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Hello all,

I have just recently decided to join the forum as I am in a bit of a conundrum. I have lurked a while and read many threads and it seems a very open place, I am glad to have found it!

You see I have had an interest in diapers for a long time. I like soft things and love to feel the softness against my skin (my skin is soft and sensitive so I do not like harsh/rough stuff)

I also love the sound they make when I move and the colours/patterns. Obviously my favourites are the chunky white ones with lots of padding.

I am not incontinent and have no desire to wet myself, as the terms go.

However I would like the confidence to buy/wear diapers for the purposes of enjoying how they feel.

I would not really consider myself an adult baby but I have often wondered how it would feel to be treated as such.

Would you say this is a fetish?

I have a boyfriend and am not sure if I should tell him how I feel. I have dropped hints in the past but he has not seemed too receptive. I am not sure how the best way to tell him would be.

Thank you for your time and I hope you will reply :3

Oh, a little background. My name is Jasmine, I am a furry and am 21 years old.
I think the hardest part about talking to anyone about this sort of thing is when it's time to tell your partner about your little habit. I was in a relationship for a year until I told my girlfriend. And its hard, embarrassing, terrifying, nerve-raking ect... But luckily for me I'm still in the same relationship even if she does think it's wired. Though she knew I was weird from the start soooooo... x3
The best thing I can suggest is just to tell him what's on your mind. I'm not sure a fetish is the best word to describe how you are feeling though. Adult baby is kinda an awkward thing, cause it's kinda a fetish and it kinda isn't. For most, I think, being an adult baby isn't a sexual thing so it can't really be described as a fetish. That's not to say that people don't make it sexual though. But from what you're describing, I don't think you have a fetish. Just a desire for soft, cuddly things and diapers are certainly that. =3
Yes, you described the fetish to a "T". Welcome to the club! ;)

What to tell and how to tell your bf - You know him better than us, but do you need to tell him? Some bfs and gfs run the other way when told. Do you live with him to the point he might find your diapers? It sounds like you haven't bought any yet? We always advise members to go slowly when introducing the lifestyle. You have dropped hints and he hasn't responded. Maybe he doesn't want to indulge your fantasy? My advice is to continue to go slow and if there still isn't any hints he might like it, don't pursue it any further, or at least give it a break.
He is going to move in with me next year. He visits me a lot already, almost every weekend. I put a diaper on my teddy-bear and he thinks it is cute, but I am not sure how he will feel if he walks in to find myself wearing one! I have been taking things very slowly now for many years. But I think I may go crazy if I have to wait too long.
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