Mature Topics on Discord


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Hello all.

As you know, we have the ADISC Discord server for live chat.

A few days ago, I conducted a poll as to whether members wanted all political and other difficult-to-discuss topics moved out of the general chat, and into a special #maturetopics channel that has the same access requirements as the mature topics forum. The results (as of writing) are 93/9 yes/no, or about 92% yes.

So, as of today, discussion of politics, religion, etc on our Discord is ONLY allowed in #maturetopics, just like how discussion of those things on our forums is limited to the Mature Topics forum.

So, unless you are opted in to seeing these topics, you won't see them anymore in Discord.
You can change whether you're opted into seeing MT on your ADISC account settings page. If you are opted in, you should see it within a couple of hours, unless you have a recent warning from a moderator (those usually disable access to both MT forum and MT Discord channel until they expire).