Medication incontinence

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About five years ago, when I saw a psychiatrist for the first time, one of the prescriptions I was given was for some anti-anxiety medication that was also sometimes prescribed for insomnia. I only took it for about a week because I had a dream in which I really needed to pee and wound up acting out that dream right there in bed. Freaked me out.

Now I find myself restarting treatment and wondering all kinds of things about whether different meds might have similar effect. I have moderate shy bladder syndrome, which I know is an anxiety thing, and that makes me want to connect the dots between anxiety level and continence (obviously some level of anxiety is healthy and helpful to be able to be a productive human).

I'm currently only taking a stimulant for ADHD inattentive, but we're trying to add in an antidepressant as well (many of which help with anxiety) and there's also the intermittent insomnia.

So, finally, my question to the forum is this: has anyone shared this experience of medication induced incontinence? What medication was it? Did it stay or go away after some time?
I just started a new medicine that can apparently cause problems down below...I didn't complain about that one
I take ambien every once in a while. Sometimes I will be in a very deep sleep, dream of peeing and then was up just as I start leaking. I am able to make it to the batheroom, but have to change my underwear.
Whenever I go back on my lithium, it seems to worsen my enuresis.
When I was on seroquel (quetiapine) I used to have crazy vivid dreams and it made my bedwetting increase like crazy. plus Id sleep walk and take random pisses around my bed room. Id find my nappy at the end of my bed clean and dry in the morning, and piss in all sorts of places haha! thank god none of my housemates found out!
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