Marooned on a desert island.........

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You awake on a tropical island, dazed and confused. You look to the left of you and notice the smoldering fuselage of a crashed Boeing 747. Debris of the plane lay scattered along the breadth of the golden brown beach. You look back and see a thick mess of trees and vines. The sun is high in the horizon staring blankly down upon the sea with a great intensity of heat. You move towards the periphery of the looming jungle in search of shade and sanctuary from the burning sun. On the way you trip and almost fall on an object. Gaining your balance you realize you've stumbled across your backpack from the plane that must have been jettisoned during the plane crash.

The half buried backpack still looks mostly intact. You bend over and extract the backpack from the clutches of the beach. Sand tumbles down the bag as you lift it up. You open the back pack and inside you find.....

>You can now chose what is in the backpack in the form of:

1 item of clothing:
(Perhaps a practical water proof coat, a pair of reliable walking boots or your favorite and fanciest hat?)

1 Album of music:
( this is in the form of a solar powered MP3 player that sadly only has enough memory for one album. You wonder to yourself why you brought such a device with such inferior memory? You remember the person at the store telling you that "what this device lacked in memory it more than made up for in versatility!". They claimed that the device was "so well reinforced it could survive a plane crash!" and " could even work at the bottom of the ocean!". Well at least on of those proved to be true so perhaps not such a bad purchase after all...)

1 Luxury item:
(this can be mostly anything, food, booze, a cuddly toy or a football....just remember it's gotta fit in your backpack. Apart from that it can be anything you think will lift your spirits when you need it most.)

1 Practical item:
( This island is defiantly large enough to support you with enough fauna and flora to keep you going and fresh water nearby. It looks like you may be hear for a while so you might as well chose an item that will help you survive here. It can be anything you like and as practical as you think the situation demands. Again make sure it can fit in a normal backpack.)

You look down at your items and fell hope creep a little bit into your mind. Things are at least now a little bit less hopeless now that your armed with some of your belongings. You wish that you had maybe packed some more items than you had or that the ruins of the plane wasn't a complete burnt out husk with likely nothing to scavenge. You grasp tightly onto the backpack. A least you have the bag, at least you survived....

p.s. So I guess this is just a really long way of asking a few hypothetical questions. I thought maybe it would be fun to write a little story and maybe set a mind frame that is better suited to pondering these questions. Ultimately I'm wondering what of these four things you would want inside your back pack. I hope you liked the way I presented this question, I thought it might be fun and I hope you like it :).
1 item of clothing:
hot, moist jungle and salty, sandy beach? it's either lederhosen or ledergloves; i'll take the latter. most modern clothing isn't going to last long in either environment, and even though i could scavenge from the wreckage/corpses, i think i'd make my own from the local materials.

1 Album of music:
well, i can make own music, but who'd need it with all the crittersong and wavewash? but, i'll take the solar cell: got plenty of uses for that, along with all the stuff i'd scavenge from the plane wreckage (there's always something to scavenge, ask any seagull. it's not for nowt that we have the saying, where's there's muck, there's brass )

1 Luxury item:

1 Practical item:
a decent, fixed-blade knife.

littledude said:
A least you have the bag, at least you survived....
aye, that's right. now get off my land!
1: My jacket. I just feel better when I've got it on.
2: Amaranthe's Nexus album
3: A nice bottle of scotch to end my days with
4: A gun with one bullet

I'm a diabetic and I remember what it felt like before I was diagnosed, I'd kill myself before I let that happen again. Might as well have a couple nice nights before I go!
Oh man, I didn't think about that happening :(.

Now i feel bad for leaving you on this hypothetical island....

Oh wait I forgot to add that part of the planes cargo was intact and includes a life times supply of insulin. What luck! Now you can save that scotch for another day :)

In all seriousness though I hope your doing okay :3.

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Man, your so pragmatic and organised:worshippy:.

I can see the advantage of your luxury item. Clean water is mighty useful.... but I might have to go with my cuddly toy pikachu.
mmmmmmm clean water on the one hand, cuddle buddy on the other......
It's gonna have to be my cuddly toy, whats the point in life if I can't cuddle anything >.<.

And yeah your right about scavenging from the wreckage. Theirs bound to be a fair few useful things in the plane crash.
//I'm assuming nothing like a satellite cellphone or beacon is allowed lol.

1 item of clothing:
A good pair of water proof shoes that fit well. Every thing else can be scavenged. from crash or island.

1 Album of music:
If a solar radio counts as music. Then that, set it to air band. //if no hope of rescue, say ww3 going on civilian plane was shot down. Then something written by Johann Sebastian Bach.

1 Luxury item:
Planes med kit. mainly to prevent infection from cuts.

1 Practical item:
very sharp, high-quality, hatchet

By the way there is a game called The Forest that leaves you stranded next to a jet. Where you scavenge what you can and try to survive hordes of zombie like cannibals. That mostly come out at night... mostly.
1 item of clothing:
Practical water proof coat.

1 Album of music:
I'd just plug in my phone sd card, it has all my favorite songs.

1 Luxury item:
My phone, which may not work but I still have the sd card.

1 Practical item:
A first aid kit.
Well, of many things, I'll made my best choices for the time being.
Clothing - Something light in color as to stop heat absorption.

Music - Dan Gibson's Solitudes: Home. A bluegrass album that would keep me at ease.

Luxury Item - Snorkeling set. Since I get to choose, why not do it to my total favor. Hopefully the snorkeling set will help me get close enough to the then sunken wreckage of the yet to be able to salvage some more things.
If that's not an option I can choose, than how about

Practical item - A survival knife. According to the TSA, these can get through. You won't be allowed to have it with you on the plane, but it can be transported in the cargo hold with your bag.
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