Mature Topics Rules

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1. The ADISC rules apply here.
This includes the PG-13 rule. The "mature" in "Mature Topics" means "to be debated in a mature manner". It does NOT allow you to break the PG-13 rule.

2. No personal attacks on other ADISC members.
Debate ideas, not people. Treat other ADISC members with respect.

3. Proofread your posts.
Higher standards of spelling, grammar, and formatting are required in MT.

4. Cite your evidence/sources.
When discussing news, you're expected to provide a link to the news story you got the information from.

5. Beware of media bias
Much of the media/news we consume is biased. See the media bias chart.
You should get at least some of your news/information from sources that are rated as center, ie: neither left nor right.
If you get all your information from one side, you're likely not getting the whole story.

6. Beware of misleading news outlets
Some media outlets will spin the news, trying to always report it in a way that is favorable to their side, or simply making stuff up.
This happens on both the left and the right, in the US as well as abroad.
Bad media outlets include the Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Palmer Report, and Daily Kos on the left, and the Daily Mail, Drudge Report, Fox News, Breitbart, and Infowars on the right.
Check where your news sources fall on this chart evaluating media fairness. News stories from places labeled as "unfair" or "nonsense" will probably be treated as "unfair" or "nonsense" on ADISC, due to the reputations of the media outlets they come from.
This is an entirely separate issue than media bias - its possible to have a media outlet that is rated as fair but partisan (like MSNBC on the left, or The Washington Times on the right). It is also possible to have an outlet labeled as utter nosense but centrist, like the National Enquirer.
Evaluate your media sources for BOTH bias AND accuracy/fairness before using them.
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