Medical under pads when being diapered by wife

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We use a thick under pad on the bed and then I am put in thick cloth diapers and plastic pants. I love this prior to being diapered by my wife. I'm kind of feeling like a real baby when I am diapered at night. One side of the pad is plastic and just feels good while I'm waiting for my diaper change. I get other special treatment prior to being powered and diapered. I'm still on a pacifier and love sucking on it while the "special" treatment given to me. The baby oil feels so good. Then baby powder and diapers on. Finally my plastic pants on and I'm ready for sleep. My wife is so understanding and treats me so good in return while she is at work seven days a week I help with the house work and good at it. So my diaper time is special at bed time. I have a good wife and love her so much. I love my diaper time and being an ABDL.
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