Messing with romance scammer.

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I use Skype often, occasionally I get the classical romance scammer, :p

So here is how it goes, some random ads me on Skype, I accept there contact after I talk to them a little bit, i asked a little bit about them first.

Had a feeling it was either a catfish or scammer, I have a little look at there profile picture, looks like a catfish, so I keep it cool and ask a little bit about them.

Long story short, I asked how they found my skype account.
There like, I accidentally added you as I'm new to skype, (hmm odd) apparently found me though Skype Friends lol. has 2 contacts.

So, I ask what country there from, (profile shows UK) they told me there from the US but living in GHANA, red flag right there. (and for prank calls and trolling scammers)

I have my time zone set as north Korea as a joke and I have a obviously fake name on my skype profile (Ho Lee Fuk) with a picture of some random ugly person I found on the net, It's just a profile I made just for discussions with a few IT techies.

So they ask me which country I'm from, I said New Zealand but living in Australia a obvious lie, so she said which one are you from, I'm like really.

I'm like, I travel frequently from Australia to New Zealand, as I'm legally allowed to live and work in either country (the live and work thing is true, Aussies can live and work in NZ without any visa's)

Scammer is clueless, not realizing us Aussies can live in NZ and vice versa, there profile picture is clearly of a US citizens which was obviously stolen off something like tumblr.

They usually straight up ask for money, so I said do you accept gold, there like no US dollar.

Funny stuff, why do these scammers always use the same classical techniques I can predict if it's going to be a Nigerian scam, usually after the first two replies.
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