melodic White noise... Do you..?

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Is there anyone else out the who, sings or hums to the melodic tone of electrical equipment...? Like the Hoover , hair dryer, tumble dryer, car etc...

then when the noise stops you, stop humming..? I always do this, it brings out my AB side :D

Mmmmmmm mmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm......
Hmm. Can't say I know how to harmonize with noise, but I do sometimes amuse myself by humming at a low frequency (50-80 Hz) while looking at VF displays on cash registers and similar. The vibration of my humming and the frequency of the display's refresh cycle interfere, causing the display image to appear to wiggle and wobble. I'm a nerd.
Not necessarily hum, but I do use the noise to do counting/timing on things.

Harmonic Background noise is also a therapy thing for ADHD so I have the tv on low or classical music.
Nice cat, egor! Anywho, I use the app "White Noise Baby." It's free. I listen to Grey Noise exclusively.
I use white noise all the time to bring across evil ghosts. Okay, just kidding, but I did have a class of junior high boys who would hum slightly off pitch with each other at an very low, hardly audible volume. It was really annoying and they got detention.
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