Medical Protocol 301-R


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-Chapter 1: A Close Call
Oh boy, another day another dollar. As an EMT, you never have a dull moment on the job. But my family has been saving lives and aiding crisis for generations, so emergency service is in my blood. My dad was a cop and my grandad was a firefighter, so I always felt the need to help those in need. That is how I met my loving fiance Emily. I was 27 when I met her and will never forget the first time I met her. You see Emily has bi-polar disorder and very severe anxiety, so I've been called to respond to her various emergencies multiple times. She was so upset, so alone: she had no one. Her mother and father were dead and she had no close family. I've never seen such a fragile girl.

After numerous times of resolving her situations, I began to feel for her. It wasn't until a local talent show that we would meet casually and bond. Our love for music, bound us together that day, and was the catalyst for dates and the eventual proposal six months later. I can't lie and say the relationship has been easy. Poor Emily has had so many hurdles to overcome. All those nights of near meltdowns, due to stress. Having to hold my beloved while she cried in my shoulder. It was never easy, but she is finally stable. I am the sole bread winner however because she is too frail to work.

I'm currently on duty with my partner Bentley waiting for the next call. We are just eating combos and talking about life, when dispatch gives us a call. We have been called to 1200 River house! Oh shit! Emily! Me and Bentley rush to the ambulance, flick on the siren, and drive the 3 minute drive to my house. My heart is pumping! Is my darling OK? What did she do?! We arrive at my place, and the front door is open. We rush inside to find our neighbor Mrs. Wells holding an unconscious Emily in her arms.

"Mrs. Wells, what happened? Why is she unconscious?" I ask calmly.

"I came over to have coffee with Emily like she promised and she wouldn't open the door. She wouldn't answer so I came in to find her unconscious with a bottle of sleeping pills by her side. She still had a pulse so I called for help." She said crying. This was upsetting for her, since she lost her teenage daughter the same way.

"You did the right thing" I said as we loaded Emily onto the vehicle and sped toward the hospital.

When we arrived we rushed Emily in to have her stomach pumped. While she was under, I paced back and forth, nervously checking my watch. After 2 hours, I get called to meet with Emily's Psychologist Dr. Reamor. As her power of attorney, I have to speak for Emily in times like this, and I was dreading this talk. This was her third attempt this year, and she had been declining for months. I feared Emily would be put in a RTF this time. I took a seat across from him to face the music.

"Jace, I really wish we were meeting under better circumstances, but this was too close. This proves that Emily cannot be trusted on her own. If your neighbor had not found her. Emily would be dead. I'm afraid a 302 is not going to cut it this time. She has been in our in-patient unit far too many times, and I can't leave her there in such a state. We are short staffed, and not equipped to deal with her needs. We need to send her to full time."

I sighed. I felt a pit in my stomach. My Emily was going away to Residential. My other half was going to be away from me. The nearest facility was in Canton, 3 hours away.

"However," he said. "The state of Ohio has recently adapted a new treatment for severe cases, and I feel Emily qualifies for this new treatment. Protocol 301-R was recently approved for use in severely mentally ill patients. With your permission we will administer a series of regressive drugs. The first drug will render her mind in the state of a 2 year old, giving her psyche time to heal. The next drug will render her completely incontinent. This will reinforce a sense of dependence. The final drug will regress her motor and language to match her age. You will be responsible for caring for her, and will be compensated so you can take off work. We will also supply you with diapers and childish clothes, and will live in one of the new 'nursery communities'. This is the only other option, and you have to chose now before she wakes up."

"Doctor, start the treatment. I want my fiance to be well. It says here that it has a 99 percent success rate so I'm in."

"Very well, we begin the regiment immediately. You will be driven to your cottage, where you will await for Emily to be dropped off. You are making the right choice. Remember that."

And that was that. After signing some papers, I was then loaded onto a bus labeled Regress Retreat to begin my journey.
-end of ch1-
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I like your story! Seeing my name caught me off guard though XD
Edit: Also the word you are looking for is "in-patient," "impatient" means to not be able to wait for anything : )
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Interesting story so far. Looking forward to more.


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-Chapter 2: Double Reunion

It's been about 30 minutes, and the bus still hasn't reached it's destination. There are only 2 people on the bus: myself and the driver. Right now, you could probably cut the tension with a knife as I sit worrying about my beloved Emily. The bus was kind enough to swing by my place and let me pack some clothes for myself. I also grabbed my old guitar. or as Emily once said: my second love. I'm so worried for her, but my thoughts are interrupted by the female driver with a very English accent.

"Almost here love. Welcome to Regress Retreat, your new home away from home. We just approached a security gate surrounded by trees with security fencing peaking through. A guard boards the bus and asks for my ID. After pulling out my wallet, and having the officer check my ID the officer turns to face me.

"Welcome to Regress Retreat. Due to the nature of the program I will have to check your bags for contraband. After I am finished you will be taken to your cottage where your loved one and onsite nurse will be waiting. I will warn you that seeing your loved one regressed is very hard. Your onsite nurse is here for you too."

And with that, the guard checked my bags. After finding no contraband, he steps off the bus and gave the signal for us to proceed as the gate was opened. As the gate is opening, I see the opposite of what most people would think to see in a mental treatment center. The grounds are well kept. As the bus drives through, I make out streets. This place is probably the size of a town. There's a grocery store, a mall, a park, everything a small town could need.

After going down some streets I begin to notice the residents. There is a young woman in the front yard in a kiddie pool. She is wearing some sort of swim diaper, and bright orange floaties. There are many young men and woman here happy acting like...well babies and toddlers. I don't know why, but I suddenly feel relieved: like I made the right choice. Suddenly the bus pulls in front of a purple 1 story cottage numbered 334.

"Welcome home love." The bus driver says as she helps me unload my bags and drives away.

It's very warm out, and the garden of the cottage is very well kept. It even has hydrangeas: my mom's favorite flowers. I open my wallet and look at her picture. I wish mom was still around. Things haven't been the same since she died. Suddenly I feel a tap on my shoulder. I cannot believe my eyes. It's Penny, my old colleague from medical school, in what appears to be a uniform of some kind.

"It's true." She says. "You really are Emily's boyfriend."

"I guess I'm daddy now." I say with an awkward chuckle at the end.

"Come on in." She says. "Emmie is still sleeping off the drugs, so you'll have plenty of time to organize yourself."

So with the help of my former colleague, I carry my things into the small cottage I will be calling home. A huge cool breeze hits my face as I set my things down and sit on the couch in the main room. Penny then hands me some papers. So many directions. What to say, how to act, my god it's like med school all over again. After about 30 minutes of reading I hear a familiar cry. Emily.

"I think someone wants to see her daddy." Penny says.

So down the narrow hall I go to the nursery. As I enter, I'm greeted to the scent of baby powder and the largest assortment of pastel colors I have ever seen. This room is a toddler girl's dream. With a changing table, rocking chair dresser and crib, all scaled perfectly. As I approach the crib I see Emmie. Even though she is crying, the life that was gone from her eyes has come back. Her once tangled hair is clean and in pigtails, and she is sleeping in some sort of straitjacket onesie. The instructions said this was to reinforce dependence for the first 24 hours.

"Hi darling." I say. " Hush now, daddy's here. I will always be here."

She begins to calm down as I coo to her. I decide to pick her up and carry her to the rocking chair. She looks so different. The fear and hopelessness in her eyes is gone. So are the hideous bags and shadows that once lived under her eyes. Emmie, my Emmie is finaly at peace. I begin to sing to her her favorite song.

On a warm summer's eve
On a train bound for nowhere
I met up with the gambler
We were both too tired to sleep
So we took turns a-starin'
Out the window at the darkness
The boredom overtook us,
And he began to speak.

My Emmie finally says something in the cutest voice I have ever heard.

"Favwrite song dada, more more." My angel mumbles.

After I finished singing, Emmie was down for the count and fast asleep, so I laid her back in her crib, left the nursery with Penny and shut the door.

"My god Jace! You where a natural." She shout-whispers. "It must be that calming baritone I know all too well."

After catching up with my colleague. I decide to lay down and soak in the day. As I begin to fall asleep the June sun dims, as if right on cue for my much needed nap.


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that is the BEST WAY to handle someone with serious mental trauma. this way now more drama/trouble any related to the adult world.
i enjoyed the story,please continue it.


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Ok, I'm pretty sure that if I were Emily the first thing I would do after those drugs wear off is punch Jace right in the jaw. And then I would move out and rescind his power of attorney. I'm AB, yes, but I'm also a strong and independent person that prefers to make my own decisions and hates being forced into anything without my direct consent. Despite being AB this is definitely a situation I would have said "No" to with some very colorful language.
I'm kind of hoping this whole thing blows up in his face. I tend to like bittersweet or even just bitter endings to stories.