Messy cleanup without handheld shower head...

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Hi there.
I recently moved to a new place. It only has a shower, and it doesn't have a detachable shower head.
Does this mean messing is out of the option? Does anybody have any experience with this kind of situation?
I'm also worried the smell might transfer to the shower curtain, or worse- if I don't use the curtain then the smell will be impossible to get rid of. :(
I guess you just have to use your hand to clean the places you normally use the shower head. It just takes a bit more effort to get clean! This would not stop me :D
Or just got a new shower head?
Moosie82 said:
Or just got a new shower head?
I would guess it's a built in wall head
Yes, it's built into the wall from above. Changing that is probably not an option in the foreseeable future.
Wash cloths or personal wipes.
Of course I use wet wipes for the first part of the cleaning, but I must also shower afterwards...
Sorry if this thread is a bit TMI or appears pointless, but I just want to create as little interference to my new environment as possible.
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Just get a liner shower curtain if you are worried about messing up the one that came with the place. And if the shower head is tiled into the wall that is not a huge job if you can still find one or two matching tiles.
some1 said:
Does anybody have any experience with this kind of situation?
yep, but i'd have thought that an Israeli would've known already? :dunno:
longer hoses and end-to-end adaptors are available (for even longer hoses!)

if you want to tap into the water pipes, discreetly:

searching for 'muslim travel douches' and the like, should give you all the results and inspiration you need.
Yeah, I'd go with a washcloth (though keep one you only use for this purpose!). In the rare occasion I do mess, I do exactly that even though I have a detachable shower head, I'd rather scrub myself clean rather than rely on the water, which can only do so much. After the wet wipes I'm already pretty much clean there before I get into the shower anyway. At this point, it's just a case of getting some shower gel etc on the cloth and making sure to give yourself a good scrub to finish cleaning.
I think it was already mentioned, but replace the shower curtain with a vinyl one from Walmart.
Where's a Teflon-coated prosthetic butt when you need one?

Is it really not possible to replace the shower head? That seems pretty strange to me, but then I come from a part of the world where 99% of all buildings are less than 50 years old.
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