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I was sound asleep, nearly dead to the world. Which might be why only something from another world would awake me. They landed in my room in a shaking shimmering rush that I only saw the tail end of, as I awoke groggily. I blinked three times trying to see through my dark, grainy bedroom. I could see their tall shadows as a car's lights shined in my window. It was there for a moment, and then it was gone. I could still sense something in my room, but my sight of them was gone. I sat up, trying to see if I was actually seeing intruders, or if it was just my bathrobe playing tricks on me.

One moved, but I still wasn’t convinced. I heard strange noises, but while I was struggling to see, I couldn’t point out which had made them. I must be dreaming. I flopped back and turned over, determined to put this strange idea behind me, when suddenly I heard them trying to speak what sounded like French. I sat up again and rubbed my eyes I stared ahead and wondered why were French creatures were in my bedroom. “Wait wait wait, I think I got it! I believe this is the dialect here, I can never tell it all sounds the same.” One of them said in perfect English.

“Sh! She’s looking right at us!” The other whispered, but neither spoke to me.

“h-hello?” I whispered timidly. In my mind all, I could hear myself chanting what is in my bedroom what is in my bedroom over and over again. Images of french men wearing striped shirts and bureaus beady eyes danced through my imagination. Neither person answered. “I- I know you're there...” I whispered again.

Suddenly one of them leaning right over me. “Please don’t scream, please don’t shout.” It was not a man at all. I instinctively sucked in a huge gasp of air through my nose and lurched back. It was a creature. My eyes were wide, my heart felt like it was going to pump blood right out of my skin. But I didn’t scream. He said something else, but it was back to being in his own language. This was by far the most terrifying thing I had ever seen. I let my head rest on my pillow, the alien backed away. I turned over so I was facing the wall, I never heard the aliens leave, but I prayed quietly that they had. I shut my eyes and tried to forget this strange event.

I woke to my annoying alarm clock ringing more loudly than ever. I hit the off button distractedly, still in the in-between of asleep and awake. I sighed sleepily, I still hadn’t done that English homework. I only had twenty minutes, I couldn’t afford to sleep in any longer. I rubbed my eyes as my mind went back to the strange dream last night. I tried to laugh it off. Aliens speaking French, maybe I really had snapped. I looked around, everything seemed normal, clothing on the floor, pens and papers knocked over from the wind, aliens standing in the corner…. I jumped. Aliens in the corner are not usual. That is not normal. I blinked extremely hard, still there. I thought maybe if I just ignore them, my brain will stop hallucinating. They didn’t move, so with a shaky breath, I forced myself up and to the closet. I sighed as I opened the closet, mom hadn’t done the laundry again. I would have to do three loads at least to try and catch up tonight.

“May we help?” I nearly jumped out of my skin as I turned around. I stared at them from around my shoulder. I quickly averted my eyes, they were beautiful. Glowing shimmering creatures with a dark bluish gray skin color. Their eyes were so white it was like staring into shooting stars. Their hair was short and crisp it was also stalk white and soft as feathers. Their bodies were massive, their heads touched my ceiling. I choked on my breath, I couldn’t look away.

“Help with what?” I asked breathlessly. Images of aliens eating me for breakfast crossed through my mind.

“Whatever you are attempting to do?” one of them answered. His mouth was a deeper shade of gray than the rest of him, but he had much thinner lips, both of them did. Their teeth were razor sharp, and the whites of them stood out. Their voices were much less raspy in the daylight, and now they were apparently trying to sooth me, their voices had become softer and more gentle.

“Getting dressed?” I asked incredulously. I was about to tell them no, but they just looked so eager, and I really didn’t have time to be fussing over my clothes. So I just shrugged and sat down. The aliens rushed to pick out my clothing, and I quickly finished up the last of my English work. My goodness, I couldn’t wait to be out of high school, all of this busy work was so pointless.

I put my work in my bag and zipped it up. I looked up to the creatures and did a double take. They had shrunk! They were now closer to my height instead of being in danger of hitting the ceiling. One of them had a shirt and pair of pants that were kind of cute together picked out, though I didn’t remember owning them. I reached out for the clothing, “May I have my clothes please?” the alien who was holding my clothes stretched his arm, I moved so that I could meet in the middle, but then his arm started to grow and it stretched all the way to me. I fought my deepest urges to scream and back away, and reached for the garments with shaking fingers. I quickly snatched the clothes and held them to my chest protectively. I inched back on the bed eyeing his arm as it slid back into the size that it had been before. The arm hadn’t been elastic, it had been like the bone had grown, the ligaments didn’t just stretch, there was more added to them, as beautiful as they were, they were terrifying.

Despite being afraid, a part of me felt self-conscious to be in front of them, as if I wanted these stunning creatures to like me. I shuffled along the wall not taking my eyes off them until my hand found the door knob. I opened it quickly and quietly and slid to change in the bathroom. Hopefully by the time I had finished, my hallucinations will have left my bedroom. I changed and went down stairs for a quick orange. I walked back upstairs having almost totally forgotten the past few hours of events. Which is why when I saw them now sitting on my bed with my bag I quickly averted my eyes. The alien closest to me, took the pack and handed it to me, even though I said nothing. He spoke in his native tongue to the other creature and then wandered out of my bedroom. I went about my business before the decision to just let him walk out of my room caught up with me and I chased after him. He was gone. It was as though he had never been there at all. I sighed in relief. One down one to go I headed back upstairs. I grabbed my light jacket off my hook and said, “don’t you have somewhere to be?” I asked it, I tried to make my voice kind of harsh, but it was hard because I still wasn’t sure if the alien was going to eat my brain or not.

“And where would that be?” his voice had gotten deeper and slightly louder, his mouth contorted exaggeratedly so that he could make the words.

I turned and walked out, I wondered if he’d follow. “I don’t know, anywhere but here would be good.” I whispered.

“I like it here“. I heard his voice, but I couldn’t see him. I turned around in a circle.

“Where did you go?” I whispered.

“I’m right here, I just drained my skins pigment so that I wouldn’t be spotted.”

I rolled my eyes, there was no good response to that. I tried to pretend like I couldn’t sense him right behind me as I went down the stairs for the third time this morning. It didn’t work. I stepped out the front door and into the crisp fall air. The sky was still a little dark with the sun peeking out over the trees, I could hear the no migrating birds calling to one another in the bare trees.

I shivered in my jacket and bounced down my two porch stairs. On the sidewalk I could see the aliens standing, both looking expectantly at me. I looked down and brushed past them. I could hear them stepping quietly behind me. I forced myself to stay facing forward. Acknowledging them would only make it worse. So I walked. It was only a ten-minute walk to school from my little blue house. If I could just get to school, maybe they would go away.
When I reached my favorite oak tree, I realized they weren’t going away. I had stopped to touch the bark, like I do every day, and I saw that instead of looking like aliens, they now looked like human girls about my age. "why, why do you look like that?" I whispered. I was amazed and horrified, how could they just change forms so easily?

"We will be joining you for your school day." But that was all it said, then they both smiled, showing pearly white perfect teeth and walked past me, leaving me confused and behind. I walked after them trying to catch up. Even though we had only just met, and they were aliens coming to eat my brain, I had a sense of shock and almost hurt when they had just walked away from me at the tree.

It wasn't a long walk, and soon I could see my school in the distance. I walked behind them slowly, just breathing in the crisp air. Maybe, if I walked slow enough I could ditch my first period. As I was thinking this the alien to the left turned around, "Come on then, keep up, we don’t want you to be late on account of us." Both of them stopped and parted, allowing me room to walk between them. The skipping class plan was out. I slumped my shoulders and walked with them glumly. When I walked into school though i noticed that everyone was staring at me or rather through me, they were looking at the seemingly pretty girls on either side of me. I smiled, the aliens were protecting me, not that they knew that. As I walked to history I wondered just how this would play out, when they had said they were coming to school with me it hadn't occurred to me that they meant classes to. What would the teachers think? And if they were planning on eating me, why would they go through this trouble? None of this made any sense to me.

When I got into the classroom I stopped short. Instead of my seat being in a two desk set up like always, suddenly it was in a row of three, and my teacher, he acted as if the aliens had always been in our class. He even called them human names. I just stared in shock. It went through this same way all day, the aliens, while they followed me did not cling, and they looked at me in a way that made my skin crawl. It was an almost parental look, but since they now had human eyes, it was hard to tell.

They walked in perfect synchronization, and never to quickly. It was almost like they had been tethered to one another without actually being connected. When the bell rang for lunch I had never been more excited. Not only did my mom give me extra money for lunch, but I was so ready for this school day to be over. Lunch meant half my day was finally done. I put my bag down at my table and reached into my pocket for my lunch money when my heart skipped a beat. I felt through my other pocket, not there either I whipped around to my bag and started frantically looking through every pocket. How could I lose my lunch money I had it in my pocket I had felt it there in third period where did it go?

The aliens stood there motionless, watching me for a moment, before one of them, I didn't even look to see which one, put a hand on my arm. I jumped instinctively, but she kept her hand on my arm. It was such a light touch, but her hand felt fake anyway. She moved a little closer to me, I stopped moving and kept my eyes on my bag. "What are you looking for?" She whispered, but it wasn't in her human voice, it was in the same voice that I had heard the night before, the deep throaty alien voice, her real voice.

"my, my lunch money.. It's gone. I lost it."

"what does lunch money do?" It asked me.

"It gets me food you know? Like the orange this morning but better and I can't get any without my stupid lunch money." I sighed frustrated and sat down, First aliens and now I couldn’t have lunch. Why me?

"Is this enough?" I was about to snap at them was what enough when I looked down at the hand in front of me. A brand new one hundred dollar bill was staring back at me.

I stared at the creature in awe, "Where did you get this?"

The alien did not answer she just repeated, "Is this enough?"

I looked at the bill again, "No it's too much, it can only be paid for in increments less than twenty." I watched as the bill split apart into four twenty dollar bills. She took the top one and handed it to me. I took it with shaking fingers. Then she handed me a second one.

"Go and bring us back one of whatever you are getting the exact same way please."

I nodded and gulped. She took a step back for me and waited. I realized that was my dismissal cue. I stood up and nearly walked into a chair trying to walk forward and stare backward. They smiled at me. I looked down and stared at the money in my hand. How had they done that? What were they? I picked up my cherished wrap, and the two for them, even though the lunch lady looked at me funny. I sat down and gave each of them the wrap they had asked for. I held out the other twenty and the rest of the change. The both looked at it, then at me. "Keep it." They said in unison. I shoved it inside my backpack immediately. I wanted to ask them more questions, but I was starving and I knew lunch would be over soon. Somehow I just had this feeling that they wouldn't have answered my questions anyway.

I instead ate and watched them. For the moment they seemed to be oblivious to me, talking in their own quiet language, and looking around the room. They had this funny way about them, they always looked directly into your eyes when they wanted to talk to you, and then it was like you physically couldn’t look away. You were trapped until set free. Which was why every time they tried to talk to me I jumped. Neither alien had put their sandwich in their mouth, all they did was touch it, and it was gone. Then they looked up at me and I jumped, once again. "Why do you not sit with other children your age?"

"Oh you know, nobody ever really interested me."

"you are lying to us. I will ask again, Why do you not sit with other children your age?"

I looked down. I fought their painfully heavy gaze as hard as I could muster. But part of me wanted to tell them the truth and part of me wanted them to like me. "Nobody really likes me here, they pick on me a lot."

"You talk very quietly. All human children we have seen do not behave in this manner. What does 'pick on you' mean?" They continued, her voice had not gone back to being her human tone.

Even though the creature on the left was the only one talking, I once again had the feeling she was speaking as one person with her counterpart, as if they were really one person split into two bodies. "Picking on someone means like bullying, or making fun of someone? Being mean? I don't really know how to explain it to you other than that."

"So you mean to say that they do not wish you to sit with them yes? They do not understand you?" I just nodded, I focused my eyes on my sandwich. They were disturbing my lunch.

"I don't really mind it. It's not so bad being alone all the time. Thank You for lunch by the way, and the money you gave me." The bell rang and I packed up my stuff. When I turned to grab my wrap to throw it out, I found our table had already been cleared and both creatures were waiting for me at the door. I tucked my head down and followed them. The rest of the day passed uneventfully, and I strangely found comfort in their presence. They were oddly nice to me, in a way that made me think that they might be here for a reason other then eating my brain.

As we walked out of the school building they each pulled out a small gray circular device. "Are you ready to see us in our true form? We promise we will not hurt you. This device makes it so that only people we wish to see may see what we are about to show you. Nobody will know we were here today."

They looked at me expectantly, so I nodded yes. What was the worst thing that could possibly occur? I watched in horror and in awe as their skin pigment began to fade back into the color this morning and their limbs began to grow. At their full height they must have each been over twenty feet high. Their eyes grew wide and their hair grew long and pale feather white. It glistened and flew about their heads as if it was lighter than air. Both creatures became slightly elevated off the pavement, and their clothing changed to that worthy of such things. It was made out of long shimmery glossy material that flowed around and behind them. It was like a massive wrap, but neither alien was shy. They wore the robe loosely and that allowed me to see all the way down their bodies. The robes shined so brightly off their shoulders that it hurt my eyes and I had to look away. One again I was faced with the question of why were they here? What did they want? What could someone as small and insignificant as me give them? I didn’t even know where the nearest government building was what could I possibly have to offer them?

"No government building you could take us to would or could give us what we want. After All as far as most of your planet's governments are concerned, there is no such thing as what we are."

"How did you know..?" The aliens had started gliding then, and I rushed to keep up at the same time as rushing to stay focused on what they were saying. It was so much to process and how did they know what I was thinking before I had even said it?

"It is an ability we have. To you it would be considered a stronger version of empathy. I can look at you and accept your emotions, thoughts, and needs in an instant. We try not to do it unless it is necessary."

I said nothing. It was obvious they were going to do what they wanted, whether or not that coincided with my wishes was unimportant to them. The other creature, looked down at me "You are struggling."

I felt like a fat big running on to short legs to keep up. But I just smiled, "I'm ok."

"I shall carry you." It appeared I did not have a say in the matter. The creature bent down and lifted me up into its arms. It held me in one hand as if I was a toddler. Its skin was cool and rough, with little scales almost like an amphibian but smaller. Though it was rough it was also gentle. It was obvious that the creature was using extreme caution. There was no reason for me to scream, I knew nobody could see or hear me.

"We have decided that you would make a good fit. So now we shall answer your many questions. We shall use names that are similar to our own but in your language for your convenience. As you have already figured out Dakota and I are bonded, meaning we are in a sort of marriage as you would call it. While our species has enough babies to continue growing, not every pairing is allowed a child. Many hundreds of years ago our species found yours, and struck a deal with them. In exchange for not enslaving all of you, each pairing is allowed a human child to make their own and raise from childhood."

I interrupted, "So you're going to enslave me? What could I possibly do for you?"

The creature turned to look at me, first his eyes narrowed, and then softened again. It kind of frightened me. "We are not here to enslave you. We are here too as you would say adopt you."

"But I already have a mom how could you adopt me what about school and my family and what's going to happen?" I whispered stunned. The creatures just continued walking. Though I did realize that the one holding me had begun slowly rubbing my back in a soothing manner

"Your mother and family will be well taken care of and you will still be allowed to see them regularly. On our planet newborns are born knowing what you know from your human school in terms of math and sciences it is an innate understanding. Instead you will be bonded with us and grow as a newborn into a successful member of our society. You will eventually be able to attend our schools, and you will grow as one of us."

"So I have to go back to like diapers and stuff? Do I have a choice?" I looked away from them to the ground far below.

"Technically no you do not. However If you wish to stay we shall honor that, wipe your memory of us, and leave you alone. We do not want to force you, but we promise that if you do choose to stay with us you shall be quite happy. Nobody will ever hurt you while you are under our protection." I nodded.

"And I'll still get to see my mom? She'll be ok?"

"We shall make sure of that. While our planet is not far, your ships will never be able to get fast enough to take her to you. However in ours, it only takes a few earth hours, we shall bring you back to visit. We are so glad you have decided to come home with us."

"Wait but I-"

"Your heart has already decided. You shall worry of nothing, forever from now on."

I sat quietly just thinking. Once again I didn't know what to say. I knew that I did want to go with them. I had never felt like I had fit in on this planet and they seemed nice enough. I mean so far they hadn't even nibbled on my head. But still I worried, what would be in store for me?
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Marley's Aliens Ch.2

Chapter.2 Leaving Earth.
When we reached my home, the aliens began to shrink, and Dakota who had been holding me finally set me down. I let them in my home once more, "Mom! Mom come down here there are some...." I looked at them, "Things that need to speak to you!"

"Marley!" I heard her call from upstairs,"that’s no way to address a guest." I heard her come down the stairs. Dakota took my hand.

"Come on, it's time to allow River to handle this. You should not be here."

"But I-" The creature gave me a warning look and its black eyes became even more of a black hole. I instantly looked down afraid, and followed.

"River is very good at these things. He will make sure everything is ok." It told me. I watched it grow back up to its full height as we stepped out the back door.

"So that one is a he?" I asked.

"In your world we are fluid gender. He is primarily male, but he can change to female if he so chooses. I am primarily female, but I can go between both, it is an ability we have to assist in our reproductive and emotional health. There is no gender war in our home, we are all equal in our mind and soul." My backyard was not big, but it wasn't tiny either. It had a small swing set from when I was young, and a grassy patch on the right. But the best part of it was the massive tree in the center. It provided shade for the house, and when my dad had been around he put a tree swing on it for me. For a long time I had looked at three and wondered just how it would feel to be up on top of it.

"I can put you on that tree if you trust me not to let you fall." She said. I was broken out of my day dream. The tree seemed much higher than it had a moment ago when there was no chance of me getting on it. Still, I didn't really think she would allow me to fall. So I nodded to her. She reached down and all of a sudden I was swinging through the air. And then I was sitting on the tree branch I had always dreamed of sitting on. It was is peaceful for a moment. The red and orange leaves falling around me. I straddled the tree so I could see all around me and patted the tree lovingly. It was so beautiful.

I turned to her, "Thank you for this." She nodded and smiled warmly.

"Your welcome, young one. River is calling to us. We must go to him." I nodded but before I could move to climb down she had me in her arms. She put me down neatly at the back porch. I stepped into my house and my mom immediately ran to me. She threw her arms around me. I hugged her back tightly,

"I love you, Mom."

"I love you to." I teared up and put my head down on her shoulder as she said that.

"Will you be ok?" I asked her.

She nodded, "They are going to bring you back every week to see me, and they're going to help me get out of debt. I won't have to work two jobs anymore. But that’s not the important thing. The important thing is are you going to be ok? I just want you to be happy."

"I'll be ok, mom. They're going to take really good care of me. I'll come home soon ok?"

I let my mom go and wiped my eyes. I knew she didn't want to admit it, but I had been a burden to her since my father had left. I ran upstairs and grabbed some of my favorite clothes and my baby blanket and threw them into a bag. I ran back down the steps. The aliens were stood watching me patiently. My mom had gone into a different room. I took a deep breath. "I'm ready now."

River pulled out his little silver button. He walked up to me and picked me up. I flinched a little, but let him touch me. Together the three of us walked into the wall. I shut my eyes tight hoping the wall wouldn’t hurt. But when I opened them I was in a ship. In the center was a big ball of bright light, the rest of the ship was bare except for a seat. The entire ship was made up of clear windows, with even the floor being clear. River looked to Dakota, "Will you be ok to drive? I have not had a chance to sit with Marley yet."

She nodded and stood at the giant ball of light. She arose to her full height, and she put her hands over the ball. Her eyes grew light and her hands glowed as she directed the ship. The ship jolted back and then forward and then suddenly there was a giant lurch. I fell into River who promptly sat down in the lone chair. I watched all the stars we went past with wide eyed wonder. I reached for my bag and pulled my blankie out. I held it tight. River and Dakota talked in their own language across the ship. While the stars were breathtaking, I suddenly realized how tired I was. I held my blanket tightly, and relaxed into him.

When I next woke up I was still in his arms, but we were facing a purplish gray planet. "Welcome to your home." I stood up shakily and walked to the windows and stared out. I had never seen anything so massive. "Its name is Arc. You slept for most of the journey home due to the atmospheric pressure. You will be able to breathe on our planet due to the partial bonding process we did with you while you were asleep back on earth. Please have no fear. No one will hurt you.”

“We are approaching the landing base, please secure yourselves.” I watched in awe as we entered the planet’s atmosphere.

While the planet’s topography was similar, with land, rivers, and mountains just like earth Arc had a completely different range of colors. When we handed the sky had a green tint instead of our usual blue sky and the dirt was a deep purple with specks of glittering gemstones. It looked almost like kinetic sand, lush and soft. As we came to a smooth landing, I looked down to see that there was indeed a gigantic crowd of Aliens waiting to see me. I gulped nervously. What would they say? Would they talk to me at all? River stood up, and as he sensed my fear he gently rubbed my back. Already i felt like a toddler in compared to the creatures of his size. Nevermind that I had come here in order to be a baby again. I wanted to go home, but I also wanted to see this planet.

There was no rush of air like in the movies when the spaceship opened, it was just like a door with stairs but the stairs were retractable. As the door opened, Dakota lifted me into her left arm, and took River’s hand in the other. We came out into the light, and all the curious aliens peered in. When they saw me they did not cheer or clap as i had hoped. They immediately focused their eyes on me, the blackness getting bigger and then smaller inside their crisp blue irises. Then they stood to their full height, each alien raised his right hand up to the sky, including River, who did it for the both of them. A shimmer of a beam came from each alien to meet in the middle, and there was a deep rumbling that sounded almost like a hum.

After a moment River moved his same right arm and instead put it straight ahead, A massive ring of black cubes came into focus and straight down to us. Stairs came out from the cube, leading straight into the wall again, just as the spaceship had done. I hid in Dakota as the other aliens stared at us. “Do not fear, as we said before, nothing shall harm you. We shall go inside and show you your home, and then we shall finish your bonding.” She said it so plainly, like it was common knowledge. I wanted to wake up from this dream.

“My bonding?” I asked, but received no answer. They walked with such confidence. Their heads held high, hair whisping behind them. Their long flowing wraps floating ever so gently up the stairs. None of the aliens spoke to each other. As much as i wanted to go home, I could not deny that their planet was beautiful and spectacular. I kept my eyes wide open this time as we stepped through the wall of the cube.

“This is our food room, and our living cube. Houses here are not made in one building, but in many. Our species is normative, meaning we move regularly to different parts of the Arc based on the danger levels in a certain area. Our homes are mobile to allow for this.” I nodded just soaking it all in. This cube could have fit my entire home inside of it easily. The furniture was gigantic, definitely built for their massive size. I would have to climb over the side just to get onto the couch. I realised glumly that i would not be able to accomplish anything without their assistance.

It was a beautiful room. The first area was the living area and behind that was the kitchen, The living room was clean, but also soft. The couch was a soft furry material in a bright red color. The center table was black and round with metal legs. Behind the living room the kitchen had a table and an island with pretty hanging lights. “We’ll show you your room now.” They walked out of the wall by the back of the sofa.

River gave three short commands in his own language and a third smaller block appeared out of the wall. I watched as a path solidified. I looked to the precarious dark depths below afraid. How high up where we? what happens if i step out of my room and fall? My thoughts gripped me and instinctively i gripped Dakota.

As far as aliens go, not that i'm an expert or anything, but they were quiet. They barely spoke to me, or to each other. If they were happy to have me, they didn’t show it. I began to worry if they even wanted me there at all. I knew it was stupid, but part of me wanted them to like me. I was suppose to be living with these creatures for forever, what do they do with humans they get board of?

River unlocked the room door and i gasped involuntarily. It was beautiful. It was all a vibrant purple and white color scheme. The shag rug was a soft white and covered the center of the floor, there was a white crib sized for me at the far right. It had a horse mobile spinning in the breeze hanging over top. There were no cartoon characters but in the far right corner was a little chair properly my size with soft toys, books, and stuffed animals, piled up around it. heading closer to us but also on the right side was a large changing table. I gulped. I didn’t want to be their baby. I didn’t want to be in their family. i thought about my mom. I already had a family. I took a breath. The air felt clean. I took another one and looked around again. It could be worse. “We know we can never be like your biological mother. But we hope that you will grow to love us. We are sorry you are not happy here.“

I immediately felt bad. But i didn’t say anything. I did like the room, and the house, and the planet. They just didn’t feel like home. The aliens took me into the bathroom, which was in the same cube and only separated by a doorway. The bathroom was also massive like them. It had a bathtub that was the size of a small swimming pool. Inside the swimming pool was a purple tub that looked about the size of my tub at home. I realized with some shock and disdain, that it was their version of a baby bath. “River will give you a bath, and then you will have some adjustment time before the ceremony.”

“Ceremony?” I questioned. But Dakota was already leaving. I turned to Rain a little frightened, but he said nothing. I sat on the white tile floor while he ran the bath. I wanted to look up to him, but i was to afraid. So i just watched his gray glittering legs walk around the bathroom like i wasn’t even there. If he knew that i was staring, he ignored it. I pulled off my shirt and pants as well as my under garments and waited.

When he was ready he turned and looked at me. I looked away. “In the future, please wait for one of us to undress you, as is custom.” I nodded, but that was all he said. He lifted me high and put me in the baby bath filled with warm purple liquid. “Here what your version of water would be is this. It is a cleaning cleansing substance that all creatures on our planet need to survive. In runs in patterns similar to your lakes and rivers, but also can be found in living things.” I felt it in my hands. It was thicker than water. It slid through my fingers like soft slim. It smelled soothing. I tried to relax against the tub. Rain picked up a monkey wash cloth and began gently washing me. I shut my eyes and tried to focus on anything but the fact that an alien was trying to wash me with a baby washcloth. “You're all clean now, Marley.”

I opened my eyes just in time to see him pull me up out of the tub. He dried me off and carried me to the monstrously high changing table. I shivered involuntarily. I looked up at River but he didn’t look back at me.

He stood over me and he laid a white piece of what felt like cloth over my crotch and pressed a small blue button on it. The aliens had done it, they had created touch screen diapers. I shook my head wondering why one would ever need such a thing but then I felt it. The diaper itself was melting and then expanding it grew to be a thin film all around my bottom and crotch area. It felt like a pair of cotton underwear, but then it grew to a thick fluffy level that encompassed my whole crotch. I sat up immediately. He waved at me to stay down before pulling out a beautiful glittering dress like the ones he and River had. He slid it over my head and fixed it around my body. I tried to smile at him. “T-thank you.” I whispered. I spun all around in my seat, looking at the silver sparkles. River picked me up. I looked at myself and he in the full mirror. I looked like one of them, but more i looked like a toddler in comparison to him. The immense size, beauty and shape of him fully enveloped what was left of my person. Part of me was terrified, the alien could do whatever he wanted to me and i would have no way of answering. The other part of me was conforted, if such a creature was protecting me, nothing on Earth could hurt me. I had the bone chilling realization then, that i was no longer on Earth. I was on the Arc.

I also realised that if humans evolved to suit our planet earth, and these creatures had also evolved in a similar fashion, what was out there that they would need to be so big and strong? What would they need to become invisible for? Rain answered me, “Nothing that you need to worry about for now. The ceremony will begin soon. We must grab your last present and then travel. “

“Last present?” But River didn’t answer me this time. Instead he carried us back into my bedroom. Looking at it again, I felt my heart warming just a little. They had gone through a lot of trouble to make this room for me. He pressed a button on the crib and the rail dropped. Rain made a foreign noise almost like a growl and then sat on the bed. Dakota appeared.

“You don’t have to yell. Our cube is not large. I can hear you through the link.” River just smiled at the other. It was the first bit of affection i had seen from them, and it settled me. Dakota also sat down on the bed. She reached behind herself and pulled out a small soft looking elephant. I instinctively wanted it. Elephants were my favorite. “This elephant was made special for you. It has been bonded to you by your DNA it will be your comfort animal and companion. Tonight, when you accept us as your family, this elephant will awaken. It will become whatever gender you want, however old you want, and have a personality that is matched to yours perfectly. You must however think of a name before the ceremony. Think on this as we travel.” I nodded but i was skeptical. How could they create such a thing? River and Dakota stood. They handed the stuffed Elephant to me, and it fit perfectly into my arms. I held it tight and shut my eyes. I wished they would just tell me the truth.

I kept my eyes shut as they walked. I didn’t want to see. My head hurt. I was processing too much information at once. I let go of my elephant to hold my head instead. I felt one of their scaley soft hands on my head. I put my hands down. I felt slightly dizzy, and then my vision got grainy, and then I passed out.

I don’t remember how we got there. I don’t remember all these others coming in in front of me. I don’t remember being set down on this table. I felt the cold surface and looked in terror around me. The room was filled with other creatures like River and Dakota, but I could barely see them. Instead of being in the glittering outfits like River and Dakota, they were in dark gray robes with the hoods up. They were making a deep tribal groaning sound that shook and deafened me. I looked up to the floating blinding chandeliers. Where was I? I turned around and saw River and Dakota both behind me. Neither looked at me. They looked straight ahead, and they to were making the noise. I looked back and forth between they and the rest of their kind. I felt a sense of pride, they were far more beautiful than any of the others.

An alien stepped out from the perfectly aligned rows. I watched as the alien came toward me. The crowd raised their hands like they had done when we had stepped out of the ship. River and Dakota also raised their hands. The alien began speaking in their language, and though i tried to understand there was no way for me to figure it out. The longer I sat here, the more I thought I was going to be eaten. The alien who was speaking stepped all the way forward and picked me up. I squirmed in fear but he ignored me. He turned to the crowd, who once again raised their hands to me. He set me back down on the table. I inched back to River and Dakota. Both looked down on me, and put a hand on each of my shoulders. The head alien looked to me and then he spoke my language.

“This is the time when you shall become one of us. But this must be a choice, you must choose to be a part of this and of their family. So I ask you now, Marley, do you take these two aliens to be your family? Will you accept them to love, cherish, and raise you as one of their own?”
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Pleasepleaseplease break your stories into paragraphs! You do yourself a tremendous disservice leaving them as gigantic blocks of text; many would-be readers will simply pass them by. You appear to have a nice imagination; don't hold yourself back by failing to edit properly. It's not my job to do that for you.

- - - Updated - - -

While I'm at it:

A couple of comments...

1. Suddenly, in the middle of Ch. 2, a character called Rain appears. We don't know who he is. We never find out. He seems to vanish without a trace later on.
2. Why would the ceremonial leader refer to members of his own species as "aliens"?

There are lots of things I could quibble with; these are a couple I must quibble with. For the rest...I choose to leave you to create your world.


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because to her they are and he knows that. The point is that he is meeting her where she is, as a human. He knows that his species is wildly different and disturbing to her and that she will have to accept that about them in order to continue living with them. Also i fixed the paragraph thing.
also it explains who Rain is in the first part.


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because to her they are and he knows that. The point is that he is meeting her where she is, as a human. He knows that his species is wildly different and disturbing to her and that she will have to accept that about them in order to continue living with them. Also i fixed the paragraph thing.
also it explains who Rain is in the first part.

Thanks for the ¶s: it is so much better that way! I can accept your argument about the "aliens" line, though maybe it would be nice if you made that clear in his dialogue. I have scanned through a couple of times, but the only name I find in the first part (and it is near the bottom) is Dakota. In the second part it becomes clear that the second alien is named River. And then suddenly there is Rain...


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that's because i messed up... oops sorryyyy i swear i did look through the first time having no idea what you were talking about. It should be fixed now.