Mature Topics Preference II


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The "See Mature Topics" preference from my previous announcement has now been fully implemented.

- All members must choose on their preferences page, whether to set "See Mature Topics" to "Yes" or "No".
- If your preference is "Yes", you will see the mature topics forum, which includes political/etc debates between members.
- If your preference is "No", you won't see it.
- If you haven't set your preference yet, you won't see it, but you will see a notice at the top of every page, reminding you to set your preference, until you set it (either way).

As part of this update, the requirements for getting access to Mature Topics are now:
- Must be logged in.
- Must have "See Mature Topics" preference set to "Yes" (leaving it unset does NOT count).
- Must have a verified, valid email address on your account.
- Must not have any recent warning for violating the rules, whether inside or outside of Mature Topics (getting one will automatically revoke your access to MT for a period measured in months).

Please note:
- After changing your preference, it may take an hour or more for you to gain/lose access to the MT forum, and for the "please set your preference" notice to go away. This is due to how group/role assignments are updated in batches on a schedule, rather than instantly.
- I would like to thank our team of dedicated moderators, who have tirelessly moderated the MT forum for years. Hopefully, this will make their job a little easier, as well as ensure that our members can opt out of seeing these type of threads if they want to.
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