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ADISC Founder & Admin

Mysterymoo, Mysterymoo.
Does whatever a Mysterymoo does.

Runs a site, all day and night,
Crushes bugs, makes them take flight,
Look out, here comes the Mysterymoo!

Is he geeky? Listen foo,
He's so geeky, he's tehgeekmoo(TM)
Can he walk, on the wall,
Don't worry, he won't fall.
Look out! Here comes the Mysterymoo!

In the chill of the night, at the scene of the post,
like a streak of moos, he arrives with some buttered toast!

Mysterymoo, Mysterymoo. Friendly neighborhood Mysterymoo.
Wealth and fame, he's ignored. Helping people, is his reward.
To him, life is a great big code-up,
Wherever, there's a bug, you'll find the Mysterymoo!

ADISC Safety & Requests Mod

The elusive creature is often seen around the requests sub-forum, shouting things like: "Moved!" "Over Here" and "Robo-steak for all!"

His natural habitat is the snowy region of Eastern Cana the Requests forum. Interests include photography, gaming and journalism. His current work includes handling requests and making puns.

In days passed, he was known for being "That guy who accidentally kills threads." Now, he favors the title "Requests Helper."

Upon arrival to the ADISC staff lounge, he was quoted, plagiarizing a comic saying: "In greatest days, on trolling nights, no request shall escape my sight! Let those who worship, <Redacted>'s site, beware my power – Request Helper's fight!"

His commendations include: Revolutionizing tactics to catch the red dot (an issue which plagues many of his more feline companions), being a kitty, overusing parentheses to state half-witty thoughts, and not being a puppy.

Lastly, the writer(s) of this article (totally not Eulogy) urge you to donate cookies and other sweets to him in the event of an encounter.

ADISC Content Editor

Fruitkitty is a triumph.
The usernote on him: HUGE SUCCESS.
It's hard to overstate his geekiness.
He does what he must,
Because he can,
For the good of all of us,
Except the ones who are banned.
He's a labkitty who tries to fix every mistake,
Who actually doesn't even eat fruitcake,
And the politics get debated
And the logic gets weighted
for the ABDLs who are here on ADISC.

Go ahead and keep reading.
This Keynesian hasn't reached the long run yet.
It's fairly often he's around to help you.
Except when he's off watching South Park.
That's not a joke,
He thinks the recent seasons are fine.
Anyway, this Fruitkitty is great,
He's not really edible or moist.
Look at him still playing poker
When there's ADISC stuff to do,
When you send him your articles he edits them too.
He's got chocolate chip cookies to nom
With a glass of milk in his palm,
Editing articles for the ABDLs who are here on ADISC.

Hogan Bunny
ADISC Safety Mod

public class HoganBunny
public boolean reading, music, photography, travel;
public String color, food;

public HoganBunny()
reading = true;
music = true;
photography = true;
travel = true;

color = "Purple and Blue";
food = "Pasta, Pizza, Chinese, and Ice Cream";​

public void work(DayOfWeek day)
System.out.println("HoganBunny is a programmer.");​

public void hobbies()
if(music == true)
System.out.println("Playing piano is HoganBunny' favorite way to relax.");​

if(reading == true)
System.out.println("HoganBunny enjoys reading anything, especially mysteries, historical fiction, science fiction, and topics related to history, architecture, and science.");​

if(photography == true)
System.out.println("HoganBunny enjoys taking photos, and has taken over 3,500 pictures in the last three years.");​

if(travel == true)
System.out.println("If HoganBunny could travel anywhere, he would travel to Germany and the Scandinavian countries.");​

private void ABDL()
System.out.println("HoganBunny' favorite AB/DL items are dresses and bows.");​

ADISC Stories Mod

At night she stands behind the microphone
Alive and sparkling, long after the day
Has ended and the high school kids are gone;
The music plays and problems slip away.
She'll sing a country song, some rock and roll,
A melody from Broadway or some tune
That drifts in from her childhood to cajole
The redhead at the bar to start to croon.
Her voice is earthen, nothing there angelic,
But rawness has a texture of its own;
She sings as if discovering some relic,
Examines it as if a precious stone,
For when the girl is singing she's transported
And all her worldly troubles unreported.

ADISC Requests Helper


The young bichon frise puppy by the name of Near nervously stumbled out of the line of students, put on the Sorting Hat and sank down on the stool, his tail twitching nervously. For a moment, there was nothing but silence and darkness. But suddenly, a small voice started to whisper in Near's floppy ears.

"Hmm," the voice said. "A sports fan, that's interesting. Whichever house I put you in will gain a good chaser, it would seem. Beyond that, you appear to be tolerant and loyal… seems you'd be a good fit for Hufflepuff…"

"But, but… I don't want to be a Hufflepuff," Near thought.

"You don't want to be a Hufflepuff? Fear you're too lazy, eh? I do see other things… you love to read and your thirst for knowledge is seemingly unquenchable. Not to mention that, to me, it seems pretty evident that you are a geek. Well, if you are sure it's not Hufflepuff - better be RAVENCLAW!"

ADISC Safety Mod

Attention all units: be on the lookout for a suspected cyber-criminal. The suspect is a young coyote who goes by the name of Nihlus and is known to have weaknesses for video games, rock music, and pizza. Eyewitness reports also suggest that he is particularly fond of computers, technology, dystopian fiction, political discussions, movies, and general geekiness.

His whereabouts are currently unknown but he is believed to be in the vicinity of Rumours suggest that he has taken on the position of Requests Helper where he responds to questions and inquiries posted in the requests forum. If you see him, approach with caution as he has been known to use humour to make people let their guard down.
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