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I have lost some weight in the last few months to the point that i can fit in mediums now. I ordered a sample pack have been enjoying a smaller diaper and have even went bowling with my girl friend on a league wearing one of them it was nice. I still like my large at home and for night use. I just like the feel of the big one still.
I'm just the opposite. I'm on the lower end of the medium sizes. There are some brands that I can slip into a small, I prefer them a little snug.
I sometimes fall between a medium and large. But more often than not, I try to stick to the medium if at all possible, especially when sleeping. I used to feel the large gave me better protection, but then they would leak if lying down or sitting, well before they were at capacity. I went back to a medium (in this case an Abena M4) and I ended with a fit that hugged certain areas better and allowed the diaper to do its intended job more thoroughly. Proper fit is key to best performance.
Me too! Love that I can fit into mediums now!
My body is so weird for diapers, I stay pretty fit, my waist is 34"-35" but I'm 6'1 so I'm very proportional, some people call me skinny, the only medium diapers that fit me good are Abena m4, dry 24/7, xp medical house brand is size regular and tykables are size 2, large. Ab universe doesn't work for me, there medium sdk's are to tight and short, there larges are well.. Way to big, same with other similar brands, oh well..I'm happy with my selection so far
I am finding that the large are harder to make fit right now and that i can't seem to get it tight around my legs. I HAD A 6 tape medium(from the sample pack) that was the best fit that i aver had on a diaper. Went to site and looked for them and could not find them. I am not sure who made them.
I'm on the lower end of the medium scale as well. In fact when I first started to order adult ones, I started getting the smalls, since my waist size was inline with what the packages reported. However, I've found the mediums to be more comfortable. More room in them, as well as more absorbency.

Congrats on loosing the weight. Hopefully, you'll be able to keep it up, and keep that weight off.
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