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Well, I'm having my ups and downs, and am planning to see a doctor about my possible bipolar and anxiety,

I'm not quite sure what to say to my doctor when it's time?

Do I tell him that I think I have bipolar, or do I tell him I feel suicidal all the time and have hallucinations and delusions?

I'm legit scared of what to say to the doctor, as I have anxiety, and am worried that I will be betrayed and put in a mental hospital or something, don't ask why, I've had bad experiences with people I have trusted in the past.

I have had a referral to a psychologist in the past due to my extreme depression and plotting to commit suicide in the past, do I just bring up that I'm suicidal again?

Since I'm 18 I can make my own doctors appointments, and don't want to tell my parent(s)

I've gotten to the point that I keep snapping and losing my temper, and I've been having episodes of having tons of energy like I can do everything, than have something bring me very low, such as a stupid remark?

I hate feeling this way, and need to do something, it really drags me to the ground, and I hate the insomnia and staying up for days due to my happy episodes.

Any Advice, I'm confused as what to do, as I'm not the social type, but I do feel like it is getting worse.
Hi DrunkBunny! I'm so sorry you're going through all of this. I don't have a lot of advice because I've never been in this situation. But you seem like you are mentally aware enough to refuse to be put in a mental institution. I highly doubt they can contain you if you haven't done anything illegal and you flat out refuse to stay in a mental hospital. If you're really worried about that, you can designate a healthcare power of attorney if you haven't already. You can google your state and "healthcare power of attorney" and you should be able to print it off and fill it out in about 10 minutes. This just designates a person to say what you can and cannot have done to you if they think you can you can no longer make medical decisions on your own behalf. You can write in there that you do not want to be in a mental hospital. But again, I highly doubt you would need this. But it's still good to have in case you are in a car accident or something. I filled mine out about a year ago and I'm only 21. My parents just did theirs last week and they're in their 50s.

Please don't be afraid to tell your doctor. Tell them everything. Your doctor is a safe person to talk to. They are bound by oath to keep everything you say confidential. When you call to make the appointment, tell them it's for a mental health visit. Your doctor has your best interests in mind. And like I said, he or she cannot make you do anything you don't want to do. You are mentally "with it". They cannot shove pills down your throat or restrain you or lock you away in a padded room. This isn't "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." You're a human being, and you have rights.

And as for the social aspect, don't worry about it. It's not a social call. You're there to get your symptoms under control or fix the problem. You don't need to make small talk. Just list your symptoms and tell him what you have tried to control these symptoms.

You should be proud of yourself for asking for help. That's a hard thing to do sometimes. I don't think you deserve to live with such torment so I'm happy you're seeking help. I'll keep you in my prayers. And good luck.
I would be honest with your Dr. and let him make the diagnosis. When I saw a psychiatrist, my mom made the appointment and told the Dr. a number of things, that she had found my diapers and gay porn, so the conversation started with that. I really had no choice but to discuss these things which meant I had to be honest with him. We also talked about suicide and I was honest with that as well. He gave me his personal home phone number, should I want to try again. I suffered from depression but also other things. I had two psychotic breaks, the most recent one resulting in my having to see him.

Considering what you have described about yourself, I think you really need to see someone about this. Sometimes it helps to talk to a professional and hear what they have to say. They have a different perspective than parents and friends. There is medication for being bi-polar, though they can have side affects. By talking with him, the two of you can begin to do something positive about this and hopefully you'll feel better.
Okay friday or monday I'm going to see my GP, hopefully all goes well, kind of scared.
DrunkBunny said:
Okay friday or monday I'm going to see my GP, hopefully all goes well, kind of scared.

Drs are friendly and are in the position to help you. That's why they are in their field. They are for your interest. The outcome is, your taking steps to a brighter future. Be 100% honest with your dr. Tell them anything everything. The more they know the better. My dr acts like my buddy. He even gave me his cell number if I had a question or concern. I have bad anxiety and it's not fun. Hope all is well soon
DrunkBunny said:
Okay friday or monday I'm going to see my GP, hopefully all goes well, kind of scared.

Very important you are doing this.
My GP in Derry, NH understands my issues as a now "elderly" adult with Autism and Cerebral Palsy, with respect to my physical and mental health.
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