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Just wondering how many people see a trend with their baby indulges and lower mental health. I have bad chronic migraines and notice a close correlation with wearing diapers and needed some baby time when my mood is poor or I'm painful (to a point, if my pain goes past that I don't want anything but a hole and someone to hit me with a metal bat). I do have some depression issues that started because of the unrelenting pain (been over a year since I have had a break) and this last week the meds stopped working completely. I haven't been able to leave the house and been wearing my diapers constantly which is unusual (thank you waddlers overnight for coming in, I :wub::wub::wub: you!!).

When I'm able to get the pain and depression under control, I lose a lot of the desire for my baby items and diapers - I want months without using anything when I moved into my own house and was happy and low levels of pain.

When I get this low I don't know what to do, I want to stay home because I want to watch cartoons, use my binky and diapers. Its really hard to break the trend. This is also when I really wish I had someone taking care of me - think its just me being overwhelmed and having too many things to take care of.

I have a house I own and all the associated costs, 2 cats, 4 degus (rodents), full time job, suppose to be working on online nutrition degree which is on hold plus all the cleaning, cooking etc with me and my one cat having severe food allergies.

anyone in a similar boat? Its been a very rough week I've lost so many of my real friends because they get tired of hearing "another migraine".
First off, I'm sorry to hear about your migraine problems. Growing up, my sister had TONS of them, almost once or twice a week at a point. It left her completely bed ridden and it was a little bit scary sometimes :(

I deal with a lot of depression stuff as well, mine being chronic and not situational or episodic in nature. Over the years I've learned how to better manage it, but I still experience very low lows. I'm in the middle of a dip right now, but thankfully after years of work, I've been managing to stay pretty stable all things considered!

I've been into ABDL since I was 14, and got my first pacifiers when I was 16, I think. That really filled a huge spot in my life, as I had *bad* (shall we say) habits for dealing with stress and anxiety in the past. Using my paci throughout high school and early college, until just recently I've started using diapers roughly four times a week. Sometimes it's for fun and pleasure, and other times... because I just need it.

I think so many of us are drawn to this lifestyle and community because our items, diapers specifically, are very warm, soft, enveloping, and most of all, familiar. I think that when people are faced with stress, we shrivel back to what we know. Since I'm someone who stresses out everyday, its no wonder why I'm into the ABDL life.

I find it very comforting to see some many other people here going through the same battle we are. Now, that's not to say that's a good thing by any means, but I can really take comfort in the fact that after I get home everyday, I can tape up, grab my blankie, and chat with a bunch of people who are just like me, with the same issues, and same hobby.

Wow, that was quite the ramble. Case and point though, to me its no surprise that our community has a high quotient of people struggle with mental health issues. In an attempt to cope, we regress far into our pasts to a much better time when things were simpler and easier. That's why its so comforting, but at the same time, so hard to leave little space. It's the warm embrace you never want to leave.
Yeah, like Legolas, I too have been surprised as to how many of our members suffer from depression or other mental problems. I deal with depression to some extent. Saturdays are always my worst day of the week, I guess because it's out of the normal 5 day week routine. I usually try to keep busy so it doesn't get to me.

I generally enjoy wearing diapers when I'm feeling better rather than down. If I'm worried and stressed out, I tend to enjoy diapers the least, but that's me and everyone is different. I hope you start to feel better soon, as depression is no fun.
As so many people have said before we are all different. I am I guess what you would call a lifestyle little. Anytime that I am not doing something that I have to do to make life function, ie. working, cleaning, cooking, ect. I am in little mode. This however tapers off when I get really upset. To be honest when things are going badly which thankfully for me that is rare, these are the times that I think I use the rare adult feelings to cope. The last thing I want to do is watch cartoons when I feel horrible. I think that subconsciously I don't want to associate something that makes me so happy with a time when I feel so low.

But again, that is me. I see so many people on here that use it as a way to make themselves feel better, and that is awesome if it works for you. Life can be so harm and finding a way to deal with it that does no hard to yourself or anyone else is fantastic.
I suffer with Social Anxiety, General Anxiety, Depression and OCD. There is nothing that makes me more happier than putting a nice comfy Nappy on, snuggling up in bed, wrapping my blankets round me and cuddling up whilst sucking on my Dummy. I really love my Nap Nap Nappies and my Dummy and my comfy bed so so much.
I have ADHD and I have social anxiety because of it, also I get anxious even when I'm not out but it's not as bad, also sometimes I feel depressed but I wouldn't say I have depression.
I have a job that I absolutely cannot tolerate and I am desperate for another job and the only thing that makes me happy besides coming home is that I know that I can snuggle up with my plushies and on the weekends I can wear diapers and dress up in my girls clothes to unwind and relax.
If you need to wear diapers to relax and be a bit happier then go ahead.
I'm really sorry to hear about the rough patch that Karmababy is experiencing. Poor health in any circumstances just makes it hard to enjoy other things. I hope you find a solution to the migraine problem.

As for me, I do like diapers when I'm feeling down or tired. I don't have any other illnesses (*knocks on wood*), but I still work a lot and get far less sleep than I ought to. Diapers help me sleep better and make me feel comfortable, so if I'm already feeling drained, wearing them helps me recover. I also just kinda like wearing diapers generally though. I don't lose my desire when I feel good. I may wear less when I feel good just because I don't wear them out. So more social activities=less time diapered. But I'll still put on a diaper in the evening to enjoy in good times and bad.
I have had anxiety and stress issues all my life even now while considered exceptionally talented & successful by my peers. Still a lasting bond with a girl or other human eludes me and many other aspects of my life frustrate me. However it is hard to blame my love of diapers on my mental issues real and or perceived. I have had a fascination with diapers from age 5 or 6 and tend to wear most when stressed out or very happy with life.
I just like being diapered!
Yeah, chronic headaches are never fun. I had migraines weekly growing up. Now I get cluster headaches for weeks at a time. 2014 was on the order of 250 headache days, 2015 moved to around 150 due to changing living situations for the better. This year is on track for 100-150. I haven't had the time to address it properly with medication, if it's not time it's been money. They tend to be at night and thankfully haven't impacted work except for a handful of times.

That's on top of my mental health :p such is life.
I think I gravatate more toward diapers during difficult periods of my life, but that I wear them more on my good days. When I'm feeling really miserable I can't be bothered to do much of anything other than rock myself and restrain myself from driving my head through the wall.

When I'm feeling good my oxytocin levels skyrocket and I feel all cute and cuddly and what's more cute and cuddly than a nice fresh diaper?
Kittens, I guess?
For me it began as just wanting to wear rubber/plastic pants, they felt good and things I could do in them. I did also have pull-ups when I fit those, used those, I loved it. My life has had little joy in it, I've been depressed for 20+ years. It's moved past "depression" into despair. despair being, "I'll try to live, though prospects are bleak and life feels empty." I try and avoid emotion, live like spock, lest my brain explode from it all.
For me, the only few times I actually felt content were when I had rubber pants and pull-ups. I don't have much else that makes me content, so that is what I use as justification to "keep going". I don't wear all the time, since it's not all that practicable for me, though I have a few other AB things like toys, stuffed animals. I love my stuffed animals as well, Mickey the best of course. These all help me where there is not much else in my life that can. Whatever makes the boat float.
My long term goals are to live alone in a cabin in the woods, with my stuffed animals and my diapers.
I have found myself i am an ab and proud. I came out to a few close people and they dont mind they give me ques when the have had anough. Just acouple of them the one wants to take next level and oone is nuetral
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