess series sleepers, perfect for both continent and incontinent girls. There are a variety of fun prints to choose from in polar fleece, as well as a few secret design improvements for those who still have a little trouble staying dry, such as a neck to ankle zipper for easier dressing and a low cut crotch to help conceal their protection.
Perfect for sleepovers, as the one piece design keeps protective garments from showing in the child's sleep. This product is intended for light incontinence and continent individuals.*

*Refer to chart for categorization scheme.

This sounds perfect for Michelle. Meredith browsed a couple of the racks. She was surprised by how cute most of the designs were. She was even more surprised to find Hello Kitty prints on a few of the Pjs. She knew Michelle loved Hello Kitty, so when one caught her eye she took it out to examine it. It was bright blue with pink trim and the hello kitty logo emblazoned across the front. The tag said 'Butterfly series sleeper – Hello Kitty special edition.' Michelle would love these, I wonder if the special edition costs extra. She looked up at the sign:

Butterfly series footed sleeper – 21.99

There are many reasons why you prefer your incontinent children wear back zipper pajamas, but these pjs look and feel so cozy and comfortable that they'll love wearing them. Made with soft polar fleece in a variety of fun prints, the Butterly series has two changes from the Princess series to make management of nighttime incontinence easier. The zipper is located at the back of the garment and has a flap on top of it, both helping to deter removal by the wearer. The zipper flap is big enough and the snap firm enough to do the job of keeping the pajamas on until removed by the caregiver. There is also a generous cut waist region to allow for more effective protective garments. You can sleep soundly knowing they will stay warm and protected until you unzip them in the morning. This product is intended for medium incontinence.

Meredith held them out in front of her and considered them for a minute before setting them back on the rack. I'll look around a bit more before I commit to buying. There's really no rush, but I should tell Laura about this place! She headed for the counter. The bored looking woman who was holding the clipboard earlier rang up the diapers and Meredith headed outside.


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Oooh! This looks very interesting, its cute, it has a pretty original premise.
And even though we don't know much about her appearance.
Michelle seems like an intriguing character, independent yet regressive.

I'm definitely looking forward to more, thank you for sharing. :)


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I'm a sucker for back zippered sleepers and so far my only criticism is some minor tense inconsistencies. On the plus side, there is no infodump, a realistic setup and some exploration of Michelle's feelings. Please keep going, I really want to see where this ends up.


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From what I have read you seem to have an idea where you want to go. I eagerly await what happens next with Michelle


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La deuxième partie:

Laura pulled a diaper out the plastic and handed it to Michelle. “I know you think you're too old for these, but it's only for one night.”

“Can't we go to a store and buy some goodnites?” Michelle protested.

“They're all closed right now. Now put this on and let me have a look at it once you're done.” Michelle took the diaper from her and Laura walked out of the room, closing the door behind her. Michelle took her clothes off and opened the diaper up before sitting on the bed and taping the whole thing together. “Alright I'm done.” Laura opened the door, she eyed Michelle's diaper as she sat on the bed.

“Awh, Michelle, that thing will fall off of you as soon as you stand up.” She knelt in front of Michelle and retaped her diaper, pulling it snugly together in the process. She stood when she was done. “Get your jammies on, its time for bed soon. We're leaving at 11 again tomorrow so you should set an alarm.” She left the room again. Michelle stood up and felt the thickness of the diaper bow out her legs, she found her sleeper folded neatly on top of her suitcase, but she grabbed the black pajama pants from the floor near her closet. The feeling of finally wearing adult-style pajamas might help to counteract her present diapered state. But as she pulled them up her legs she realized she had a problem; they weren't going to fit over her diapers. She shoved them back down her legs and kicked them, floating softly into the closet door. Resignedly, she stepped over to her suitcase and lifted her pajamas up. The feet of the garment fell to the floor and she sighed. Someday. She put the footie pajamas on and looked at herself in the mirror once again. She pouted at what she saw; while the one-piece nature of the pajamas easily disguised a goodnite, the thickness of this diaper was clear to see. She climbed into bed and clutched the big teddy bear close to her as she drifted off to sleep, ignoring the bulk between her legs as best she could.


“Michelle, did you forget to set your alarm?”

Michelle awoke, turning to the voice as her eyes came into focus on Paul standing over her. A look of minor confusion passed over her, and she looked over at the clock-radio on the dresser. It read 10:11.

“Yeah, I'm sorry Dad.”

“I'm just glad I woke you up in time, even your Mom is packed and ready to go.” He surveyed the pile of Michelle's clothes next to her suitcase. “Looks like you've got some work to do, but it can wait. Meredith just finished making breakfast.”

She sat up in bed and found her image staring back at her from the room's full length mirror, her diaper obvious even from a seated position.

“Can I change out of this diaper first?”

“Maybe if you had gotten up earlier.” Paul said, “C'mon, everyone is waiting for you downstairs.”

So Michelle trudged down the stairs to the dining room. As she approached the table, she felt even more like a little girl than she did the day before. Her cheeks flushed red as the table turned to acknowledge her presence. She pulled out one of the wooden chairs and sat down. The diaper made it feel like the seat was cushioned. “Someone looks like they just woke up.” Laura joked. Michelle simply groaned and poked at the eggs on the plate in front of her. “Did you sleep well dear?” Meredith inquired. Michelle actually did have a surprisingly good night's sleep, but didn't want to admit it.

“I slept OK.”

“Well you'll have plenty of time to sleep on the way back if you're tired,” Laura responded.

“Speaking of tires, Laura, does it look like I need to check the air pressure?” Paul interjected.

Laura paused for a minute. “No it should be fine. We put air in before we left.”

Gus spoke up, “I have a compressor and all the free air you could want.”

“Thanks Gus, but really it's fine.”

The rest of breakfast progressed in relative silence. Eventually Michelle was the only one still eating, and Paul said he should probably load up the van if he was going to get any work done at one once they got home. Michelle said she was done too, but Meredith insisted on her finishing the plate. Once she was done everyone got up and left the dining room. Gus poured himself another cup of coffee and went out to the porch for a cigarette, Laura joined Paul outside and Meredith got started on dishes. Michelle figured she should probably start packing and went upstairs. She threw her dirty clothes in a bag that she brought specifically for that purpose and did a quick check over her things to verify that everything was in one place ready to be packed. During that, she realized she didn't have her book. She checked through her room, but couldn't find it. Then she went back downstairs and checked in the living room, then the den, and then asked Aunt Meredith about it just for good measure. She hadn't seen it, and while in the kitchen she saw that it was 11:13. Realizing that she had put off packing everything else to look for her book, she ran back upstairs. Gathering her makeup bag and toothbrush from her room, she made for the bathroom in near record time. She did her amended facial routine and was almost halfway done brushing her teeth when she heard her parents come back in. Once finished, she got out of the bathroom to see her mom in the hallway.

“Have you seen my book?” She asked.

“In the car.” Laura turned around to face her and was struck with surprise, “Michelle, why aren't you dressed?”

“I was looking for my book.” She replied, “I'm gonna get dressed right now.”

“Your father's already put your suitcase in the van. We were just about to say goodbye.”

Michelle tone gained a note of vexation, “Well I need to get dressed and put my toiletries away.”

Laura's tone became serious. “No, you've already held your dad up enough today. He's patient with you but he has a lot of work to get done at home before work on Monday.” She explained, “You should have gotten dressed first and then gone looking for your book, because now you are just going to have to wear what you've got on.”

“But the dia-” Michelle started.

“No buts. Like I said, you could have avoided this by setting an alarm last night or getting dressed earlier, but with how this weekend has been, I certainly don't think it's a bad thing that you're going to be wearing protection in the car.”

Michelle sulked.

“Car, now.”

Paul was waiting with Meredith and Gus on the porch when Laura and Michelle got outside. After Michelle finished getting her shoes on, they all said goodbye to Gus and Meredith. Michelle managed to pull out of her sullenness in her goodbye to Gus, because Gus was by far her favorite uncle, but fell right back into it for Meredith, whom she resented for buying the diapers and blamed for her current predicament. Meredith didn't seem to notice. Then the family piled in to the van and got underway. Michelle threw her toiletries on the seat next to her and found her book. Paul piped up from the front of the van, “Wearing your pjs on the trip like the old days huh?”

Michelle looked at her father in the rearview mirror and sighed.

“I don't want to talk about it.”

She found her iPod, selected her Twelve Hour Turn playlist and began reading.

Roughly an hour had passed when her need to use the bathroom pulled her back in to reality. She yanked out her earbuds and addressed the front seat. “I have to pee.” Her dad replied that they were stopping for gas in about 10 minutes and asked if she could wait. “Of course,” she replied, and watched the hills speed past until they became crowned with houses. Eventually the housing became thick enough that it rolled down the hillside and collected in the valleys and Paul announced that they were almost there. Laura woke up with a stretch and a yawn and looked back at Michelle.

“Doing alright back there?”

“Yeah, I'm fine.”

They exited the interstate and crossed the road to park at the last open pump at busy gas station. Laura went inside as Paul maneuvered through the pump authorization process. Michelle surveyed the scene through her window, frowning. “Dad, can we stop someplace else?”

“What for?”

“There's a lot people here...”

“Oh, you don't want people to see you in your diaper.”

“Shhh! Someone might hear you!”

“You can wear my jacket over the top if you'd like.”

“That's not good enough. Let's go someplace else, like now. I have to go bad.”

Paul hung up the gas pump. “Look kiddo, you're going to have to walk past some people if you want to get to the bathroom no matter where we go. It's noon on a Sunday. You can either borrow my coat and go inside or stay in here and use your--”

Michelle cut him off, “Don't say it.”

“Okay, well what's it going to be then?”

She glanced nervously out the window, “I'm not going out there.”

“So you're staying here?”

“I guess.”

“Up to you,” Paul paid at the pump and got back in the car. Laura got in her seat just as Michelle finished soaking her diaper and they left the gas station.


Michelle looked out the bus window to see the a hotel breaking through the early morning fog, finally. The speech meet was going to be held here since there was a basketball tournament going on at the host team's school. Most of the coaches found it highly convenient that they wouldn't have to bus the kids back and forth from the hotel to the school and then back again, and the hotel management was happy to let rooms go for cheaper if they could get a few busloads of kids to pick up the slack in a slow weekend. The airbrakes hissed as the bus rolled to a stop and Michelle's coach, Mrs. Spinelli stood and started to read off room assignments. Michelle perked up a little in her seat. It was the first meet she was going to where she would stay overnight, and the fact she had to share a room with someone didn't exactly help with her nerves. She hoped she would get paired off with one of the quieter girls who kept to themselves more. She had pretty good relations with most of them and doubted they would judge her based on her nightwear, and even if they did, they would probably keep it to themselves. Hearing her name brought her out of her thoughts. “Michelle Paczewski, Hannah Larssen, Room 213.”

Michelle cursed under her breath. The speech team was not really the domain of popular kids, if anything, it trended towards the opposite. However, there were a few exceptions and Hannah Larssen was the main one. She was the manager of the hockey team and she was asked to the fall dance (normally closed to sophomores) by Jared Addison, center for their school hockey team and all around hunk a grade above them. She was pretty, popular and the last person Michelle wanted to share a room with. Hannah glanced in her direction and Michelle swore she could read her mind; Ugh... not the weird goth girl. Michelle collected her poems and luggage and made her way off the bus. Mrs. Spinelli handed her a keycard. “Hannah's got the other one if you lose this one, and remember your round starts in half an hour.”

“Thanks, I remember.” Michelle replied and rolled her suitcase through the lobby doors. As the door to room 203 opened it was clear that Hannah had came and left. Papers were strewn around the room in piles and her luggage sat on the bed nearest the window. Michelle set her suitcase on the other bed and savored the fact that Hannah was involved in so many different events that the awkwardness could be postponed until after the meet was over. Heard a knock at the door and saw a brown face with glasses and a bob poke through the door. “Courtney! Come in.” Michelle cleared a seat next to her on the bed. Courtney made a face.

“Girl. You know serious duos aren't done sitting down. And I know that the Twin Nguyens are in our round. I am not about to lose to that duplicitious c-word Jenny again this season. Where's your booklet? Get up! We only have an hour to practice.”

“Not even.” Michelle replied. “Poetry starts in 15 minutes.”

“Then why aren't you up? Vamanos! We have Asians to beat.”

– – –

The awards ceremony ended around 6:30, just in time for the increasingly hungry and impatient crowd. Courtney strutted triumphantly out of the convention room and down the hallway with Michelle and a short (“fun size”), blonde in a navy dress named Jasmine in tow. They were awash with congratulations from team members and competitors who noticed Courtney and Michelle's two second place ribbons until they passed Jenny and Jake Nguyen, surrounded by their fanclub and holding one blue and one yellow ribbon each. “

Courtney!” Jake cried out. “And your friend! I just wanted to congradulate you on your well deserved second place.” His tone feigned sincerity but the emphasis he put on 'well deserved' and 'second place' gave him away. “How many red ribbons is that now?” Courtney didn't skip a beat or break stride.

“Fourth this season, you can have one if it'll make you feel better.” Some 'oohs' erupted nearby as the left the scene as quickly as they entered it.

“Those two need to get over themselves.” Jasmine said once they reached an emptier stretch of hallway.

“Jenny was actually really good in my poetry round.” Michelle added.

“They are really good.” Courtney replied, “Just not as good as us.” Michelle and Jasmine giggled. “Who's got money on a pizza?”

Jasmine, Courtney, Michelle and Courtney's roommate Adrienna pigged out on a pizza and watched funny youtube videos and reality TV for an hour before Adrienna, one of those keeps-to-themselves types that Michelle had wished she was assigned, closed her laptop and started the shower. Michelle glanced at the clock and figured Hannah would be out socializing until the everyone had to be in their rooms, so now would be the ideal time to get ready for bed. If she could be under the covers by the time Hannah got back to her room, she would be home free. Maybe they wouldn't even have to talk to each other. So she bid farewell to Jasmine and Courtney and went back to her room. The door was fully closed and she couldn't hear any loud conversations in there. (Her worst case scenario was if Hannah turned their room into the popular kid hangout room) She swiped her keycard, pressed the door open and stepped inside. Hannah was already in her pajamas, lying on top on the covers absorbed in her iPad with her phone and the remote next to her. She glanced up from the screen long enough to register Michelle's presence in the room. “You can change the channel, I'm not watching it.” The remote landed on Michelle's bed. Michelle picked it up absentmindedly and started flicking through channels. Hannah's presence in the room had thrown her off. Not only her presence, but the fact that she was already in her pajamas, and that those pajamas happened to be a pink set of two piece footed pajamas in Hello Kitty print. Michelle stared at the TV and pondered her situation, hoping that Hannah would leave for room for some unforeseen reason. Hannah, on the other hand, only took her attention off her iPad when her phone vibrated with a new message. A pang of jealously ran through Michelle, cool people like Hannah can wear whatever they want and still be cool, but if a girl like Michelle wears something similar, at best she gets weird looks, at worst a new rumor starts. Michelle sat in front of the TV for half an hour before she got tired of waiting for a divine intervention and brought her suitcase in to the bathroom, positioning it on the toilet seat lid. She wiped off her make up, washed and moisturized her face, and stripped off her clothes. Then she dug around in her suitcase for her pajama bundle. Finding it, she unfurled it on top on the rest of her clothes to reveal two goodnites. Since the bus they took to the meet was a school bus, there wasn't a bathroom on board, so her mother had insisted that she wear goodnites while she was in transit. Michelle, of course, insisted to the contrary and it was up to her dad to negotiate a compromise, which was that she should pack two goodnites: one for sleeping and one for the trip “for emergencies.” Michelle had not used the emergency goodnite yet and did not plan it, so she shoved it deep in to her suitcase. Once satisfied that it was safe from any prying eyes (especially Hannah's), she stepped in to the pink and purple camouflage footies her mom had got her from Target last year and zipped them up. Looking in the mirror, she made sure that her protection was invisible under the pajamas' fleece and brushed her teeth. From there routine dictated a glass of water, but there were no more plastic cups in the bathroom. Michelle remembered seeing a few on the desk flanking the TV, and went to retrieve them. As the door opened Hannah glanced up, and then did a double take. “Oh my gosh! You have footies too!?” She exclaimed. “You look sooo precious!” Michelle blushed at the complement.

“I like them, they're soft and comfy.” She replied sheepishly.

“I know! Especially the one-pieces.” Hannah agreed, “That is, until you've got to take a pee.” She laughed, Michelle just blushed harder. “Come on girl, let's show off our footie pj swag. It's selfie time!” Hannah bounced up off her mattress, phone in hand, and traipsed over to Michelle, taking her hand and leading her in front of the bathroom mirror. Michelle was shocked how quickly Hannah's attitude towards her had changed, and wasn't entirely sure she wanted to be included in the picture. Hannah had an awful lot of followers on Instagram. It was one thing if a popular girl wore footed pajamas, but if people saw Michelle wearing them they might just think she's weird. Still, Hannah seemed genuine, and part of Michelle enjoyed Hannah's approval. More than that, calling off the picture at this point would have been rude and Michelle wasn't sure how Hannah would react. Thinking she might as well look confident if she's consigned to being in the picture, she smiled and began to pose. “Ok, let's show off the footies.” Hannah directed, balancing on one foot while raising the other in the air, bracing herself on Michelle for balance, trying to fit her foot in the phone's frame. “Move back a little... A little more... Woah!” Hannah lost her footing momentarily and kicked out with her free leg for balance, catching the telescoped handle of Michelle's suitcase and upending it, spilling its contents across the floor. “Shit. Sorry.” Hannah said once she regained her balance. “I'll help you pick it up.” Hannah looked up at Michelle, who simply stared at the pile. Because of the way the suitcase fell, everything at the top of the suitcase was at the bottom of the heap on the floor and vice versa. Her “for emergencies” goodnite was sitting right on top of a pair of jeans, in plain sight. Hannah followed her gaze.


She looked quizzatically at Michelle, then to the waist of her one piece pajamas, then back to the goodnite. After a few moments thought, like it was no big deal, she said, “It's cool. I can keep a secret.” She watched the tension drain from Michelle's face and body. “I should probably let you get these on huh?”

Michelle cleared her throat and found her voice. “I... I'm already wearing one.”

“No way? I can't even tell.”

“They're supposed to be that way.”

“Even though that footie pj swag picture is pretty much out of the question now isn't it?”

Michelle smiled despite herself, “Pretty much.”

Hannah helped Michelle put her belongings back in her suitcase and she carried it outside for her. They sat down the beds. “I'm impressed that you and Courtney managed to beat the Nguyens, especially since this is your first year. They're tough customers to have in a round even when you've been doing this for years.”

“We lost to Tim Murphy and that blonde boy though.”

Hannah laughed, “Tim Murphy's mom is the host team's speech coach. I bet half the judges have known him since he was in diapers.” Michelle gave her a look. “Sorry, poor choice of words. What I'm trying to say you would've had that first place ribbon if the tournament were held anywhere else. I saw blondie in finals, he was absolute garbage.”

Hannah's words rebuilt Michelle's confidence, and the conversation ventured to Mrs. Spinelli's odd habits and rumors of why the last speech coach got fired (making service learners sew handbags for her to sell on Etsy*), to boys (to which Hannah had very little nice to say about Jared Addison) to life in general. They talked past lights out and for a few hours past. Hannah seemed to have boundless reserves of energy, but Michelle was getting tired, and eventually decided to try to sleep. As Michelle went over to turn the lights, Hannah got her attention and said, “Michelle, I'm really glad we met.”

Michelle was a little taken aback, but she smiled, “Me too.” She hopped in to bed and crawled under the blankets. “Goodnight Hannah.”

“Goodnight 'Elle.”

Michelle awoke to the screeching of the alarm. Her eyes fluttered open, the clock read 8 am, an hour until the bus would leave. She streched and looked around. The room was still, lit by the morning sun filtering through the drawn curtains. Hannah was sitting in the chair, still in her pjs, huge coffee in one hand and concentrating on her phone in the other. She sat up in bed and wiped the sleep from her eyes.

“'Morning sunshine,” Hannah teased.

“Morning...” Michelle mumbled, not yet fully awake, “Where'd you get the coffee from?”

“Gas station. Spinelli picked me up some. It's gross.”

“Then why are you drinking it?”

“Need my coffee in the morning. Otherwise I turn in to a monster and start eating small children,” Hannah replied matter-of-factly.

“Oh.” Michelle was too tired to think of a witty response. She wasn't quite used to staying up as late as they did last night. “Do you need the bathroom? Otherwise I'm going to take a shower.”

“Nope. Showered last night.”

“Okay.” Michelle was taken by another round of compulsive stretching and eventually pulled herself out of bed and plodded in to the bathroom with her suitcase in tow. She got the shower going, unzipped her pjs and shrugged them off. Even though her goodnite was totally dry, she rummaged in her suitcase for one of the ziploc bags she brought so she could put it back in her suitcase, away from prying eyes. Wait, Hannah's the only person who is going to come in here. What am I hiding it for? So she just pulled it off and kicked it into the garbage. After another suitcase delve, this time for shower supplies, she got in and was instantly invigorated by the feeling of hot water on her skin. While cleaning herself, it struck her how much of a relief it was to not having to worry whether someone found out about her bedwetting. Soon after it hit her how greatly she had misjudged Hannah. She had barely even talked to her before yesterday, so why had she assumed the worst about her? She seemed so arrogant before, and Michelle had heard more than a few unflattering stories about her, but had never actually witnessed her being mean to anyone. Then it made sense, Michelle had based her opinion of Hannah on what others had told her and never bothered to actually get to know her. She had unknowingly done the same thing to Hannah that many of their classmates had done to Michelle. The arrogance she had perceived in Hannah was simply Hannah's refusal to give in to all the preconceived notions people had of her. Michelle wished she could be strong like that one day, and resolved to make it so. She killed the shower and dried off, got dressed and put a little bit of make-up on. Once she finished drying her hair, she left the bathroom to see Hannah's luggage neatly packed near the door but Hannah nowhere in sight. She got to packing her own luggage. The door clicked open and she saw Hannah in the doorway with a plate of donuts and assorted fruit, still decked out in her Hello Kitty pjs but with fuzzy pink slippers on over the footies.

“Continental breakfast just ended,” she said between bites of a donut, “I figured you'd want some. The strawberries are off limits though.”

Michelle grabbed a cruller and a banana. “Thanks!” She paused, “Aren't you going to get dressed?”

Hannah looked like Michelle had just told her that it was hailing minivans in July. “Pfft. God no. It's a bus ride; I'd rather be comfortable.”

Michelle finished eating as she watched tv, Hannah had finished before her and was rearranging the bed back to how it had been before they had arrived. “You know the hotel has people for that,” Michelle said.

“Which is why I'm doing it myself,” came Hannah's somewhat cryptic reply.

Michelle finished eating and threw her plate away. Then she brought her luggage to the door, “It's nine. I'm going down to the bus.”


Michelle got down to the bus, stowed her luggage and picked her seat. She cracked open the book the started on the way to the meet-- The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. Then she whipped her earbuds into her ears and selected The Many Faces of Oliver Hart. Before she could find the page she was on, she watched Hannah manuever her way down the crowded aisle and pick the seat right across the aisle from her.



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Awesome update! Thank you for keeping this going. When Hannah discovered Michelle's goodnite, I totally thought she was going to end up being a bedwetter as well, but I'm glad you stayed away from that. Unlikely Michelle would have been randomly paired with another bedwetter at her age. Awesome story


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This is just the kind of story that i look for, it's just soooo adorable!.
Michelle seems very interesting, an otherwise normal (even edgy) teenager.
Who is also a slightly regressive total mamma's/daddy's girl.

And her new found friendship with Hannah is super cool.
She's basically a more confident version of Michelle minus diapers...for now.

And it's just simply well written, i particularly liked all the "situations" that
Michelle finds herself in, perfect balance of embarrassing enough to be cute.
Without going overboard and becoming cruel and mean spirited.

I'm really looking forward to more thank you for sharing. :)


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I'm glad to see you decided to continue this. You do a good job with Michelle's inner world but your continuity needs work since you left the first story hanging and jump cut into the midst of a whole new story line.
Where is this going and will you be connecting the pieces?
Correction: I just reread part 2 and saw that the storyline did resolve, sorry about the jump cut criticism.
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